12 Daemons of Christmas#10

Alisdair has the Christmas Spirit BAD!

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  1. MagicalMadge

    That wait sign reminds me of the ones in Disney World. But I would never wait in a two day line ever…

    Oh, Alisdair, don’t worry! I get that excited when I see Santa too! :)

  2. Kiriel

    Even to see thge REAL santa? who can give you that evil mutant cereberus puppy you always wanted..? 3:

  3. Chameon

    Wha? There’re people who -don’t- believe in santa, even with all the evidence out there, down to the fact that people will, year after year, celebrate the WINTER coming, which is well known for being cold and barren in a good portion of the world, just because some guy, or some religious figure, or some religious ideal, is there? And do so by letting everyone nearby indulge their sins a little without (normally) indulging their own?

  4. comichero

    i like luci’s coat very cute makes me kinda curious tho does Courtney have any real life analogs in which to derive his clothing and appearl or does it just happen that he has a fashinsta’s eye and knows what would look good

  5. comichero

    well it occured to me this is the week of Chirstmas, chaunka end last week and new years is around the corner id like to extend my well wishes to cast, crewand creators of LPI without your enlightened vision we woudlnt have the funny in our lives nor would we get to meet so many other people and be our goofy selves on a regular basis so thank you for that i hope that were ever you all are heading for these holidays you get there and back safely as it would be a darker and a lot less cheerful place with out you guys in it so merry christmas to all and to all a good night my your new year be blessed

  6. dale_mettam

    Hey guys. New Bonus is up. Late… but up. Sorry for the delay.

  7. daymon34

    That is one long line, and he really looks happy. Maybe looking forward to all the heart break for not getting what is asked maybe.

  8. Kiriel

    The one kid behind the Imps.. his hat reminds me of a certain South Park character’s hat.. o3o;

  9. jjmblue7

    @daymon34: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” He is Misfortune, after all!

    I could wait. I can stand for hours on end with minimal discomfort. i’d just have to order delivery is all.

  10. DktrAgonizer

    Alisdair is… surprisingly cute when he grins like that. I just want to hug him. c:

  11. Minax2802


    2 days =

    172,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 alto-seconds
    172,800,000,000,000,000,000 femto-seconds
    172,800,000,000,000,000 pico-seconds
    172,800,000,000,000 nano-seconds
    172,800,000,000 micro-seconds
    172,800,000 milli-seconds
    172,800 seconds
    2,880 minutes
    48 hours
    0.2857142857142857142857142858 weeks
    7143789526689771076578.350408 atomic units of time
    0.00007204870492452898159155589178 callippic cycles
    0.00005475814013977015270676331478 centuries
    2.005475598306023042079009704 sidereal days
    0.0005475814013977015270676331478 decades
    0.1428571428571428571428571429 fortnights
    18012.33845183951006439410997 hipparchic cycles
    57600 heleks
    28800 jiffy time units
    17,280,000 jiffy alternate time units
    192 quarter of an hour Ke units
    200 traditional Ke units
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    28,818.4438040345821325648415 metonic cycles
    0.000005475814013977015270676331478 millenniums
    2,000 millidays
    1,920 moments
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    0.06571091759516294634368939422 gregorian months
    0.0689655172413793103448275862 hollow months
    0.06773814190513524108192865542 synodic months
    0.000684462696783025325119780972 octaeterides
    1,278,852,000,136,517,474,643,299,920,268,976,536,622,819,442,688 in planck time
    17,280,000,000,000 in shake time
    172,800,000,000 sigmas
    0.000003750480530317946986957703956 sothic cycles
    1,728,000,000,000,000,000 svedbergs
    0.005475814013977015270676331478 gregorian years
    0.005475701574264202600958247776 julian years
    0.0054756061840324462739065274 sidereal years
    0.00547581869906526063613612543 tropical years


  12. Ouroboros

    So many numbers…so…so many numbers!!!


  13. Darkwasteland

    Ok last we knew Pain knew about a couple of angels, Is he going to put one on top of their tree?

  14. dale_mettam

    @Darkwasteland – The Angels return Jan 3rd… and you see EXACTLY what our boys do with them. BWAH HA HA HA HA HAR!

  15. Byakugan01

    I foresee much Misfortune, Misery, Pain and Tears in the angels’ future…

  16. Ragedoll

    awe! I want my own alisdair! 😀 he’s adorable right now! haha
    And that kids toque is amazing!

  17. Ragedoll

    ps… I loveeeee the bonus comic, it brought a tear to my eye!

  18. LydaLynn

    *haz returned* Spent the weekend with my Mom [and gradually more and more of my family as time passed] But it’s good to see everyone here again. I hope you’re all having a great holiday season!

  19. comichero

    firstly Weclome back Lyda ive had a disturbing lack of cookies in my jar but more importantly im glad your home, secondly awesome bonus i love the phrase cheese it! they are also a very tasty snack i like the white cheddar ones, thirdly who in there right mind mesures time in alto seconds, also on the pointMinasx buddy what inthe world is sidereal time sound like somthing you would hear about in a movie theater “hey read the sidereal time and setup the second projector” and how lonf is a tropical year is it long then the traditional year? but that is alot of diffrent measure ments of time seems silly to have so many

  20. D.Durand

    Beware, you begin to use too much copy-paste between panels.

  21. Moth

    x3 THIS. This is why Alisdair is my favorite. Imps should not be this adorable, and yet…