It’s true.  Even if you do have to get up and make some kinda speech or presentation, the worst thing by far is the forced joviality and organized fun that someone lives under the misguided belief if all part of the thing.

You will have fun!  OR DIE TRYING!

Don’t forget to check out the bonus comic and tip your waitress.

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  1. Sicarius

    …Oh man…not karaoke…ANYTHING but karaoke!!! *curls into whimpering ball*…I still remember the last time…so many sour notes…

  2. twichyfan

    You think you had it tough? This is Hell man, their the Kings of bad karaoke.

    Looking forward to when word finaly gets around to Mr.D about his top under achievers =)

  3. Kiriel

    I think my imp at Karaoke night would.. make everyone try to kill themselves.. :C

  4. comichero

    i dont lik3 the fact that every one and their mother mispronounce Karaoke it is pronounced Ka-ra-o-kay its a japanese word but people have this habitual need to pronounce it Ka-row-key nothing infuriates me so much as mispronounced words

  5. Dan Genesis

    Ahahahaha! My favorite part of the festivities – talentless schmucks fantizing about stardom,

  6. Ragedoll

    haha priceless! Last time I was at Karaoke there was a guy who was dressed as Elvis, and actually didn’t suck!

    @Dale, does Alisdair get to have fancy equipment too?’s because of the way it’s spelled and the fact that we learn how to say words from other people who, unfortunately, don’t know how to pronounce words properly…

  7. Bismarck

    Ka-ra-o-kay? Not that. That is to much, even for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    —Glances around to see if anyone is watching—

    —Activates Cloaking device—,,,,,,,……….. . . . . .

  8. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    hmmm…I would love to see Acedia and Pride do karaoke together, i think it would be ironic in same way…also can’t wait to see how you roll in the other imps!

  9. DktrAgonizer

    I bet Mr. D has a lovely singing voice.

  10. comichero

    Oh! yes Mr D has a beautiful falsetto voice his pitch and range are the stuff of legends he can go froma deep bass to a high alto ask him to sing you Ave Maria to you its very beautiful makes me cry every time, but you guys do know he was in the employ of Mr .G before going into buisness for himself right?

  11. LydaLynn

    *Lurks, lingers and languishes. Does not lick.*

  12. Wizard

    Mandatory karaoke? Yep, this is definitely hell.

    @twichyfan- You say “bad karaoke” as if there were some other kind… (I spent a few months working at a bar where we had karaoke every Saturday. You’ve never truly hated a song until you’ve heard it mangled by the same drunks every week for a few months.)

  13. Sicarius

    @Wizard- …I feel your pain buddy…I feel your pain…

  14. comichero

    i have the sudden and un conrtollable urge to be a nerd once more so for those of fine folks celebrating Holloween, Did you know Holloween is actualy two words hallow (holy) and e’en ( scottish for evening) and proir to gettign its current meaning its was meant to somthign like christ mass eve and on the day fallowing all hollows eve came all hollows day better knowen as all saints day for you relgious types it was the day out of the year ment to celebrate the lives of all the saints and was actuall alot like thanks giving is now in that there was usualy a feast and a gathering of family holloween as we know it today was born of the mexican idian tradion of placing gifts on acestors grave the tradion of dawing costumes was ment to scare the dead away and back in to the grave so they didnt stay too long if they came to visit their non dead realitives, also the tradtion of the jack’o’lantern started in ireland and they used turnips instead of pumpkins and that has been your holloween service adnoucement please pay me in pumpkin pie un spiced pie as the cinnimon like to burn the back of my throat cuz people dont know when to hold back when a recipe only callfor a hiint of cinnemon or nut meg they believe the more the merrier um no its a good way to ruin a perfectly good pie same with apple pie thank you in advance for the wonderful pie even if its non existant

  15. keylaleigh


  16. Ouroboros

    You’d think Pain and Misery would be all about the karaoke…

  17. LydaLynn

    Gotta love a good press-release.

  18. jjmblue7

    Betcha every song on the disc is about a girl of someplace or another… 😉

  19. jjmblue7

    Although, I would think it would be funny if Alisdair did a rendition of “Rock You Like a Hurricane” seeing as he probably caused some. For Pain, an Irish drinking song. Tears would probably pick some sort of whiny, emo, break-up song for a good cry, heh.

  20. Dangerdoll

    lol! w0000tz Karaoke!

  21. Dangerdoll

    btw i will karaoke with any f you any time 😀

  22. Melkior

    Just dashing off a quick note to let everyone know the prize arrived and I like it. :-) Such a beautiful contrast between Luci and Pain.

    Regarding the current comic, what the heck are Tears and Alisdair looking at? Blank playing cards? A summary of what other imps have done during the past year? Detention slips handed to them by Mr D due to their singular lack of success over the past year? %-P

  23. dale_mettam

    Al and Tears have a wide array of carefully prepared index cards that will guide them gracefully through their presentation on what they have achieved this past 10 months.

    In theory.

  24. dale_mettam


    The Imps will be partying hard tonight. Let’s hope they make it back on time for tomorrow’s strip. In the mean time, swing over to The Weekenders and a special Halloween themed Behind The Imps.

  25. LydaLynn

    Happy Halloween!

  26. comichero

    HA! i love you expressive courney’s mask is and you make a great darth vader dale im kinda curious to see what matt’s costume looks like i bet its awesome specialy if he translates peices of the necranomicon i do wonder whay necranomicon he traslates is it the one fromthe evil dead or is it the a diffrent one like a finnish one that helps you awaken trolls to destroy the world

  27. Byakugan01

    So, who’s up for some “Girl from Ipanema” Karaoke!

  28. Ouroboros

    @comichero – It’s probably the one written by Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Arab. 😛

  29. jjmblue7

    @ Melkior: You totally just brought me back to elementary school. Our principal was a guy we called Mr. D, until he retired when I was in 4th grade, anyways. Luckily I never got detention because i’m much too evil to get caught. >;)