Shininerjeyesing is the marketing tool of the future.

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  1. LydaLynn

    Okay – this one actually had me giggling.

  2. LydaLynn

    Of course, I’m surprised it wasn’t SINergize. *bricked*

  3. jjmblue7

    Sin-energies? Pain will soon go from 3|:D) to 3|:X)

  4. LydaLynn

    Pain can 3|:X if he wants – I’m still wincing myself.

  5. Dan Genesis

    Ah, Pain, you always were a beast at the game o’ drink.

    Course… I’m quite the monster myself. I challange thee, Pain!

  6. comichero

    awww it looks like pains bottomless bottle is empty he should get his money back plus the convention is about to see its rist un happy attendee

  7. keylaleigh

    Now I can’t wait until I’m 21… five more months…

    Then I can play the BIBLEMAN drinking game!

  8. Iceburgh

    Here, Dan. Have a Bloody Mary. Where did I put that habanero sauce?

  9. Lisa

    Having been to these company annual meetings a few times, I can admire the imps attempt to make those speeches more ‘entertaining’!

  10. Kiriel

    Underage I may be.. but I am a pretty damn good drinker when I want to be.. even though I rarely drink.. xD I got like.. 10 shots or more of hard liquor one day.. >.>
    Also, Count Tears is ADORABLE ;3; I’d love a real life plush of that (I know it’s only time before eventually you have real plushies.. xD)
    Now this IMP is off to clean.. or play Kitsu Saga >.>

  11. Ragedoll

    lol that has to be the best way to make speeches entertaining…. I love how disappointed/disgusted Tears looks in the first panel! I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get up to now!

    I love the bonus comic!

  12. Bismarck

    I understand why I am never invited to the company party,
    They Never Want To See Me “Blasted” Out Of My Mind 😛

  13. DktrAgonizer

    This makes me wonder… are demons prone to hangovers? It’d make sense in Pain’s case, really. c:

  14. LydaLynn

    Three Boo-hoo-hoo ~ Love It!!!!!

  15. Wizard

    Drinking at every buzzword at a Marketing Dept. meeting? The mere thought makes my liver hurt.

  16. Byakugan01

    666 bottles of tequila on the wall, 666-Wait, where did all the tequila go?!? *Looks at pain* Ooohhhh.never mind.

  17. Will B

    The only game to get you drunker is the Buffy drinking game. Usually tore up by the first commercial lol.

  18. comichero

    yeah drinking game need doe for those no doe no booze no booze noe game how sad wish i had a comapny convention to go to adn just get tanked could definatlyuse it after my suck day

  19. Ouroboros

    If I wanted to get blasted at a company meeting, I’d take a shot every time the CEO makes a statement that no one can relate to.

    After ten minutes I’d be under the table.