12 Daemons of Christmas#3

Tell me you haven’t been there.  All excited.  You hear that noise.  Outside.  Probably up.  It’s HIM!  HE’S HERE!

Sure, in June it’s probably a burglar, but as a kid, do you really care?

Or maybe that’s just me.

Check out the bonus comic and look out for more book info next week and more info about what we’ll be doing in 2011!

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  1. LydaLynn

    I wonder – do they think ‘He’ is the one sent by Mr. D?

  2. Dangerdoll

    This should be good- lol!

  3. viper

    two bucks says pain eats santa! i mean he already ate Mr. Bp once so whos to say he wont eat santa!?

  4. jjmblue7

    @Viper, I’m gonna go with a reindeer or 9. THat way, Santa’s trapped there and must appease the imps with gifts.

  5. comichero

    well if weird Al has anythign to say about this santa is about to go totaly insane and kill the imps for allther years of bad deeds and threats against his person and buisness

  6. keylaleigh

    I never did that… I was always much too tired.

  7. Ragedoll

    I don’t think they are going to eat him, they do seem to write to him ever year and expect those presents!

    I tried to stay up all night, but it never lasted.. we were allowed to sleep in the living room though!

  8. Bismarck

    I say it is Mr D himself!

    Butt kicking time!!!!!!!!

  9. Ragedoll

    haha OHHH and that explains a lot for Alisdair! I’m suprised he’s not trying to find out which imp is behind it!

  10. jjmblue7

    I usually stayed up until at least midnight, and was up by 3. Always the night owl.

  11. LydaLynn

    LOVE the bonus comic! Thank you! [[had to wait until I got back up for it to have refreshed]

  12. MagicalMadge

    Well it could very well be Santa and Mr. D, himself. I mean, rearrange the letters a bit in Santa…(ah, classic SNL).

    Of course I waited all night for Santa! Still do, and I’m in my second year of college :)

  13. Dan Genesis

    This can only end in hilarity when Pain, Tears and Alisdair are involved.

    And I just realized the initials are “PTA”…. I always knew there was something off about those guys…

  14. LydaLynn

    I don’t think I ever waited up all night for Santa – I was persistently assured that if I wasn’t asleep I wouldn’t get any presents – and I rather like presents – so I tried very hard to sleep – though that only lasted until 3-4 am or so – then it was Christmas morning and I was gonna get my toys! Given that I am the oldest of five – I got tired of early morning presents far quicker than I actually stopped having the early Christmas morning wake-up call.

  15. comichero

    i tried stay ing up one time and feel a sleep i dont know when buti was on the couch i wasnt coveredup wheni was waiting but when i woke up i was covered up and i had a gift laying on my chest fromsanta to this day that memory makes me believe

  16. DktrAgonizer

    Hm, I believe that as a kid I never tried staying up. Instead, I went to bed earlier than usual so Christmas day–and the subsequent presents–would arrive more quickly. XD

  17. dale_mettam

    Make sure you check out Weekenders and Behind the Imps, same Imp-time, same Imp channel.