The only thing worse than that old acquaintance who belittles your achievements, is the one who just did so much better than you since you last met.

This is where the best policy to adopt is out-and-out lying.  But you have to be smart.  “Yeah, well, since we last talked, I went to moon and have my own comedy show on HBO.  Oh, and did I mention I found a cure for bunions and the common cold?” OBVIOUSLY all those things can be checked out and found to be false (TIP: If you want to go for the TV show angle, pick NBC… no one has been watching that network for a while now – or Fox News… you can totally sell you have a sitcom on that channel, since most people seem glaze over within five minutes of tuning in).

No, you need to get smart.  “Yeah, I do a lot of government work.  Can’t really talk about it.  Let’s just say one of my algorithms keeps you and everyone you care for safe at nights.  Y’ know those drones that fly around, taking out bad guys in the middle of nowhere?  If you ask me, I will be forced to officially deny I have any knowledge of how those things work… or were invented… but…” and you leave that sentence hanging, with a slight nod and knowing wink.  Then make a hasty retreat to the punchbowl.

And remember, check out the bonus comic.  Get it while it’s hot.  For a limited time only.  Be the first on your block to see it… and probably feel a little queasy as a result.

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  1. jjmblue7

    I watch NBC, because Chuck is the best show on tv…EVAR!!!!! Other than that…meh. I don’t watch much else other than South Park, Psych, and occasionally Food Network. Mmmmmmm…food…

  2. Ragedoll

    honestly this has got to be one of my favourites so far!

    and I love tears, he’s adorable driving the van, that I want to refer to as the mystery machine.. haha

  3. Kiriel

    Why does Ignorance always look so cute and sullen?? DD:
    I just wanna huggle him, but he wouldn’t be very huggable I don’t think.. >.<
    Plus, I hate ignorant people ;P *teases*
    The bonus comic rocks, guys 😀
    My mom and her BF sign the lease today~ C:

  4. Ouroboros

    There’s only one way to settle this…

    Snowball fight in Hell!

  5. LydaLynn


  6. DktrAgonizer

    I’m just amazed that Infection’s little wings can keep him up in the air. But eh, I guess Imps are just awesome like that.

  7. Courtney

    @Ouroboros: I honestly may have to borrow that visual! Snowball Fight in Hell! Just saying it sounds cool!

    @DktrAgonizer: LOL…that’s why he’s sweating in that panel.

    @LydaLynn: *watches LydaLynn lurking* Try saying that 3 times fast.

    “LydaLynn Lurking” “Lydalern licking” Lyda….er…nevermind. 😀

  8. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    The last panel, very clever! *aplauds*

  9. Ouroboros

    @Courtney – hehe, that would be awesome, especially if it ends up in LPI 😀

  10. Iceburgh

    Bonus comic.

  11. Sicarius

    *grins* I’m sooo waiting for some imp to stick Infection with a pin in the mistaken (?) belief s/he will pop or deflate…*giggles at the mental image*

  12. LydaLynn

    @ Courtney – LydaLynn licking? In your dreams! Bwa ha ha ha . . . *cough cough* or . . . yeah.

  13. Visagor

    So that is how they happened…………….LOL

  14. Dangerdoll

    good shizzle! :)

  15. Dan Genesis

    Kudos to Ignorance, Infection, and Indolence.

  16. Bismarck

    @ Dale & Courtney. You guys keep coming you with AWESOME strips! :)

    —Throws a ‘comet’ at Ouroboros—

    That should work in hell, that is the biggest snow ball I could find. 😛

  17. LydaLynn

    *dodges out of the way of the ‘comet’* You’re having a snowball fight – not a bowling contest!!!

  18. dale_mettam

    @Bismarck – Thanks. We try.

  19. Ouroboros

    @Bismark – if I run straight into the comet, does that make it a comet-kaze?

  20. MrTT

    pretty damn ironic that “ignorance” is claiming Arizona’s immigration law, since only the most ignorant would have anything bad to say about it.

    there is nothing wrong in, it explicitly forbids profiling, and it just means that the state will enforce laws already on the book that the feds aren’t enforcing.