Angels Will Fall #01

And so we start with the first strip of 2011.

New readers might want to start at the beginning… but you can start here if you want… we don’t care… we’re all about the chaos!

Check out our new feature for Mondays by clicking the big cat-themed button below.

Now strap yourself in, ‘cos things are gonna get bumpy.

And finally, check out the new web comic from LPI writer, Dale.  You can click here.

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  1. Ragedoll

    lol.. and it begins! I can’t wait : D five days a weeeeeek! wahooo go guys gooooo!!!

  2. Ouroboros

    Team D seems to have Team G all figured out. Will Team G manage to recover from this tactical disadvantage!?

    Let’s hope they build more pylons.

  3. jjmblue7

    Methinks Pain’s real reason for not waving is to maintain his cover of being oblivious to their angel-ness and getting some more free drinks from Conrad.

    Also, *Daily Update Dance!*

  4. LydaLynn

    I’m luvin me some Butterpaws – and the angels are totally losing those clunkers soon.

  5. Ragedoll

    the bonus comic is hilarious even his toots are cute!

  6. keylaleigh


    In other news, I love those angels.

  7. comichero

    i like Firefly as well but if you will recall it was a mini series caped by the release of the motion picture into theaters and for those you have not seen it i wont spoil it its a good movie , but im liking the remodel of the page fellas im stilltenitive about the 5 day work week but thats mostly cuz i enjpoy the extra day of insanity in which to comment and enjoy and general bask in the greatness that is LPI

  8. dale_mettam

    @comichero – Firefly was never a miniseries, it was a series that got canceled (as a result of the poot…? Maybe.)

    As for the five days concerns… don’t look at the new strips on a Tuesday and Thursday and it’ll be just like it was last year… except it’ll make a little less sense… if that’s possible.

  9. LydaLynn

    *is with dale on this* Firefly was a totally awesome show – that wasn’t a miniseries – and that only had a movie because tons of fans protested for YEARS that it had been canceled. *iz such the browncoat*

    And while I luvs me some Butterpaws – if he’s responsible for the cancellation of Firefly – that’s gonna have to be one dead demonic kitty – I’ll bring in the Winchester boys and have it done right so he doesn’t come back. No body messes with my Firefly! *might be just a bit insane when it comes to this topic*

  10. DktrAgonizer

    @Dale: Maybe checking the comic out that way will suit the same people who so oddly wanted the “random comic” button. 😛

  11. dale_mettam

    Excellent idea, DktrAgonizer! Now everyone’s a winner!

  12. Darkwasteland

    Mal. Cat killed me, Mal. He killed me with a poot. How weird is that?

  13. Visagor

    Hi! I’m back. my computer crashed……… took me forever to find this again!

  14. dale_mettam

    No worries, Visagor, we were just killing time until you got back. 😀

  15. jjmblue7

    @ bonus: Mr. BUtterpaws Pussford best stay away from Chuck. Stalking Adam Baldwin’s shows is not nice, and will require a neutercism!