Angels Will Fall #03

Once again we have the hand of Steve Jobs creeping into the metaphysical battle between good and evil.

To quote Tears… coincidence?

And remember, we’re…

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  1. Kiriel

    But.. Macs are evil (well they’ve always seemed inherently evil and something I’d want far away from me.. wait.. xD)

  2. jjmblue7

    Looks like Mr. Jobs has his hands in *both* cookie jars.

  3. Darkwasteland

    Well that may explain the clunker bodies Mr. G’s team is probably still using 1st gen I phone 4’s.
    Maybe they can borrow Alisdair’s bandage to fix the problem.

  4. Ragedoll

    so much hate for macs…lol. : )

  5. LydaLynn

    Whatever . . . let’s go mess with ’em.

  6. comichero

    what are yoru feelings on shimmering Lyda cuz i feel is i were a brillant viridian i could shimmer like crazy also Dale does it means since i con struct my own pc and love windows OS’s that that i am tech suport for team D but i got my start on the atari 800 mom and dad even made us learning games to help us learn our abc’s and spell and mathmatics whats does that mean does that mean im and ancient evil? or just really forunate to never have to taste the foulness of mac but that not tre my school had nothing but apple computers from the apple II’s when i was in elementary to those hidious G3’s in highschool on a side not i do miss the days of those big hard disks that were accualy quite floppy and the small floppy disks which were actualy quite hard

  7. dale_mettam

    @comichero – no… I think that just means you’re a nerd.

  8. DktrAgonizer

    Man, I want foliage with glowing outlines at my house… :<

  9. MagicalMadge

    I’m guessing you guys are PC people.

    Multi colored glowing shrubs! Gives it that fiber optic glowing effect :)

  10. dale_mettam

    Yeah, we have a lot of PC snobs on here. Frightened by the superior product.


  11. Courtney

    @ Dale: First it was “Firefly” and now “PC/Mac”. Who fed you after midnight? 😀

  12. LydaLynn

    *shifty eyes* >.> <..> *hides the cookies*

  13. LydaLynn

    And comichero – shimmering is rather akin to sparkling and most defiantly a suspect activity.

    [[would someone explain to me why my shifty eyes never quite work here]]

  14. dale_mettam

    @LydaLynn – Anything that doesn’t work here is because Courtney broke it. He’s why we can’t have anything nice here.

  15. Sicarius

    …Huh…I wondered why Mom told me never to feed my brother after midnight….made more sense after the neighbors house was set on fire and their dogs went missing…

    @LydaLynn: I always find shifty eyes work better like this:


  16. Sicarius

    @LydaLynn: Nevermind…

    @Dale: …so…since Courtney broke it, does that mean I can chase him around with a flaming torch and a pitchfork?

  17. dale_mettam

    @Sicarius – Not only CAN you, I strongly encourage it.

  18. Sicarius

    *grins* Oh really? Well, does that extend to daggers, maces, and dessicated rat flails as well?

  19. dale_mettam

    As long as he’s functional for drawing afterwards… bruises and minor cuts heal.

  20. comichero

    lol oh man Dale its like soe one pumped you full of comedic greatness this morng must have been somthing special in Lyda’s cookies but yes that does make me a nerd and im damn proud of it im also a dork and a goober and allaround goof ball but yougave me a good laugh today well don sir well done, but i find it suspect that once dale flings out the courtney broke it card courtney goes into seclusion to hide from irrate villiages with pitchforks and torches and we dont see him for a while

  21. comichero

    but more impartantly we all can agree PC’s are better by tyhe sheer fact that you dont need a degree in computer scinence to operate them

  22. dale_mettam

    On what planet?

  23. Ouroboros

    Macs are great if you’re an artist….but for gaming, the PC is king.

  24. comichero

    well true enough windows7 has made the windos expriance slightlymore difficult speciay so if your used to older OS’s but it has ben in my experiance with a PC i can work out the problem myself cuz in Highschool with the G3 macs we had if somthign went wrong with them we had to call the compter guy the school employed to maintian the computers so you tell me which one is easyer to use the one youcan fix your self or have to have a special guy employed to fix the problem for you and 9 times out of 10 its a simple fix but you can do it your self cuz macs are Delicate paper weights that brake down with the slightest missed placed key stroke

  25. Lisa

    This first computer I owned was a Mac Plus and I’ve owned a Mac of one sort or another ever since (not telling you how many years that is, you can work it out yourself if you really need to know). At work, while I sometimes get a Mac to work on, more often than not it’s a PC running Windows. With all the years of experience on various systems (I’ve even worked on some UNIX and LiNux)…. if something goes wrong with a Mac system, I can fix it myself 99% of the time. If something goes wrong with a Windows system, I don’t even bother trying, I go straight to my nearest Windows system expert.

    @comichero: So bottom line… I don’t know what you’ve been smoking , but in this universe the Mac OS is way more user-friendly than Windows OS. The only reason anyone thinks otherwise is because they’ve spent so much time trying to understand how MS engineers think that their brains have become warped.

  26. jjmblue7

    @ Courtney: I could use a glass of water. 😉

  27. Rampage Starfire

    Pheh, I’ll admit that Mac’s are often technically superior, but that is because they have to be.

    I mean, if you are marketing your product to morons, it has to be idiot-proof :p

    Personally I like playing mix and match with my computer parts, which is difficult with a Mac.