I don’t know what you guys do, but for the Imps… and their colleagues… Halloween is PARTY TIME!

Of course, partying like that, well, the next morning is never gonna find you at your best.  And the afternoon after… when you finally wake up… and realize the report you should have made was three hours ago… it’s not gonna be good.

FUN FACT #12567… and 278: This post contains the RDA of ellipses for the next three weeks.

No bonus comic today.  Courtney got trapped under something heavy and broke my interwebs as he fell.  Please swing over and vote for us anyways.  We still love you.

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  1. Dan Genesis

    Hahahaha! Classic.

  2. LydaLynn

    *sends and interwebs fairy and some band-aids*

  3. comichero

    awwww and they look ed so peace ful and happy on the floor knowing the missed thier presentaion

  4. keylaleigh

    Aah, Tardiness… how I simultaneously love and hate thee…

  5. Insanity(Snapped Sane)

    YOU SONOFA!!!!
    *Grabs club and time-stopping watch(as well as several standard bashing clubs)

    EAT LEAD SLOWS***!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ragedoll

    haha! silly tardiness! it’s not nice to play pranks on other imps.. haha!

  7. Infectious Midnight

    I think Tardiness is my new favorite imp. He is to cute. =D

  8. DktrAgonizer

    Bahahaha, you shoulda seen that coming, imps. 😛 And they never even finished that piece of cake. For shame!

    (Late Happy Halloween to everyone!)

  9. Kiriel

    I love the small smile on Alisdair’s face, and Pain’s grin in panel 1… too bad their contentedness was so short lived…

  10. Ouroboros

    It’s amazing anything ever gets done on Mr. D’s team, given who the players are. 😛

    I think that’s the happiest I’ve ever seen Alisdair.

  11. jjmblue7

    @ Infectious Midnight: Agreed! I can almost forgive him for messing with me, almost.

  12. Infectious Midnight

    hehehe. Me and tardiness are good friends. I can leave an hour early for a ten minute drive and still get there a half hour late. My professors hate it but hey. Distractions happen. ;D

  13. dale_mettam

    My old standby used to be, “Sorry… something happened and I’m late because of it.”

    Don’t stop walking, hit your seat and then look like you were there from the start.

    You’d be surprised how many times a) I did that; and b) it worked.

  14. comichero

    sound advice from one of our glorious leaders tried that a few times in highschool didnt work out so well cuz they just pulled to the side after class i dont hing the teachers liked me all that much but you’d be surized how many weeks used to start like this for me up late doing the karaoke and drinking well making some one sing kinda funny looking back now thinking dammit why did i stay up late again and thinking now dmmmit those were the good ole days crap life sucks sometimes * goes back to work ing on some random very dangerous thing that will ether get him killed do to mishap or assination for building dooms day weapons* no where did i place my meson colider time to make us a black hole

  15. DktrAgonizer

    I’m hardly ever late. I usually leave for things early than I need to because I get paranoid that I will BE late if I don’t. Whee.

    @comichero: Man, you really need a visit from the imp of Grammar. 😛

  16. Infectious Midnight

    Dale- I tried that today for class and it worked a lot better than I thought it would. Thanks. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind that they would fall for that or at least appreciate the effort enough to ignore my lateness.

  17. dale_mettam

    @I-Midnight… it’s all in the way you sell it.

    And so you know, I got a little verklempt. Makes me so proud knowing you are going out into the world just a touch more corrupted by my efforts than you were.

  18. comichero

    as my bio states in the IMPosters section of the sight i a horrid at typing adn or grammar

  19. Byakugan01

    Of course, some of us CAN’T be corrupted any further dale. what was it I suggested? Weaponizing the “Girl from Ipanema” muzak, or listening to it RECREATIONALLY?

  20. dale_mettam

    There are some depths even I won’t stoop to.