Deus Ex-Pletive #18

Yeah, Pain’s an idiot, but even he couldn’t miss that glow.

Next week we start a new story arc and we’re back with the Imps.  No more stars or angels or angel-stars or sparkles for a while.  We’ll be returning you to the regularly scheduled evil, already in progress.

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  1. viper

    i knew pain wasnt that stupid! FIRST!!

  2. Dan Genesis

    Oho! It appears my theory still stands as a possibility!

  3. Kiriel

    YES! Pain isn’t as stupid as he can act.. 😀 Maybe he’s smarter than we all think and he’s playing us all for fools..
    Someone needs to draw pain in a dapper coat, with a pipe and monocle <3

  4. comichero

    lol that is soo funny that mis fortune is playing the part of the annoyed wife well im pretty sure that like us other super natural beings and see each and know what and who they are so its was kevins adn conrads mistake assuming that pain couldnt see their glowie ness better luck next time angel dudes your planis going down in flame fast

  5. keylaleigh

    Honestly, I can understand Pain’s disappointment in the bonus comic.

    He wrote about eating babies, but never followed through!

  6. keylaleigh

    Honestly, I can understand Pain’s disappointment in the bonus comic.

    He wrote about eating babies, but never followed through! The jerk!

  7. keylaleigh

    Eww… double post.

    Oh yeah. I just got a SHIRT! PICTURES WILL BE COMING!

  8. LydaLynn

    *haz a lol*

  9. DktrAgonizer

    Nyahahaha, looks like Conrad’s really the stupid one, eh? 😛
    And yes, Alisdair acting like the “housewife” is awesome.

  10. Sicarius

    *wonders if Alisdair’s meals are edible even when warm* Hmmm….

  11. comichero

    im pertty sure every thing is edible to pain and luda youhave to be kinda sad no more star buddie for you

  12. Ragedoll

    haha Yay! Pain isn’t THAT stupid! Maybe Conrad and Pain are working against Kevin.
    If so he’s going to be one sad star later on!

    <3 the bonus comic!

  13. jjmblue7

    @keylaleigh: I thought that was Jonathan Swift?

    Angels must be pretty dumb, or atleast over-confident, to be fooled by Pain, lol! *Wonders what heaven would look like if Mr. G watched a Golden Girls marathon. Old ladies abound!*

  14. Infinityman

    Just read through all the comics…great comic man. Lookin’ forward to ssing the next one.

  15. dale_mettam

    @Infinityman – Thanks, dude. Glad you’re enjoying the strip.

    But while I’m thanking, BIG thanks to all you guys who visit us, read the strip and are part of our gang here… whether you post comments or not, we appreciate you taking a few minutes to hang out with us.

  16. NuclearScientist

    I figure he’s got meatball syndrome. When your IQ hits rock bottom, every once in a while, it bounces.

  17. dale_mettam

    @NuclearScientist – I like that. LOL

  18. jjmblue7

    @NS: Pain *is* kind of meatball shaped. :)

  19. Kiriel

    Bah D3>

  20. Kiriel

    It vanished some of my text.. I HAD said Bah, I wanted one of those shirts.. (Maybe I’ll get one anyway xD)

  21. Amdax

    This is an awesome comic. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. Keep ’em coming, Dale.

  22. Amdax

    Just a request, could you install a random button? I’d like to laugh at a couple of random strips on days that you don’t have a new post, without having to cycle through them in order. Is there someone who’ll second this motion?

  23. Ouroboros

    @Dale – You love us…*sniff* you really love us…

    *evil grin*

    GROUP HUG!!!!

  24. dale_mettam

    @Ouroboros – We do… we really do! 😀

  25. dale_mettam

    Hey, did you guys know we have a NEW Weekenders AND Behind The Imps strip up? Don’t believe me? Go check for yourself!

  26. Melkior

    Say, what happened to that prize I was supposed to get? I sent you my details via the contact form and it’s been months with nothing showing up yet.

    I honestly find the “angels” story boring. You’re just reinforcing the beaten-to-death notion that angels are somehow incompetent just by being angels and/or good.

    Still, our favorite imps are being depicted in much the same way so I guess sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.

    Speaking of which, look who’s calling the angels “ugly”! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! 😉

  27. dale_mettam

    @Melkior – Sent you an email. We never received any email. We’ve sent you an email. Reply to that and we should be good.

    And no, Kevin isn’t being ragged on because he’s good… he’s incompetent because he has a hero-complex. Conrad, we’ve not learn much about him yet…. and really, if you look at what it too for Kevin to get busted, you think Conrad JUST lost a map? But it make for a pretty short story if awesome angels stepped in and kicked the pretty incompetent Imps asses, wouldn’t?