12 Daemons of Christmas#8

It looks like Jonesy gave Lou an added sprinkle.

I have no idea what kinda electric bill is gonna be coming along in January, but you gotta assume the power companies are loving this time of year… probably even subsidizing the cost of Christmas lights.

Also, make sure you check out the IMPosters page.  We’ve added a Fancy-Schmancy link to the awesome song Keylaleigh did for us under her IMPoster.

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  1. Dangerdoll

    lol! You guys had a bright idea with this one! :p

  2. Ragedoll

    lolz @ Dangerdoll! love it!

    I also love houses like that! There is one near where I live I’ll get a picture and share it! 😀

  3. Dan Genesis

    That is an awesome house. Now all he needs to do is rig it to the sound system.

  4. MagicalMadge

    Classic. You can’t do a holiday special without one reference to Christmas Vacation.

    The neighbors must hate them.

  5. LydaLynn

    It’s like an ezbake oven – only on the outside of the house.

  6. Mooharpist

    OMG! It’s our house. Every year it is our goal to be seen from space. (complete with airport style runway landing lights on the roof- one of these days we’re gonna get a 737 in the atic). We use LED lights, 20% of the cost of traditional lights. Just call me Jones. :p

    Off to get 30% of my hand replaced with plastic. Surgery in 1 hour-ish. Later all.
    (still working on the avatar thingy)

  7. LydaLynn

    Good luck with the operation Moo.

  8. Dangerdoll

    @Rage please do get a pic!
    @Moo Be well- love and light to you :)
    @Lyda ROFL at EZ bake oven comment :p

  9. keylaleigh

    Can I bring my macaroni and cheese to over there to cook on christmas eve? It’ll take about an hour in the oven, and I would love to shorten the time.

  10. DktrAgonizer

    In the middle panel, I can just see them pulling some sort of CSI Miami one liner…
    I wonder what the neighbors will think!

  11. daymon34

    Classy, and now that everyone is blind it will not matter if the lights go out.

  12. comichero

    Yes that is how i would do my house every yearbut as perviously stated my chirstmas spiirt has be quashed by what i like to affactionatly callthe burrmuda triangle of chirstmas spirt my father my brother and my 3rd sister bunch of scrooges my other two sisters arent much better and my mom well shes givin up on trying to enjoy any thing any more, any ways wee need some marsh mellows and choclate barsand some gramham crackers…

    @Moo Um Moo why are you getting your hand replaced with 30% plastic and why not get soemthings a bit more stylish like pollished alluminum or have an indesturable hand of titainum sure might be spend onthe last one but money well spent for an indestructable hand or you could get silly and have LED lights but in in and depending on the time of you you can progam in special holdiay pitcures or have it play music and make the lights dance to the music so you would be a mobile holiday display

  13. jjmblue7

    @comichero: I have a titanium tooth, if that counts for anything. Eventually lost a tooth due to an accident during opening night of a musical in high school, of all things, lol.

    I was so happy last year when the electricity bill for the neighbors on the next street over, and they couldn’t do the lights anymore. We’re a goo football field distance away, and it was still bright enough to shine right in the corner of my eye when I’m using the computer. If it weren’t for that and the epically loud music they’d play until like 9pm, I wouldn’t have minded.

  14. comichero

    @jjmblue7 oh neat well 31 one more and you should be able to bite through steel cables like jaws in james bond i think it was die another day or at ther very least use your new indestructable teeth as bullet delfeting devices in your bid to become a super hero

  15. comichero

    im suddenly remined by tears comment of a song by billy joel “we didnt start the fire” not the entire song tho im such it imply to aour 3 intrepid anti-hero’s quite well im reminded of ther refrain the most and for of you youngsters out ther who dont know the song listen to it great song but in short the refrain goes some ” we didnt start the fire , its was always burning since the worlds been turning, we didnt start the fire. No we didnt light it we tried to fight it.” tho im sure our boys have no intetions of fighting any fire created through this awesome display of christmas cheer, and how much you wann bet that after lou’s mini battle with hell over the phone im sure he wouldnt have any issues arguing down the charges of his power bill come january

  16. comichero

    On that note i think Keyla should do a christmas with the imps album

  17. jjmblue7

    @comichero: I’ll get right on that. I hope my brother won’t mind elbowing me in the teeth 31 times. What am I saying, of course he wouldn’t. But what should my superhero name be? Decisions, decisions…

  18. comichero

    a suitable name based off your jaw based super powers would be the Molarr or Molercules

  19. The third child

    Christmas lights are only awesome if they outshine the sun, though I think he loses points for not having any colour 😀

  20. webchecker

    I bet it is an oven inside there!!!