12 Daemons of Christmas#7

Yes, there is an Imp of Broken Christmas Lights.  You don’t think a civilization that has put men on the moon couldn’t come up with something better than a string of lights that COMPLETELY fails when ONE of the lights breaks… and there is no easy and obvious way to find out WHICH light is bust?  (Can you tell I had some issues with that this year?)

That is TOTALLY Imp-work.

If you missed it last week, check out the info on the Book Page about what you can expect to find in the new LPI Book… and don’t forget the new Bonus Silliness.

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  1. MagicalMadge

    Where is this Broken Christmas Light demon?! I have a few bones to pick with him…

    Yeah, I realized it was after midnight and decided to see if the Monday comic was posted. This makes me very happy 😀

  2. MagicalMadge

    Oh, and I’m sure someone has asked this before, but what program do you guys use to ink and color?

  3. dale_mettam

    @MM – I think Matt inks with ink then scans and I think Tracy uses Photoshop. I think.

  4. jjmblue7

    Can’t wait to see what mall chaos they’ll create.

  5. Kiriel

    I hope we get to see what the imp of broken christmasd lightsl ooks like? ;3

  6. LydaLynn

    I’m almost afraid to see the imp of broken Christmas lights, personally.

  7. keylaleigh

    He’s a great guy, if I do say so myself.

  8. Ragedoll

    I think the Imp of broken christmas lights will be awesome! haha I have a few versions of him in my head! : D

  9. Darkwasteland

    Christmas colored rope lights don’t break as easy!

  10. Sicarius

    …Broken Christmas Lights…*grins* That one continues to drive my parents up the wall…*grabs bowl of popcorn and cranberries and starts stringing*…that’s why I prefer the old-fashioned route…

  11. Kiriel

    I’ve never had a problem with busted lights.. more like broken ornaments (the round, delicate break at a breath of wind types.. blargh)

  12. DktrAgonizer

    Holiday imps must know how to throw parties.

  13. MagicalMadge

    Wow! Kudos to inking with ink! I am impressed.
    Thanks for answering my question :)

  14. Mooharpist

    Been lurking for a couple of months. (will have to find a cleaver avatar) Loved the bonus comic. Heading up to Minnesota for surgery. Just keep the Imps from Mayo, ok? 😛 Keep up the funnnies. :)

  15. dale_mettam

    Welcome Mooharpist. Good luck in the frozen north! We’ll do our best to keep you stocked up on the funnies. 😀

  16. Ouroboros

    hahaha, love the bonus comic…

    I mean really, in a state that gets so much snow, you’d think they would’ve planned the roofing better…

    Not looking good for my poor ol’ home state. 😛

  17. comichero

    Ha the vikings things is funny as i hail from the land of ice and snow and 10,000 lakes actual minnesota has 11,892 lakes cuz the DNr defines a lake by surface area not depth so you could have an 40 feet deep pond and and lake that only comes up to your knees for the majority of the lake.

    On another note i worked intandum with the BCLi (broken christmas light imp), greed and misfortune when developing the rope lights we desinged them to be year round low power draw but built them with a fatal flaw they burn out quite easily each rope has a break point some where in the rope and when it breaks it kills half of the rop e or a portion of the rope thus making you need to replace it and get upset that youhave to restring the tree or put them back up, that when you fail to realize that the ladder is on a patch of ice or didnt notice that you tree stand is leaking and on of your cords has a tear in it and are about to elctrocute your self once you plug them in

  18. comichero

    oh forgot to say that it looks like luci’s dad has been working out he looks abit buff

  19. Courtney

    @Mooharpist: Hello and welcome.

  20. comichero

    i have just played one of the most epic games ever if you are able to and have an iphone play robot unicorn attack the christmas editon quite possably one of the greatest rock christmas songs ive heard out side a twisted christmas by twisted sister

  21. LydaLynn

    I think I’m gonna stick with the classic robot unicorn attack – though the heavy metal one is cool – there’s just no way it’s gonna get stuck in my head like the old music always does.

  22. comichero

    lol iwas playing the origanl today too its just good old fashion fun

  23. jjmblue7

    Oh! And I’m not a sports fan, so if someone could explain how Sal inflicted pain, that would be great! ^.^

  24. dale_mettam

    @JJB7 – here.

  25. jjmblue7

    Thanks, Dale!