The Stuffing/Dressing debate… a Thanksgiving Tradition.

Hope you all ate too much, but not enough to spoil your day.

Look for a new story arc to take us out of the year starting on Monday… and we’ll have some more news about things we have in the pipeline next week as well.

And finally, if you’re in the Cleveland, OH area on Saturday, swing over to GenghisCon and say “Hi!” I’ll be there.

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  1. Poytin

    It’s stuffing if it’s stuffed into the bird. It’s dressing if its on the side.

  2. Darkwasteland

    Triptophan seem to be hitting Pain in the last panel! Have a great weekend everyone and a safe drive home if you are traveling.

  3. Ouroboros

    Agnes generally has a rustic flavor, but there’s always that unpleasant aftertaste…Pain should have gone with a Maude or an Ethel. Of course, if he was looking for something light, a nice Agatha could always suffice.

  4. Kiriel

    I adore stuffing/dressing.. I found out I can’t eat spiced yams anymore :C

  5. LydaLynn

    My mom made chocolate pecan pie – it was EPIC!

  6. Ragedoll

    Was Aunt Agnes a cheek pincher? Because I’m sure Luci wouldn’t object to that! haha
    and there is still no new bonus comic? :(

  7. Courtney

    @Kiriel: No spiced yams!!!? An alternative must be found!

    @Lyda Lynn: Chocolate Pecan Pie! I’ve never even heard of that, but it sounds tasty. Might have to get that recipe…unless of course it’s one of Mom’s Vaulted Secrets.

    @Ragedoll: Maybe she was pinching the wrong cheeks, which would be reason enough for Pain to take action. Oh, and as for the bonus comics, we’ll have more again. Dale and I have a tad over a month before we start going to 5 days a week with the strip. Preparation for that and a few other goodies (that include Butterpaws Pussford), have been occupying our time. I know that’s no excuse, but it’s all I’ve got. 😛

  8. DktrAgonizer

    I didn’t eat nearly as much this year as I usually do. I am disappointed in myself. 😛

  9. Courtney

    @DktrAgonizer: How could you? Gluttony will not be happy about this, and will likely be working overtime next year. 😛

  10. dale_mettam

    Had to cancel GenghisCon tomorrow due to a family emergency. If you were swinging by to say hello, I apologize.

  11. Ragedoll

    @ Courtney, the thought of pinching the wrong cheeks made me feel a tad bit bad for pain! haha
    As for the Bonus comic, i’ll let it slide! Can’t wait for more though! But anything with Mr. Butterpaws puffsford (who would make an exceptional stuffy by the way) has to be amazing!

  12. comichero

    i made two apple pies but im curious if any one caught a case of the itis after their large dinner i beat the itis with ritual Hunting/killing its keeps the mind active and No worries Dale i hope all is well

  13. LydaLynn

    @Courtney – She started telling me the recipe at about the second bite. I was entirely too much in love with the taste to play attention – I know it was something about chocolate chips in a blender, after that . . . I’ll have to get her to write it down. I hadn’t ever heard of it before either, but there’s all kinds of yummy in a chocolate pecan pie.

    @Dale – I hope everything goes well with the family and that everyone is happy and healthy soon.

  14. Ouroboros

    Chocolate pecan pie…mmmm…that DOES sound tasty…

    @Dale – hope all is well, wishing you and yours the best!

  15. Kiriel

    Spiced yams taste like.. well these cinnamon scented pine cones I am stuck smelling all day at work, when I tried to eat them it was all I could think of/taste Dx

  16. dale_mettam

    Thanks for the comments, y’all. It’s all gonna be cool. Just an unexpected hiccough.

  17. comichero

    good to hear Dale those pesky hiccoughs are dangerous but im not at all surprized that pains face never changes

  18. jjmblue7

    I’m not a huge fam of thanksgiving dinner, or any big holiday dinner. Not a huge fan of meat, I’ll have a little bit and get sick of it, unless it’s in the form of a burger (Then I can eat to my heart’s content). I *hate* most veggies when they’re cooked, and that’s how the rest of my family likes/serves them. I do eat tons of my nana’s homemade mac & cheese though. Ooh, and cranberry sauce is yummy, and I don’t care if it’s got whole cranberries in it or if it’s jellied, homemade or canned, it’s all delicious!

  19. Bismarck

    (Said in the voice of William Shatner)
    —-Theatrical collapse—-

  20. Courtney

    @jjimblue7: I’m with you on the whole cranberry love. My parents tried to put me in therapy when they caught me with a cranberry filled syringe, searching for a vein. 😛 OK, so maybe it’s not that bad, but it’s close…lol. Cranberries for the win!:D

  21. Ragedoll

    I love the many moods of pain, he’s so expressive!

  22. comichero

    *take Bismarks pulse*Nurse i neeed an infusion of gravy stat! and 20 lbs of the best butter ball turkey you got this man has a server case of Un-itis *sighs* He’s dead jim, damn it im a doctor not a KFC worker!

  23. Bismarck

    @ comichero
    The funny thing is, My little brother does the “He’s dead Jim! Damn it Jim! I’m a Doctor Not a ‘insert_funny_ocupation’ ” All to well.
    With My first name James, and his nick-name “Bones” we have way to much fun!

  24. jjmblue7

    @Courtney: lol! Cranberry is delicious! I know we have some bread around here. Maybe some banana bread too. P:

  25. Visagor

    I swear, pain is getting fatter.