Oh, come on… like this is a surprise as well?

And don’t be getting all worried about Luci now.  You guys were all, “Oh Mr. Butterpaws Pussford is so cool.”  “He’s so adorable.”  “He’s obviously super evil.”  “Who ate my pudding?”  “We want more Mr. Butterpaws Pussford.”

OK, so the pudding one was Courtney… but still.

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  1. Insanity-I love to singa!

    And the cat came back the very next day!

  2. Dan Genesis

    New levels of insanity will be reached now.

    I love it!

  3. LydaLynn


    Luffs it!

  4. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    oh wow! who saw this coming? i mean really!? also adorible!

  5. Will B

    At this point the imps should be scared. Damn scared. That cat is pure evil.

  6. keylaleigh

    KITTY! I adore…

  7. Darkwasteland

    If bringing the “Pain” doesn’t work just call Mr. Butterpaws Pussford! Things just got exciting, Can’t wait to see what the first evil deed is, besides giving up that comfy chair.

  8. Ragedoll

    Awe! I want a Mr. Butterpaws Pussford! So adorable! 😀

    Poor Tears! Look what kind of shenanigans you guys got him into!

  9. Avarice and Charity 4ever

    I think this sums up the situation quite nicely.

  10. Ouroboros

    Evil is always better when it’s cute.

    I wonder how Luci will manage to corrupt this one…hehehe

  11. comichero

    it seems thenext thing the R&D guys should come up with is the mr butterpaws Pussford plushie the finest instrment of evil ever created when you need pure unadultered evil use the New Mr. BP plushie will solve allyour woes with in a sickening adorable way garunteed to melt the heart of anyone also handy when you are on a date: warning hell inc. not liable for any and all mayhem Mr. BP starts or has a paw in cause has been knowen to cause random stampeeds of young women and some men use with extreme caution and care .

  12. Bismarck

    I do think Mr. BP has met his Match :O

  13. DktrAgonizer

    Oh snaaaaap. This will certainly be interesting.

  14. LydaLynn

    Strangely – I anticipate a ‘poor Mr. Butterpaws’ moment in his future.

  15. viper

    i wanna see how pain, tears and alisdair respond to Mr. D sending Mr. BP xD

  16. Wizard

    Should be interesting to observe the battle of good vs. evil when both have deployed weaponized cute. I mean, hey, Luci’s pretty adorable too, ya know.

  17. Sicarius

    *thumbs up* ^^

  18. Kiriel

    If there was a plushie, I would SO buy one.. the overwhelming cuteness of the evil is perfect <3

  19. webchecker

    Luci really loves the cat and I bet there will be a ton of trouble in next few strips. *giggle*

  20. Anime fan

    Oh God no.

  21. ThaAlphaCroc


  22. comichero

    awww it ok tear my friend the real santa knows you didnt have a hand in the slander ous events against his good name

  23. Infectious Midnight

    Nooo evil cuteness of death. D=
    My lungs hurt just looking at cats. lol XD

  24. Kiriel

    Shh, comic, don’t tell my cousin, Tears.. but… I sort of.. have to cover for Santa… I migtha.. eaten him.. v.v

  25. Kiriel

    Oh and this is strip 137 :3 Yays~

  26. Byakugan01

    …Somehow, I am less than impressed. Sure, it can eat mutant man eating sharks. But just LOOK at it! How can it possibly hope to swing the scales? Luci’s just going to put it in a frilly dress!

  27. LydaLynn

    Don’t underestimate the power of a frilly dress . . .

  28. Kiriel

    The most dangerous things are the things that don’t seem dangerous.. 😉 like Keylaleigh an Lyda C:

  29. Chessi


    I wasn’t going to comment until I got to the end. I just started reading this today and I’m hooked. Tearing through the comics like nothing else. I just had to comment on this one though.

    First off:

    “He’s got huge, sharp– he can leap about– look at the bones!!”

    There are no bones, I realize, but I found this rather fitting.


    I laughed ridiculously hard at the comment accompanying the comic. The pudding?? I ate it. I kid you not, I had just finished a pudding cup when I read that.

  30. Aslandus

    Nothing this cute could be innocent