12 Daemons of Christmas#6

Well who do you think invented bad puns?

If you missed it, make sure you check out the new info on the Luci Phurr’s Imps Book over on the creatively titled BOOK page.

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  1. LydaLynn

    I really like the background color there – I’d ask technical questions – but since the two creators I know check the page arn’t doing the coloring – and since [so far as I can tell from behind the imps] it’s cats doing the coloring anyway – who wouldn’t answer even if they had thumbs and the ability to type – I won’t actually ask.

    As for bad puns – they’re getting bricks for that.

  2. dale_mettam

    Ask anyways.

  3. jjmblue7

    Anyways? (Sorry, had to. The imps made me do it.)

    @LydaLynn: What, you mean they won’t wake up to find butt-nuggets in their stockings?

  4. LydaLynn

    Okay – I’ll ask then.

    The background – is it a gradient a blur brush – or is is a solid with a burn tool – or a combination – or is it all hand done? The effect is very nice.

  5. Kiriel

    I could see that.. bad puns’re pretty painful.
    Also I bet the imps just LOVE wal-mart.. all the suffering of the udnerpaid.. and the painful feet/ankles at the end f a long work day.. :C
    Also.. my provider wont let me see wikileaks.. I want to so bad now ;A;

  6. jjmblue7

    @Kiriel: Not to mention the customers’ wait in line; even in the “express” line it takes 20 minutes to get out of there.
    Bad puns are awesome when you’re the one making the bad pun because you get to see pained looks and hear groans from those subjected to it. O:)

  7. Ragedoll

    what happened to the other Strip? Did Dale make a boo boo?
    but yes bad puns are surely the work of imps!.. but I love them hehe

  8. dale_mettam

    @Ragedoll – As ever, when we hit a technical snag, I always blame Courtney for breaking the interwebs. Fortunately he knows so little about this stuff he’s never sure if he actually DID break things or not.

  9. Courtney

    @Ragedoll: All I can say is that you did get a glimpse into the future of LPI, 2011 to be exact. BUT, it wasn’t me that did it this time. I was down in the dungeon, chained to my desk, when the silent alarm went off…indicating that the wrong strip had gone up.

    @Lydalynn: As soon as we get the cat-translator up and running again, we’ll get you the info on whether it’s blur brush or burn tool.

  10. MagicalMadge

    😀 Ooh, that was such a bad pun!

    I love the incentive! Love, love, love it :)

  11. Dangerdoll

    Dude I am so corny! I love a bad pun. Strip is BOSS as usual 😀

  12. LydaLynn

    I thank you kindly – the cat currently sitting on my shoulder purring is looking forward to the answer too.

  13. comichero

    i do belive the true saying is there is no rest for the wearywas truely made famous during the second world war by general George S. Patton when he commanded his 3rd army to march and they were too tired fromtheir many battle in north africa and italy

  14. dale_mettam

    @comichero – I hate to quote chapter and verse, but Isaiah 57-20/21…

    “But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.

    There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”

  15. DktrAgonizer

    Gotta love the brief silence before the laughter erupts.

  16. comichero

    very true Dale but i was also trying to convey that the line while changed slightly was made even more infomus do t pattons harsh actions well to those of the human populous that dont read the bible

  17. Ragedoll

    haha sweet! I feel privileged now! 😀 I miss the Angel, he’s so full of himself it’s hilarious!

  18. dale_mettam

    @Ragedoll – Rest easy in the knowledge that the Angels play a major role in LPI in 2011. And you’ll see that Mr. G has redecorated too.

  19. LydaLynn

    No! He can’t redecorate – I’ll have to change my avatar [presuming I’m capable of what-ever his new decoration looks like].

  20. Dan Genesis

    Pain speaks the truth, people.

  21. dale_mettam

    @LL – He can do ANYTHING. He’s Mr. G.

  22. LydaLynn

    *pouts at Mr. G until he changes his mind*

    Oh, and . . . I like my steak medium well – usually – sometimes I like it medium.

  23. comichero

    Medium well is the perfect combination of juicyness and chewy ness so im right there with you Lyda i also like my streak lightly covered in a brown gravy and top with mushroom peppers and swiss cheese served with Garlic mash patotes and a salad with thousand island dressing cuz i like the pickles in it

  24. LydaLynn

    You mask the wonderful taste of steak with all that . . . . stuff? *shudder*

  25. dale_mettam

    A quick heads-up.

    Yesterday was the final Weekenders of the Year. A new Behind the Imps posted today and we have a couple more of those lined up to see us through the end of the year.

    And the correct answer is “Medium Rare” – though we would have accepted “So a good vet can get this steak back on its feet.”

    (Points are lost for burying the steak.)

    The Vegetarian Version is…. um…. yeah…. there is no vegetarian version… that would just be silly and wrong.

  26. comichero

    the only steak i will not cover in delicious grease fried mushrooms and peppers gravy and cheese is a Kobe beef steak and the only place iget that is ther truck stop on exit 108A on interstate highway 90,94 in wisconsin at the petro station’s Iron skillet resturant its a hamburger steak and its delicious and further more inthe words of the immortal R. Lee Ermey i am a fat body and i enjoy fattening foods like the iron skillets Humburger steak which is coverd in muschrooms peppers cheese and gravy and untill you try it you can not form a crediable and objective opinion of the dish, but on Kobe if i die i want to come back as a Kobe beef cow cuz they have the best life ever they get full body massages daily and eat whole grains and rice wine every day while a short life it would be it would be glorious

  27. comichero

    also no name steaks and ordinary steaks i only seaon in freshly ground pepper and sea salt

  28. dale_mettam

    Seriously? You’re presenting yourself as an authority on steak and to underscore your position you offer a BURGER? SERIOUSLY!?

    You need to get back in your cookie jar and speak no more, sir.

  29. Ouroboros

    I like my steak to bleed a little when I cut it…just a little though. :)

  30. comichero

    no i think i’ll stay out here and make a mockery of your view of steak and enjoy more burger steaks covered in cheese, gravy, mushrooms and peppers and get so big that lyda cant stick me back in my jar, and i dont think i said i was an authority on anything but good eats sure its not truely a steak but that is be side the point it delicious and untill one has sampled a food i dont think they can give a valid opinion on said food its a pet peeve of mine i hate it when my neices do it and dislike seeing other do it its like judging a book by its cover, its never a good idea and i did say true steaks only receive from me is fresh ground pepper and sea salt

  31. LydaLynn

    For the record – the jar is magic – it doesn’t matter what your size – it shrinks you down to fit in it – it’s just the size of a normal mason jar.

    As for steak – a good steak – well cooked – shouldn’t need anything else for ‘flavor’ beyond a little bit of seasoning as you cook it. Does that mean a bad steak doesn’t need greasy fungus covering? No [though I really don’t care for mushrooms myself].

    As for how done a steak should be – when I’m particularly female – I like it less well done – but generally I just like a little pink – when well cooked it’s tender and juicy and tastes amazing. I’ve tried less well done meat – but the texture isn’t the same and I don’t care for it as much.

  32. comichero

    its not that dont like my cookie jar Lyda but at the iron skillet the best part is mushrooms peppers onions and gravy are optional..

    as to steak like i said med-well is the perfect combination of juicy ness and chewiness and yes anything less then medium and the texure of the meat for me tastes funky, but the best meat inthe world and nigh impossable to mess up during cooking is Kobe beef as the suposed authority on steak that Dale says i am i must say that you cant live your lif with out trying Kobe beef the down side of this fantastic product is its quite spendy, but as they say you get what you pay for

  33. LydaLynn

    I actually don’t care for the texture of Kobe beef – it’s too . . . mushy.