I’m not sure if this means Steve Jobs is more evil than Mr. D. or if it means he’s fighting the good fight to thwart the minions of evil …and Windows, wherever they may appear.

I’m gonna lean towards the latter… but that’s mostly because it will annoy all the Windows users.

Hey, wicked is what we do here, right?

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  1. Dan Genesis

    Windows user is not annoyed.

    Hasn’t anyone else heard that Jobs = Mr. G.?

  2. Kiriel

    Well he is either that or is the true Mr. D and just is so evil he has who we think is Mr. D fooled into believing he is. .and is the silent string puller.. >.>
    Pkus Mr. G IS the creator of all things evil fi you think about it 😉

  3. Iceburgh

    I use Linux, myself.

  4. Wolfsblood99

    Wow Mr. D is Hot.

  5. keylaleigh

    I like my windows…

  6. Ragedoll

    I love Macs! <3 And windows hehe.

    The bonus comic is amazing!

  7. Courtney

    I use Mac at work, and Windows at home.

    @Wolfsbolld99: Literally

  8. Curator

    I love stable safe operating systems… But I love computers that are actually affordable for most people, and able to do much more than browse the internet far more…I can always wipe a HD and re-install windows for free if I need to, I can never get back the extra 2k I spent on something that cant do as much…even if its a far superior operating system, as far as stability and security goes…

  9. LydaLynn

    @Courtney – sorry I didn’t respond yesterday – was at my Mother’s house and had to be ‘good’. As for wishing – there’s a reason it was an almost – because while I almost wish to be an imp – I’m also almost fearful of how it would turn out. >.<

    As for computers – I want something that works for what I need – I don't need the newest, latest, most bells-and-whistles gadget around – so I don't care who uses what. As long as I can run my art programs and use my tablet, I'm happy. I also don't need a phone that does anything more than call and text. I'm amazingly self-reliant and can do without the silliness that comes from some of the extra 'apps' related to these 'smart' phones. Sorry Mr. D – I won't be using your time wasting device or an iEgo any time soon.

  10. Kiriel

    I like windows, I can pirate any game I wanna play, pretty much 😉 Also I can’t find a pirated Sai program for Mac :C
    I just grew up with windows and macs have never seemed as many program oriented, plus I love me some free MMOs, and none of them really play on Macs, so I stick to windows :C

  11. DktrAgonizer

    I use Windows XP. I like it because the XP looks like, well, a smiley.
    Why yes, I AM easily amused, how did you guess? <<

  12. Visagor

    This is a cool comic.

  13. comichero

    iamte firm beleiver the Windows has steadily gone down hill After Windows 98 second edtion god that was a great OS you were able to still Use dos command promts then too *sighs* they good ole days when you could force boot a progam or actual do things with yourPC to make it even more awesome and didnt need a 12th degree black belt in computer language but Xp is prett good tho steady and soild not overly protective asking you every 5 second s if you want to be doing somthing or the same thing like vista and truthfull i think WIn is kinda getting back to what made windows great and fun to use compatablitly macs are great to work of drawing and movie making , game design or music editing but after then Meh goes down hill it fallin that category of needing a high level of understanding and its what som of us like to calll non user freindly unlike your average Pc were you can pop of the side tinker and know it wont blow up in your face do that with a mac and yeah you have to pray to the Mac gods that it will still work afterwards

  14. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    My comp is custom built, but uses windows…not sure what it is… oh well gets me from site A to site B, and as for the shame imp ill keep my original title, and skills. I am the original reader who asked…in case you forgot…

  15. dale_mettam

    If Mr Butterpaws Pussford could speak, this is what he’d say.

  16. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    that cat was…so friggin awesome! i actually want a cat now so i can scare the children away on holloween…(cant wait for the hollows eve theme to kick in)

  17. comichero

    you know i kinda impresssed with how Mr. D has gorwen as a person from hunting lawyers inthe back woods of hell with a 12 gauge to cuddling with evil cats of doom

  18. Ragedoll

    haha! that cat is amusing! but I don’t think Mr. Butterpaws would be possessed by the devil! You know since he’s the devils cat and all…

  19. LydaLynn

    I have three cats – they deliver messages regularly.

  20. Ouroboros

    @Dale – I’ve known cats like that. They’re all split pea soup and no bite…

  21. comichero

    what are the message they deliver Lyda? our old cat knew how to open the back door and she a few days before she departed caught a mouse and left it atther backdoor before coming back in the house

  22. LydaLynn

    The messages are too numerous to list here – most of them seem to have something to do with food they think they should be getting though.

  23. jjmblue7

    Hehe. I wish I had a cat like that! Mine doesn’t make funny noises, except for his dog-growl-like meow. Rest assured though, he is possessed by the devil. He’ll be snuggly one minute, and take off your hand the next for no apparrent reason. Plus he love to fight other cats and torment dogs by sitting just outside their leash range.

  24. comichero

    our new kitten one of lucy’s sons we kept after she departed hes adorable love to explore and licks you like dog would also love playing with the dogs

  25. comichero

    lol the poor editor

  26. Drew

    Mac sucks, Windows blows. LONG LIVE UBUNTU!