Angels Will Fall #02

If something is blue-y white, doesn’t that make it not white anymore?

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  1. Kiriel

    Nah it’s a whiteblue, it’s still white, sadly..
    I wonder if we get any jedi glowy powers but like.. of flames >3>

  2. Ouroboros

    Black and red seem to be the standard Team D colors. I’m sure auras of that nature could be arranged. After all, Mr. D’s team should have plenty of experience with the light shows after all those rock bands they made.

  3. jjmblue7

    Well, that’s what you get after Mr. G’s “Carebears” phase. The angels liked it enough that it stuck. Personally, I could go for a bluey white, or a whitey blue. Or a bluey black, blacky blue, or just plain blue even!

  4. Darkwasteland

    I vote for purply blue-black!

  5. comichero

    No way if we get to vote on kickass glowiness i wawnt to glow a brillant viridian ( its a silvery green) that or electric blue

    as to our Firefly series mini series debate fox decided to screw the order in which the creators wanted to air them series and billed the series as an action comdey but that aside gradless of it only had 14 episodes made plus the major motion picture which automaticly conferes upon the awesomeness that is and was firefly a sucsessful mini series instead of a failed or cancled series, also on a side note of that 2weeks proir to the movie coming out was when i first heard of firefly i saw it on the Syfy chanel and it is they whom billed it as a miniseries leading up to the movie so i saw good bit of marketing on syfy channel there and truely id rather view firefly as a sucessful mini series then a failed or cancelled series

  6. dale_mettam

    @ comichero… so that was a lot of words to say, “Yeah, I was wrong, guys,” right? 😀

  7. MagicalMadge

    LOL! Ah…I don’t think those angels awesome enough to be Jedi. And obviously the angels just like to be special, that or its a mating thing.

  8. LydaLynn

    Jedi angels would be awesome – but since those corporeal bodies don’t come with lightsabers – I’m gonna guess that wasn’t really Mr. G’s thought behind the glow. Though Carebear angels does sound incredibly cute – which would annoy the hay out of at least one angel we know.

    As for Firefly – however you want to see it doesn’t change the fact that is was messed up royally when it was aired [being a Joss Whedon fan, we watched it as it aired from day one – and had we not been such fans, that first aired episode would have lost us completely given that it didn’t make sense as a series opener] – but it was still awesome. I’m sorry you missed the awesome of Firefly when it started or the groundswell of support that had people wearing Jane hats and brown coats and singing songs both from the show and filk made to support the show – I’m sorry you missed the outrage and the pain that came from the show being canceled. That you failed to see all the awesome potential for at least two more season in the foundation that was laid. The movie was a band-aid that said ‘here, we’ll give you this much’ – but no matter how amazing it was – there wasn’t time in the movie to answer all the questions we had. Not to mention that there was obviously things happening between the show and the movie and I have no Idea why Book didn’t think of himself as part of the crew – it’s like they did a total ret-con there. But regardless, it was a series. A series Joss really wanted to make and was derailed by Fox. . .

    Okay – someone hit my ramble button – sorry about that.

  9. dale_mettam

    My personal take on Book was more that because of what he had done/been in his past, he needed to atone personally. He was just a lone traveler making his peace with the universe. Going where he felt he could do something, then moving on.

  10. Rampage Starfire

    I wonder what would happen if Pain ATE one of the angels, would he get a glowy aura too?

    And yes I can see him doing it, I mean everything else is on the table for him why not angels?

    and Augh! another Firefly Debate, these things are like a “G-Dang New York Cockroach!” every time you think you’ve seen the last of em another one pops up.

    Maybe it’s because I never got around to finishing the series (still taking up space though) but I just didn’t quite get it myself, yes it had excellent writing and Actors, but still doesn’t strike me as awesome as all the smoke from the ongoing debates would seem to indicate, unlike another cancelled show: Farscape, but then that’s my opinion.

  11. DktrAgonizer

    And in a while, they’ll be glowing rainbow, right? =D

  12. dale_mettam

    @Rampage Starfire – WELCOME! Actually, I think this is the first time the comments have really drifted to anything other than the nonsense in the strips. Frascape… NOW you’re talking. Great arcs and character evolutions.

  13. comichero

    but i wasnt wrong my dear dale from my point of view and when i had watched firefly it was billedas a mini series to the realease of the movie so in one of those rare cosmic goofs we are all right fire fly was an unjustly cancelled seriess and at the same time mini series on the syfy channel yay every one wons but you know what a good show sparticus

  14. Ragedoll

    I would glow multicolours… just saying : )

  15. dale_mettam

    @Ragedoll – That’s probably something to do with the Northern Lights.

  16. LydaLynn

    As long as none of us are ‘Sparkling’ I think we’ll be fine.

  17. Ouroboros

    Yes…I am morally opposed to “sparkling.”

  18. Rampage Starfire

    Sparkling = WRONG!!!!