Hey, it is Hell.  Even Mr. D. has to have something that he hates there.

And I think this proves the evil of cats… y’ know… if Mr. D. has a soft spot for them…..

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  1. Ragedoll

    Lolz! It’s a cute Kitty! I want one.. especially one names Mr. Butterpaws Pussford! (if I get a cat I”m most certainly naming him that!!!!)
    I’m convinced that Luci could take over heaven and hell if she wanted!

    OHHH and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (and yes it is Thanksgiving in Canada)

  2. LydaLynn

    I’m loving the little pink bow-tie!

  3. Bismarck

    Check out the smile on that cat in the last panel.
    That is contentment. ;P

  4. Dan Genesis

    Mr. D. Enjoys his cat. All hail Mr. Butterpaws Pussford!

  5. keylaleigh

    AWW! Mr. D has a Villain Cat!

  6. Curator

    Keylaleigh, the words Villain and Cat together are redundant… all kidding aside, Id fight the prince of darkness himself in hand to hand combat for that adorable kitty…

  7. momcat09

    GREAT cat name. LOL!! And or course, it’s a Siamese..!

  8. Ragedoll

    Poor poor kitties :( they are so cute why must he eat them? I don’t think Mr. D would approve!

    @keylaleigh, I don’t know if the cat is a villain, I mean look at him he’s too cute to be that way!

  9. Dangerdoll

    Mr. G! LOL He would hold that over his head…among other things. That kitty is so precious. And the name is too cute. Now I need to get another cat just to name him that. :)

  10. DktrAgonizer

    Eeeeee, cat! c: Let’s hope Mr. D doesn’t find out about Alisdair’s eating habits, then. 😛

  11. Avarice and Charity 4ever

    @Raedoll: A general rule for cats is that, the cuter they are, the more evil they are.

    It’s always the cute ones.

    One day, oh, one day that cat will be the sitting in that chair, just you wait.
    *Crazed look*
    Just you wait.

  12. LydaLynn
  13. Byakugan01

    So why would God win if he knew the big D hates the AGM?

  14. dale_mettam

    @Byakugan01 – If Mr G knew that all he needed to do was quit the eternal battle between good and evil and take it inside, to be negotiated and reported on and analyzed…. then he would have Mr D exactly where he wanted him.

    If it’s the case that Hell is for punishing offenders, and Mr D is the original offender… does it not follow that to some degree, all the bureaucracy we see in our Hell here is in some way part of Mr D’s punishment?

  15. Byakugan01

    …To do such a thing would be more evil than all the legions of hell combined. *Shivers*

  16. Sicarius

    *cackles* This just gets better and better…^^

  17. Sicarius

    @ the incentive…darn it, Alisdair…everybody knows potato bread is best for kitten lettuce and tomato sandwiches!!

  18. keylaleigh

    @Curator: No they aren’t. Haven’t you ever seen the stereotypical villain sinisterly stroking a cat that happened to be on his lap? That’s the Villain Cat.

  19. keylaleigh
  20. TheBold

    Can’t say I blame Mr.D having to put up with all his underachievers and hear about major screwups probably starts getting him paranoid about if the imps real job was to punish and torment him

  21. purplerose133

    omg the kitty is soooo cute!! …sniffle… how could it be evil? @Sicarius O.O noooooooos!!! dont eat the kitty!!!

  22. purplerose133


  23. purplerose133

    the bonus comic makes me sad.

  24. Kiriel

    *curls up all spikeylike on dale’s lap* I shall be your evil spikey kittyimp of doom.. ;3; alas, I am no kitty.. I think Lyda needs to be our resident evil villain kitty :3

  25. LydaLynn


    *whistles innocently*

  26. jjmblue7

    Does everyone on Team D get their own very cute kitty?! Because I so want one!

  27. comichero

    i like cats adn all but i have my one t3 adorable puppies wellthey are big dogs now but they are my babies and i love them as to the question of resident evil kitty i d have to say personaly its a 3 -way tie between Lyda Kiriel and Keyla cuz yoru all cute and kitty-esk and i would love to cuddle with each of you but i know better then to cuddle with evil kittens so i leave this desicion to our illustrious leaders dale and courtney may they wisdom ever guide us down the true path of evil…

    I feel i must lecture on Mr. D’s cosmic roll while god was pissed at Mr. D’s betrayal at not worshiping what he deemed lesser being and truthfullly compaired one on one yeah no way we match up ,anyways proir to Mr’d’s banishment from heaven he was and is still our caretaker or if you want a better visual aid think of him as a Apartment land lord and we wont be under new management until the sceond coming so there you are any question please forwaad them to the information desk on each levele of hell they are very easy to find there is usualy one near every exit

    you know Mr D should really hire cute tour guides cute anr chipper that way they can confuss the ever living heck out of damned souls that are just arriving i know that one time when i welcome some one to hell here i made it sond like the best place on earth well the best place on the metaphysical planes

  28. comichero

    P.S. welcome to the club Purple rose, instesting enough did you know that purple roses are the failed attemped to breed a true and natural blue rose al so did you know that pink roses are a combination of yellow, red and white roses adn that they can breed any color rose except blue purple is as close as it gets which is weird cuz blue is a prime color so you would think it woul d be a natural color of a rose . well before i get to crazy and off track welcome to the party again purplerose

  29. Bismarck

    —pats comichero on the head—

    It is going to be alright. Here have these.

    —Hands comichero a new coloring book, and more crayons—


  30. Ouroboros

    Hmmm….I’ll bet Alisdair will one day eat Mr. D’s kitty cat.

    That is of course as long as the kitty is not an inter-dimensional portal to a realm of pure suffering and hummus.

  31. dale_mettam

    Is there a difference between pure suffering and hummus?

  32. Kiriel

    I eat hummus….
    The only truyl evil hummus is the red pepper hummus.. it is NASTY ;~; *cries* and I love red peppers.. they’re tasty to eat straight even..
    My grandma… for my birthday sent me.. a sort of fluffy on the outside fireish colored (AKA redpinks.. or pinkreds? that shift to yellow and such fluff on the side and flame decal on the top hat.. it is so ugly, I love it xD)

  33. Kiriel
  34. comichero

    OOooooH coloring book * hugs bismark and starts huming and goes about coloring* thanks bismark your the best but what is this for?

    @Kiriel awesome pimp hat its all fuzzy pimp like so quick question whom do you pimp?

  35. LydaLynn

    That’s . . . special Kiriel

    *also likes hummus – particularly garlic hummus*

  36. Ouroboros

    @Dale – scientists have yet to prove there is.

  37. Kiriel

    Ooh Garlic hummus IS my fave I have it in the fridge right now C:

    And yeah the hat is.. special, it was a gift from my grandma.. and my mom is all 8D DUDE AWESOME about it.. xD

  38. Wizard

    Plus, you can always play poker with them.

  39. purplerose133

    … hummus??? like the brown stuff u put on crackers? everything is better with garlic…xept breath. thats just nasty. and thnx comic!

  40. Ragedoll

    @ Averic – nooooo I won’t believe it! he’s cute and innocent! Just like a certain Dangerdoll I know

    colouring books are awesome!!