Oh, come on… like this is a surprise?

Big HELLO! to all our new readers and the new faces popping up in the comments section.  Love having you all here.

Check out the Bonus Comic and if you missed them, swing over and have a look at The Weekenders and Behind The Imps.

And if any of you folks are in the area, Dale will be at the NC Comic Con this coming weekend… he’s even gonna be part of a panel talking about writing kids’ comicbooks… Luci Phurr’s Imps will probably not be on that agenda… but y’ never know!

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  1. Bismarck

    I can’t stand TEASERS!!!

    But I will let you off this time.
    BTW I think it is Oprah. 😛

  2. jjmblue7

    It’s scientifically proven that Justin Bieber is four times as evil as any one Jonas Brother, so he usurped their position on the Hell hierarchy.

    @ the bonus comic: Ew, Alisdair, REALLY?! I mean, Coleslaw? C’mon!

  3. keylaleigh

    On the not-bonus- I should’ve known…

    On the bonus- Is Alisdair using the Emo Phillips recipe for cole slaw?

  4. Ragedoll

    hahah, that is some pretty powerful help they’re getting!

  5. Infectious Midnight

    If Justin Bieber is an agent that must be a very special form of hell I’d actually go to church to avoid.
    On another note. the actual answer to this is going to irritate the hell out of me til updates roll around again. D=

  6. DktrAgonizer

    Bahahaha, not surprised at all. That kid is just… Urgh.

    Erp, I’ve never liked coleslaw. Gross, ‘Dair. 😛

  7. Sicarius

    …Yeah, rather take up residence with a colony of mutant zombie vampiric maneating fire ants than have to deal with Justin Beiber…now, if it’s the other fellow who was misfortunate enough to have the same name as that prepubescent no-talent hack…well, that’s not so bad…

  8. dale_mettam

    @IM – the very next strip will reveal that agent of doom.

  9. LydaLynn

    *has nothing productive to say*

  10. Infectious Midnight

    *happy dolphin noises*
    Ya! Answers are in the future. =D

  11. viper

    i knew it! i knew that prepubescent hack was evil!

  12. Kiriel

    Does that mean when Anons and I and a buncha others(the meal army?) all went and voted down Beiber’s ‘Baby’ video and such.. I was working for Mr G? o_O Meep!
    Beiber and I… we have office politics against each other.. >.>

  13. comichero

    no wonder some one threw that bottle of water at him and it explains alot with that ad i saw onthe net here to bieberize myself i declined his offer cuz i am my very own special brand of evil and need now assitants

  14. dale_mettam

    Spookily enough, today I saw this on Facebook…

    What do Justin Bieber and Pinnochio have in common?

    They both want to be a real boy.

  15. Dan Genesis

    Wow. I just made a justin bieber joke in my own comic, the Life of Death. We’re on the same wavelength, man.

  16. Ouroboros

    Most powerful agent, huh?

    Industrial Strength Chlorox?

  17. Insanity-snaped meme

    Leave Justin alone!

  18. Kiriel

    Beiber will never be left alone.. those screaming masses of underage fangirls (and 50 year old men) will never leave the poor girl alone ;3 *teases*

  19. Kiriel

    *Bounces about all excited like* Yayayayaay~ Almost time for a new striiip 8D

  20. ghostkeeper

    Sadly, this is true . . . no no, that’s going too far . . . we’re not talking Britney, the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Lindsey Lohan, Sarah Palin or Amy Winehouse here . . .