Deus Ex-Pletive #16

Has Kevin finally caught a break? Is Conrad Angel more savvy than we might have first thought? Is Pain really THIS stupid?

OK… yeah, Pain really IS this stupid.

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  1. Bismarck

    I knew there was a reason that “they” were in a bar.

    —Shakes head—face palm—

    Good grief, pain is that stupid.
    Dispatch the Hell riders, Pain’s Imp card should be revoked!!!!!!

  2. Dan Genesis

    I’ll call it now – Pain feeds them false information for the sake of causing them pain!

  3. Kiriel

    Pain may be that stupid, but I don’t feel that either Alisdair or Tears is on that level of idiocy, plus.. Pain loves causing things pain, I think there could be evil reasonings behind him going there, maybe he’ll end up tricking the angels into being corrupted …. hm >3>
    Or maybe he IS that stupid ;P

  4. Ragedoll

    And the plot thickens! <3 I'm excited to see what pain does!

    Inflatable punching bags ftw! Alisdair will be prepared.. although I'm sure being an imp and all he'll do more than just punch him!

  5. keylaleigh

    Oh Pain… I had more respect for you than this.
    But in all fairness, angels don’t usually look like biker hobos.

  6. TheBold

    Pain may well be that stupid but I think he is also stupid enough that he will make things worse for the angels by giving them wrong info or messing up plans involving him. After all the imps already know his involvement makes anything go way beyond the plans.

  7. DktrAgonizer

    The return of Pain, whoo! Can’t wait to see how THIS plays out.

  8. LydaLynn

    Personally – I’m not certain Conrad isn’t ‘fallen’ and that this isn’t a set-up to bring another angel down. Thing about it – Conrad’s had this junker body for a long time – can build up some real resentment – I’m sure after a while it wasn’t so hard to convince him that working for the other team would be a way to get back at the ones who gave him that body.

  9. comichero

    I can see how Conrad being a garden gnome would make you pissed but the best way to truely offened those that offened you is to ignore them.

    @the bonus strip* im gonna have agree with tears and pain using a mike tyson bop punching bag isnt the best way to prepare for the ear biting

  10. Dan Genesis

    Oh, how I hate puns….

    This can only end in Pain.

  11. jjmblue7

    @ Dan: Don’t forget Tears, he always comes along after Pain’s done. This was explicitly mentioned during an earlier strip.

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