12 Daemons of Christmas#2

I’m not even gonna touch why it is that Tears is able to just walk in on Pain doing his…. business.

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  1. Byakugan01

    Now tears will get into the spirit…

  2. comichero

    Hey i love the christmas spirit she’s fun and enjoyable tobe around and she’s really easy on the eyes, ilove hanging out with her , we even dated for a while then i dont know what happend oh yeah my family sucked allthe christmas spirit out of me with all their humbuggin and other bullshite

  3. Kiriel

    She seems to love possessing imps, anyway xD

  4. Ragedoll

    why can’t they be full of Christmas spirit? it is a Pagan holiday after all!

  5. Draconis

    Nobody else is concerned that he didnt wipe? So we don’t get to see him walking away with TP stuck to his hoof?

  6. LydaLynn

    Okay – the expressions of Joy on imp faces the last two days has been awesome.

    I almost expect to see a star named Joy out there smiling that she affected some imps.

  7. Iceburgh

    Let’s not forget the insanity of the 2846 different versions of Joy to the World, with just enough DECENT Christmas songs to drive one batty.

  8. DktrAgonizer

    Aw man, the thing about the gifts is so true. That’s why gift cards/money are the way to go. 😛

  9. LydaLynn

    Does it disturb anyone else that Pain seems to have been using the toilet with the seat up?

  10. jjmblue7

    And soon Tears will see “It’s a Wonderful Life” and we get to see his Christmas spirit face?

  11. dale_mettam

    A lot of unsettling questions seem to have spawned from this strip regarding Pain’s toilet habits.

  12. comichero

    well being that you and Courney have spwned this strip with help of tracy and chris im inclined to blame you guys for the questioins that have been spawned here about Pain’s lack of toilet edicate

  13. Baughbe

    @ LydaLynn: That’s so they won’t forget to put it back up after they are done. They are Imps you know. Can’t leave the seat down in a house with a girl in it. If it was a house with a boy in it, they’d leave the seat down always. Equality, gotta love it.

  14. Dan Genesis

    @Dale: Like most questions regarding Pain’s habits, they are better left unanswered.

    I may be insane, but I’m not stupid.

  15. Kiriel

    For christmas songs.. the best album I know is John Valby’s Herniated Jingle Balls… :3 it ROCKS~

  16. LydaLynn

    @Baughbe – that makes an impressive amount of sense – still disgusting – but it makes sense.

  17. MagicalMadge

    Come on Tears! Christmas is a wonderfully depressing time! Put on the radio and just listen to some of those depressing songs.

    And since this is my first time posting, I want to say I LOVE this comic!!! I read it all in one day and I check it first thing when I get on the computer every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! 😀

  18. dale_mettam

    Welcome MM. Gad you’re enjoying the strip. I guess there is just no pleasing Tears.

  19. Courtney

    @MagicalMadge: Welcome to our asylum. Glad you’re enjoying! And I’m sorry to announce that starting in January, you may have to start checking Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday…as we’ll be going to five days a week. At least for the 2011 calendar year. That’s almost double the work (compared to our current output) just to keep up. 😛

  20. comichero

    you forgot to mention that you also have the weekends on saturday’s and Behind the Imps on sundays there Courtney so really we’ll have 7 days of glorious Impish and creator antics