This can only end badly.

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  1. dale_mettam

    Hey guys, check out this. Swing on over if you have the inclination and tell Verbasan how awesome his art is. We’re stocked that an artist chose our strip to work up. Thanks, dude!

  2. Kiriel

    Dale.. that ROCKS 😀
    Also.. YAY New strip on my first day off my new job :3

  3. Kiriel

    Alsooo.. AWWWWWH!!! :C My poor Butterpaws Pussford.. ;3;

  4. Sicarius

    *cackles* It will be most interesting to see what Mister Butterpaws Pussford will come up with for the purpose of getting back at Pain…Cats hold grudges after all, and when they decide the time has come to act, they can be most sadistic and ingenious creatures… ^^

  5. davids4250

    Mr. D knows his demons pretty well, I think. Almost feel sorry for Pain.

  6. Dan Genesis

    It can only end badly

    But I’ll be un-damned if the results aren’t hilarious.

  7. viper

    i love how Mr. D. automatically knew it was pain xD i cant wait for mondays strip now! i wanna see what either Mr. D or Mr. BP plan to do to pain xD

  8. jjmblue7

    @Sicarius: My brother tried to give our cat –the one it takes two people to hold down at the vet– a flea bath yesterday afternoon. He hasn’t been home since, and I think he’s plotting. Hopefully he realizes as I was napping at the time that I’m an innocent party. *cowers in fear of MIschief*

  9. keylaleigh

    Poor little kitty.
    And wonderful piece of fanart.

  10. LydaLynn

    Drippy Kitty is so CUTE!

  11. Sicarius

    @jjmblue7: Most cats know who’s responsible for the indignities they suffer…and depending on the cat, they go out of their way to torment the one responsible, anyone else is just…collateral damage….and then there are those who simply set about making anyone and everyone miserable….with a name like Mischief, it’s up in the air….I’d say, just to make sure, find yourself a wellmade b

  12. Sicarius

    …as I was typing…

    Find yourself a wellmade bunker and hole up for a few weeks…or, you know, appease the wrathful kitty with catnip, toy mice, and whatever other treats you think he’d enjoy…a little bribery never hurts… ^^

  13. Ouroboros

    Hope Luci doesn’t find out Pain ate her cute new kitty…

  14. DktrAgonizer

    Mr. D really should have been expecting this. But how will Luci react when she finds out? 😛

    Also that fanart pic is pretty neat, but Luci’s eyes scare me so much more than the Imps ever will. c:

  15. Infectious Midnight

    hehehe Serves the kitty right.

  16. Ragedoll

    haha I love that his first reaction was that pain ate him! haha. Soooo goood!
    Poor Mr. Butterpaws! he’s all slimy! I just want to hug him (after a bath of course).

    So excited for the next strip!!!

    Poor, poor little birdie, he was so cute :(

  17. comichero

    awwww i bet Mr. BP has a super sad face right now that or his face is sithing with anger the downward ears point to the sadnes but im sure if any punishments are to be meted out be Mr. D will pale in comparison to what Luci will do to him once she learns of pain’s eating of her new cat

  18. jjmblue7

    @Sicarius: Cat nip would only increase the danger to me, it makes him absolutely spazzy. Though I think Mischief may be a masochist. He cuddled up with my brother last night while he was sleeping. Or maybe because I hadn’t come home from the movies yet, he had to go for second-best living heatpad.

  19. dale_mettam

    Check out our latest victim over at the Weekenders.

  20. Lisa

    Weekenders: What a great take on an all-time classic strip!

  21. dale_mettam

    A new BTI… you know where (clicking the letters BTI is a clue)

    And check out this video. Mr Butterpaws Pussford in disguise?

  22. comichero

    I love pergogies my grandma used to to make the best popyseed and apricot ones very tasty so if you guys wanna putt a good word in for me with tracy id be much obliged and it good to know why tracy has some many cats and that she has them so well trained makes me wonder if shes actualy cat woman

  23. jjmblue7

    @ dale: That is the coolest cat ever!