Deus Ex-Pletive #13

Welcome to Kevin Angel, version 67,843.0 (you can’t say he didn’t have enough chances!)

This is the face of Kevin for the foreseeable future, so I hope you guys like it more than he does.  One can only speculate that this is another one of those “mysterious way” moves by Mr. G. (but just between us, I don’t know that Mr. D. could have been meaner… kinda puts that whole Job affair into some kinda context).

And lest you should think even an Angel can be pushed far enough to us language that might make a sailor blush, if we had not cut away that last word would have been FLETCH! …obviously.

Don’t forget to check out the Bonus Comic.

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Discussion (33) ¬

  1. Sicarius

    *cackles* I expected no less…

  2. harleypuppy

    Heh, that is epic

  3. Kiriel

    xD YES! he finally got to the junker body 😛

  4. Bismarck

    I was sooooo close. Oh well. I the bright side I get to chase Kiriel 😉

  5. keylaleigh

    Will we have a case of AOL with this?

    AOL=Awesome Old Lady

  6. Ragedoll

    This is going to be the greatest Old Lady Ever! I can’t wait to see what he does with it!

    Poor, Poor Kitties…

  7. TheBold

    Why do I have a sudden feeling Kevin will be the cause of other people dying trying to help him now?

  8. dale_mettam

    @TheBold – I love that idea. I wish I’d written that in now. Kevin could have cut a swath through the ranks of the Boy Scouts.

  9. Ouroboros

    I wonder if he’ll get triple A?

    Angry Angel Alzheimer’s?

  10. DktrAgonizer

    Look at it this way, Kevin… You’ve got some comfortable footwear now! :3

  11. LydaLynn

    He was gender switched? That’s just awkward.

  12. NeoDarklight

    It would be really ironic if Kevin ended up doing a better job in the “disposable” bodies instead of the “ideal” ones, wouldn’t it?

  13. Revok

    there just aren’t enough words to properly describe how funny it is to see “Kevin the old lady” first thing in the morning…

  14. dale_mettam

    @LydaLynn – I would actually posit that as an angel, Kevin really has no gender… and all the angels don’t. For ease of identifying and relating to humans when they’re working on Earth, they inhabit a body that DOES have a gender…. but it’s the hunchback old elements that bother him more than the lady part. But I’m just guessing. 😀

  15. Revok

    @LydaLynn: “renrat”… well thats a term i haven’t heard before… oh well
    anywho, are you affiliated with any particular group (Adria, S.C.A., Avalon,etc, etc,) or do you go to random fairs just for the fun of it?

  16. LydaLynn

    @Dale – personally – I think angels have genders – but even if they don’t – he has a male name – so one would presume he associates himself as male – but it doesn’t matter really – he’s in a clunker body – I would agree that gender is rather less important to him at the moment.

    @Revok – Technically I havn’t actually joined a renrat guild – though it’s possible to do so [I can check off 13 of the 26 questions – and if you only can get one of those they suggest you join]. I came very close to joining the International Wench’s Guild but didn’t enjoy the company of many of the women in the local chapter. So . . . no.
    As for LARP type groups – no – I’m not sufficiently physically capable to deal with bofa combat and honestly, I enjoy being able to retreat to flushing toilets and air conditioning so weekends out in the woods is not something I’ve done. I’ve considered it the couple of times I was invited by friends – but something was always conflicting. I do enjoy a good Dark Con LARP at Dragon Con when I can afford to go – but it’s not really Renny related. Mostly – I do the fairs – ren-related concerts, Shakespeare plays and festivals, and of course, cons and costuming, not to mention hanging out with other renrats [guild-ed or not] at various activities, functions, or just for fun.

  17. James

    Dude! this comic is straight up funny! I LOVE IT!

  18. Kiriel

    *clings to Bismarck* Chasing me eh? 😉 What’s so great about that? >3> I’m the chaser, darnit D< *sniffles, peeking up with big sad evil Imp eyes* Mrrr :C

  19. Avarice and Charity 4ever

    Am I the only one who find the idea of refering to an elderly woman by the name of Kevin to be hilarious?

  20. dale_mettam

    @A&C4E – In fairness, I think Kevin is an inherently funny name anyways. Calling a hunchbacked old lady Kevin is just icing on the cake.

    And I apologize to any readers we have, who are called Kevin.

  21. comichero

    i for see a purse snatching a broken hip and then a street sweeper in miss kevin’s future

  22. Ouroboros

    @LydaLynn and Revok – More rennies, eh? It might amuse you to know that I’m an apprentice leathersmith working for a shop at the Texas Renfest. 😀

  23. Courtney

    @Ouroboros: I love the Texas Renfest! The King’s Feast is the place to be!

  24. Revok

    @Ouroboros: always good to meet more fair-folk :) … “Texas Renfest” what event be that?

    @LydaLynn: ah, i see, cool :)

  25. Ragedoll

    I agree with LydaLynn I think angels have genders! I mean really how would it be “heaven” if everyone was genderless.. just saying!

  26. Bismarck

    @ Kiriel: It is all about the hunt! And would you really cling to a 6’9″ Predator?

    @ Dale: You guys are sick, twisted, and just plain wrong! Good quality’s in my book.
    But I was really hoping for small rodent, that would have been funny as “hell”!

  27. Kiriel

    Yes.. yes I would, super tall people make me happy, and I’ve met someone who was like.. 6’10” even >.> he was a dumb guy though, a friend of a friend.. x_x
    I am a hunter meself >3 I go omnomnom on people’s bones C:

  28. LydaLynn

    @Ouroboros – awesome! I know who to call now for all my leather working needs. ((yes, I have leather working needs – no, it isn’t funny :p ))

    @Revok – “‘I see,’ said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.”

  29. dale_mettam

    @Bismarck – Yes. Yes we are. However, I have to admit that the look of the Angels… well, the FINAL look, was ALL Courtney. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I had to pull him back a little… because if you think Kevin looks bad NOW, you should have seen the original plans.

  30. Ouroboros

    @Courtney – The King’s Feast is definitely amazing, my shop owner sent me there my first year for my birthday.


    Let me know if you plan on attending this year!

    @Revok – Texas Renfest = Texas Renaissance Festival. Every weekend from Oct. 9th this year till Thanksgiving weekend!

    @LydaLynn – Once we get our website FINALLY up and running, I’ll let you know! 😀

  31. Moku

    I just spit all over my screen reading this one. XD

  32. Dale

    Then our work here is done, Moku.

  33. Aslandus

    At least it’ll be hard to get himself killed being heroic this time