Deus Ex-Pletive #11

Looks like Kevin is set on saving EVERYONE.  Though unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he’s been listening to the advice he was given.  And we even have a nod to another webcomic in here as well.

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  1. LydaLynn

    *PLOOB* the sound of corporeal bodies turning back into stardust!

  2. Kiriel

    Stupid Team G, always trying to do the ncie thing instead of taking care of themselves *shakes her spiky head* lesigh

  3. viper

    may i ask if the nod to another webcomic is bear nuts?

  4. keylaleigh

    Honestly, Kiriel, I respect the effort on their part. Because the harder they try, the harder we get to laugh at them.

  5. Topazert

    The nod is towards PvP Comics, a nice one too.

  6. LydaLynn

    Squee! *glompcuddles Kiriel* you lesigh too!!!

  7. Sicarius

    @ Keylaleigh I concur! *cackles*

  8. Sicarius

    @ incentive: *grins* I -knew- it!

  9. dale_mettam

    Topazert has it. 😀

  10. Courtney

    @ Viper: I guessed Bear nuts too! Even when wrong, great minds think alike. 😀

  11. Wildroo

    Thank you! it’s been near impossible to see the yellow ones face in most of the comics!

  12. Revok

    wow, its been some time since i’ve laughed that hard first thing in the morning XD

    @LydaLynn: you mentioned that 100+ people shall be singing the birthday dirge… mind if i ask where?

  13. LydaLynn

    @ Revok – it will be at the Pirate Palooza Pubcrawl this weekend in Decatur Georgia: – it’s done on Captain Drew’s birthday weekend – and the weekend closest to National Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s a lot of fun.

  14. DktrAgonizer

    Worst angel ever. At least he tries…? 😛

  15. Ragedoll

    I want my own personal star angel : )

  16. Ouroboros

    Man, owned by a Panda?

    Guess Team G reserves the flaming swords for the archangels…

  17. comichero

    Lyda its international talk like a pirate day which is september 19th this sunday if any of you wer curious it is also my second favorite holiday also probly one of the reasons i was fired from a job i had some time ago in International talk like a pirate day was stillin its infancey funny enough the ninja loves of the world tried to starts an international act like a ninja day in december but it has met staunch restistants , mostly cuz december is filled with holidays already you have the 8 days and nightsof chuanaka, Christmas eve and day, the week of Qwanza which is the last week of decemberi believe, little christmas( the 12 days after christmas) and new years eve and as youcan see we have holidays over laping in december , so when ninja day came to the yearly board meeting of months december said it wouldnt take it and that they should move it to adiffrent month the other months declined to coments on the matter but my money is august taking up ninja day as august gets a laot of flak for being the last month of summer and kids dread it cuz school starts after it is over poor august ,but im of topic happy early talk like a pirate day ARGH!! Avast ye land lubbers and prepare to be boarded!!

  18. Anime fan

    He does have good intentions at least? … oops, the road to Hell is paved w/ good intentions.

  19. lovedove830

    “Help! That man’s being attacked by a panda!”

    I wanna live in this city. If people are attacked regularly by foreign animals, count me in. Sounds like my kind of place.

  20. jjmblue7

    Kevin needs to learn to start slowly, like helping an old lady cross the street…even though he’d probably just get hit again.

    @comichero: If it’ll be in August, I want it on my birthday. THat way I can make my friends act like spazzes for a birthday gift.

  21. LydaLynn

    @comichero – I knew that it was international – but somehow my fingers didn’t type it – and it’s an awesome holiday – early in history of the holiday I worked at a comic book store – so I didn’t just talk like a pirate – I dressed like one too – it was alot of fun! International act like a ninja day sounds fun.

    @jjmblue7 – um . . . no – it needs to be on MY birthday in August – cause . . . it does.

  22. Kiriel

    *Cuddles Lyda before going to climb up on comichero’s back, whistling innocently*

    @ Keylaleigh, I agree it is pretty fun to laugh at them.. and foil the attempts they make every time.. ;3

  23. comichero

    @Lyda hell yes!! i think i love you cuz 1 you make a great cuddly star 2 you love my favorite holiday and not worries about the stupid figers stick around long enough you’lll learn i have the worse case of stupid fingers knwen to man and last but not least you worked in a comic book store * drools like an idoit as he visualizes lyda as a sexy pirate * on a sour not etho im not entirely sure of international act like a ninja day is very well knowen as of yet i think cuz the creators of international talk like a priate day worship to the giant invisable spegitti mosnter in the sky whish is an awesome faith i do believe youget a free spegitti diner after each serum tho im not entirely sure on that point but it would be a great selling point imean seriously what do youget with other relgiouns christian faith you get stale waffer cookies adn kool aid jewdaism your not allowed to have shell fish or prok islam no fermented beverages ei booze also you have to get on your knees 5 times day and pray for forgivness cuz you have abunch of fantic assholes ruining your faith, buddahism you are allowed to do just about anything you wish so long as it doesnt inhibate your path to enlightenment cuz then its gets a bit dicey as depending on how you lived your life you could be sent to any one of six hells they have as i am not very well versed inthe ways of hinduism or japanese shinto i will delcine to make any commentary on them so spegitti monster f seems to be the one to go with if you ask me oh wow got off another tangent , and on that not i say i concur with lyda that it should fall on her birthday cuz the only thing cooler then ninja’s are female ninjas and priates but the coolest thing ever are female pirate ninjas they ooze awesome

    wooo check it peeps i have me a new Kiriel back pack tis the shizz nit you can get your at any hell’s imporium coming to an out let mall near you!! cha ching hell yes made bank with that one pay raise here i come hells number one sales men right here woot woot

  24. Revok

    @LydaLynn: huh this”piratepalooza” thing, never heard of it, but it sounds like it should be fun

    @comichero: 0.o *brain break*
    i believe that to be the single greatest amount of text i’ve ever, seen on any page, ever…

  25. comichero

    yes rev i know im fairly long winded when i get going i supose it all come from being Oooow idea!!!

  26. LydaLynn

    *enjoys Kiriel cuddles*

    @comichero – yeah – worked at a comic book store for about 6 years – according to my boss – I still work there because he never fired me and didn’t accept that I quit – but I moved away – so . . .
    I like dressing up for various things – sometimes I just dressed up cause I was in a mood to do so – it was awesome that I could – I’d usually spend the whole month of October in various costumes.
    So far as loving me goes – as long as you and my husband get along I surely don’t mind.
    For religions – I’m lactose intolerant – so no yogurt worshiping for me – but is the spaghetti really Cthulhu in disguise? If so, I think I can safely say that I’d prefer not to have extra-dimensional elder evil running around as a ninja – just my two cents.

    @Revok – it’s fairly local – and it’s mostly a party with friends that keeps growing – it started with just the friends for the birthday party – and they’re all various levels of pirates – doing a pirate pub crawl birthday party – it’s grown – a lot – but it’s still just a party – isn’t really advertised or anything – but rather something that spreads from like-minded person to like-minded person.

    @comichero and Revok [again] – I can get really long winded – so far I’ve tried to hold back – don’t make me feel there’s a challenge and I need to step up to the long-winded-rant competition – lol >.<

  27. comichero

    i welcome the competition but my track record here proves that i alwasy lose to the ladies Keyla has beat me several times at various competitions that dale and Courtney have endorsed as to getting along with the hubby Lyda i get along with every one im a very lovable guy as i sure he is to to have you as his better half, and that kicks ass what were your favorite costumes to wear? As to your former comic shop boss that kicks ass, as it is nice to always have a job waiting for you you are very lucky id kill to have a job in a comic/ manga shop …

  28. LydaLynn

    @comichero – my hubby’s a grouch – but I do love him.
    Costumes – *in no particular order* renfest garb, pirate, witch, troll, scottish highland, kitty ears&tail, anything with a bodice . . . whatever else I could throw together.
    He’s a great guy – when I’m not actually interacting with him as a boss – sometimes he’s an idiot with boss-like stuff – but he’s married, so I call his wife and she fixes is.
    The job paid almost nothing [or I’d still work there despite the hour drive in each direction] but I loved the discount [he still lets me have that] and I loved the people and atmosphere and everything.
    I was the gaming expert – so a lot of times I got to play games and get paid for it. As well as arrange ‘mini-conventions’ at the shop. And, when we started a store comic – I got to write and color some for it. Total fun.

  29. Iceburgh

    The anniversary of the day I met my fiancee is on the 19th. I may just have to talk like a pirate as I tell her I love her.

  30. jjmblue7

    @LydaLynn – Let’s assume we have the same birthday, so we can share the day!