AGM #1

Always a slightly more exciting Monday strip when we’re starting a new story arc.  Even better that we’re back with our favorite Imps.

Looks like Pain is making up for the lost supper Alisdair tossed out here with an early morning snack.

Make sure you check out the bonus comic for an older UK Comic reference… 10 points to the first person to give a fully annotated dissertation on what that reference is.

Rules: Open to all LPI readers EXCEPT comichero – if he wants to enter, he must do it in no more than five words, all spell checked and proofread by a professional editor.  No purchase required.  Many will enter, one will win.  Actual value of prize is 10 bonus point.  Bonus points can be exchanged for Unicorn Sparkles… simply present the actual points to an actual Unicorn.  Winner must locate his or her own Unicorn.  LPI staff and affiliates cannot enter…  even though Courtney always ignores this rule and tries, he never gets it right, so that’s not an issue.  Readers discovering this strip 5 years from now will likely not have a chance to win the actual 10 points, but just for giggles they can play along and NOT look at the comments until they’ve had a good long ponder.  Offer not subject to Doubling.  Valid in 49 States (you have to work out which one ISN’T included… and if that’s your State, meh.  Standard Text Messaging Fees may apply.  Open to all legal Earth residents – illegal Earth residents should sneck off back to Zeta Reticuli.

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Discussion (24) ¬

  1. Kiriel

    I dunno if businessman tastes so great though :C

  2. dale_mettam

    He’s the supervisor. Those guys don’t have to wear the uniform.

  3. Kemix

    Just read through the entire comic, great work man. Also. Poor poor mailmen…we lose more of them to mutts these days.

  4. jjmblue7

    That’s Pain’ scheduled brunch! (P:|E

  5. dale_mettam

    Welcome Kemix – glad you’re enjoying the strip. Some awesome talent we have that let me ride their coattails.

    And jjmblue7… is that a Pain emoticon? LOL 😀

  6. comichero

    sinces he wearig a red shirt that means he’s expendable right? so the post office can cut back the price of stamps cuz they obviously dont need any red shirts

  7. jjmblue7

    Yes it is. It’s “Hungry Pain”.

  8. keylaleigh

    Ohmigawd, Comichero! You’re totally right!

  9. Ragedoll

    Oh geez Dale your link to vote isn’t working properly! I had to go all the way back to a previous strip to get to the bonus comic…
    Which is D.R and Quinch.. It was tough, it took me AGES to figure it out.
    -I love the bonus comic by the way, it’s pretty amazing.

    And the strip is WONDERFUL! Poor postal people, we sure don’t appreciate them until they’re gone!

  10. Ouroboros

    It’s easy to mistake mailmen for really big blueberries. Can’t say I blame Pain, really.

  11. dale_mettam

    @Ragedoll – The link is fixed. For future reference, if that big one is flaky (probably because I did a flaky job) the little blue TWC TOP 100 button on the left, in the red bar will take you there and I didn’t make that one, so it should work.

    As to the color of the Supervisor’s shirt… I keep telling you guys how amazing the team is. My script describes the guy merely as that, “a supervisor.” Courtney drew the guy as you see, but it was Tracy who added the specific color and added a great little nod to the dangers of characters you have never seen before popping up in a red shirt.

  12. LydaLynn

    The poor red shirt – it gets such a bad press – it doesn’t do anything but sit in appealing silence in some poor schmuck’s closet until that fateful day when he puts it on and, by virtue of wearing something so very eye catching, gets screen time. Usually – right before something disastrous happens. But it’s not as if it’s the red shirt’s fault. Not all the red shirt’s fault anyway – I’m pretty sure there’s an imp of red shirts out there that’s causing this chaos.

  13. Iceburgh

    Yeah, my younger half-brother. LOL

  14. DktrAgonizer

    Well, Pain has to eat SOMEHOW I suppose… And nobody’ll miss the red shirt anyway, right? Right.

  15. comichero

    i wont so long as the post office lowers the price of stamps but if the death of the red shirt doesnt procure my reduced rates well im going to be very upset to say the leastsomtimes i think the Postal service is part of team D and that is how he gets his funds if thats the case well im pretty sure thats one life insureance claim that not going to go through

  16. harleypuppy

    Famous last words: “What’s that red thing coming towards me?”

  17. jjmblue7

    @LydaLynn: Maybe they’re color-coded so Pain knows who his primary targets should be, since he’s red, too. The key words there are “primary targets”, so everyone else is still fair game. 3|;D)

  18. dale_mettam

    @jjmblue7 – The color coding would certainly encourage Pain to eat his greens.

  19. Kiriel

    Naah, but what if he accidentally tries to eat Alisdair someday if Alisdair decides to wear red? o3o

  20. dale_mettam

    I think it’s a safe bet that Alisdair would cause many wild, violent and varied gastric issues. After all, Alisdair is not his ACTUAL name.

  21. Topazert

    How fast was pain going exactly?

  22. dale_mettam

    We’ve invaded another site.

  23. Dan Genesis

    Well, at least Pain knows how to mix business and pleasure.

  24. kirara

    I interviewed pain after he ate the guy he said the guy tasted the chicken