It’s EVIL! EVIL, I tells ya!  It even fills the Imps with a gut chilling terror!

*WARNING! This version is extra evil… performed by the Dark Lord of Circular Breathing himself – Kenny G! 

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  1. Dan Genesis

    It returns!

    The song that actually works as an orchestrated instrumental rather than the horror that it truely is!

  2. comichero

    yeah im gonna agree the song is pretty awesome i could listen to it all day then again i am an agent of hell and my skill are awesome but Bis mark buddy as cute Kiriel is im not entirely sure its safe to keep her as a pet she may chew off vital apendages and or organs, on our down troden compaions here you can see the defeat in their eyes buck up little buckeroos all will be well if Misfortune pays forcas a pre-show visit im sure he can liven the show up i bit

  3. Kiriel

    Awwh :C If people treat me nice I don’t bite.. only nibble.. I promise comic.. ;3

    Bismarck, find me and you can have me.. :B But I’m a chubbychubby imp in the real. .you wouldn’t want me :B I am rather plain~ x3
    *whistles innocently* and UPS men that lose their delivery packages don’t lose their package… just some limbs, maybe >.> if they’re lucky.. *wriggles*

  4. Chameon

    Dear evilness, they stole my plans for a mass viral mind control weapon. Darnit. And here I had it so well planned out. It’s not a good song, but it forces you to keep listening to it just for the sake of forcing you to listen to it.

  5. Kiriel

    Also.. I am gettign a horrible sense of deja vu.. o-O Did this get posted somewhere else before? because I knew the strip word for word… e_e

  6. Dan Genesis

    Yes, it did. Mid-Kevin Angel arc, this strip was posted by mistake, then promptly replaced with the strip that was supposed to have been posted.

  7. Kiriel

    I was wondering why it had popped up out of the blue.. 😛 And why I knew it already @0@ I was afraid I was going crazy.. 😛 Thanks for easing my worries *huggles*

  8. comichero

    Ha Ha and HA! bow down befor emy supreme evl ness i was surfing the vast net and was was looking up may families coat of arms and low and behold not only did i find it but also the latin inscrption below add i qoute “Cognosce teipsum et disce pati ” which trans lated from Latin means “Know thyself, and learn to suffer” Ha my famly kicks major ass which bring me to my point does anyone else have heraldry and if so can you top my family motto?

  9. comichero

    Also Dale adn cournt love the Dune refreance in the bonus strip tis a pity tears isnt the Kwisatz Haderach

  10. keylaleigh


  11. Byakugan01

    Aw, it ain’t so bad Pain…heheheh. You’ll get used to it.

  12. LydaLynn

    *nods* now time shifts back to its normal parameters.

  13. Kiriel

    comic, my grandpa’s Scottish clan’s motto is.. “Spem successus alit” AKA Success nourishes hope o-O Huh… Weird (Clan Ross, my grandpa claims we’re part of it anyway.. xD)

  14. DktrAgonizer

    Pain worried about the pain caused from listening to that song? Hrm, something’s not right here… 😛

  15. comichero

    no reason think your grand-dad be a liar kiriel butt thats pretty good, and thanks for sharing i wonder tho if anyone else has a cool moto like me and you i have a feeling Dale and courtney and the other members of the LPI’s crew have some pretty awesome family motto’s

  16. jjmblue7

    I will now envy the deaf until I hear a song i really like and thatt has the power to replace that song which is now stuck in my head. Now where is my Frightened Rabbit music list?

  17. dale_mettam

    A new WEEKENDERS STRIP is there for your viewing pleasure.

  18. Amdax

    Is nobody else excited to see Forcas back? I can’t wait to see him in a band. Will he be performing Keylaleigh’s song about Lou? Perhaps with a mournful twist, depicting him as the tortured victim? I hope so. (by the way, Keylaleigh, that really was a kick-ass song. Two flaming Hades’ thumbs way, way up for the leading lady. lol)

  19. LydaLynn

    Lemon juice? Not only eww – but even more eww at the idea of tasting non-sweetened lemon juice – we’re gonna add a *gag* to that double eww to lemon juice sweat tasting.

  20. dale_mettam

    As LydaLynn has discovered, a new Lemon Fresh BEHIND THE IMPS posted today!

  21. Ragedoll

    oh noes! not that song!! poor Imps…. I wonder what their progress report is going to be like! haha

    And I feel sad for tears, I want to rescue him from the sandworm!

  22. purplerose133

    …i tried listening to it *shudders* and covers are usually worse, if thats even possible… oh the poor imps.