Angels Will Fall #05

What will happen to THE PLAY BOOK OF EVIL?

What will Kevin and Conrad do with this new information?

Is that Mint-Choc-Chip or Pistachio Tears has on his cone?

Could the Imps have worse acting skills?

Tune in next week for more Luci Phurr’s Imps.  And make sure you didn’t miss anything this week ‘cos we’re… you guessed it….

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  1. Ouroboros

    The poor angels…those junker bodies must be interfering with their BS-o-meters.

  2. Kiriel

    Nah angels aren’t made to lie, really, sooo yeah (well overall not made to lie, they can in emergencies) so it’s harder for them to tell when someone else lies, too 😀

  3. LydaLynn

    I really want ice cream now. . .

  4. Bismarck

    YES!!!!! This is going to be good!!!!

    @ LydaLynn…I have ice cream, Fresh from the factory. You can be envious now :p

  5. Courtney

    @Bismarck: Mmmmmmm fresh factory made ice cream. *tries to shake off the envy…but can’t*

  6. keylaleigh

    Mind chocolate chip. Definately.

    And forget the ice cream. I’m gonna look up how to make ambrosia salad! I haven’t had that stuff in YEARS!

  7. Ragedoll

    my breakfast all of sudden looks a lot less appetizing than ice cream…

  8. comichero

    did you know the taste tester for Ben and jerry’s ice cream has his tongue insured for 1 million dollars? also i dont every reacall ther being yellow ice cream and basken robins or in any ben and jerry’s tub so what flavor is that int he middle of pain’s stack, but i used to make my own once you have fresh everything made the factories tastes likemetal and grease not bad flaor but not my personal favorite

  9. Rampage Starfire

    Is Pain on a Diet? I mean, he only has 5 scoops on his cone.

  10. Rampage Starfire

    Oh right, that is probably Mango/Peach sorbet in the Middle of Pain’s cone.

  11. dale_mettam

    @RS – I think it’s likely either a structural thing (six or more will topple)… or he just already ate the other 15 scoops.

  12. LydaLynn

    *also has ice cream – though not fresh – just wasn’t gonna eat it for breakfast – despite the desire*

  13. DktrAgonizer

    I think Tears is planning to swipe one of Pain’s scoops. 😛

    Can’t wait to see what comes of the angels taking that book, nyahaha.

  14. MagicalMadge

    If Tears has mint choc o chip he’s got my favorite! 😀 (Of course he is my favorite imp, so that would just be awesome).

    Makes me want to use my new ice cream maker,,,

  15. Sicarius

    …you know what would be awesome? Pistacio almond ice cream…with chocolate chunks ^^

  16. Kiriel

    ..Now I wanna eat the pistachio icecream I just bought.. ;3;

  17. LydaLynn

    I don’t know how to get to Weekenders or Behind the Imps anymore [if it’s still updating].

  18. comichero

    how exciteing the first week of five a weeks is drawing to a close and what more we get more comdey gold with the weekenders and behind the imps oh glorious day 7 days aweeks with my much better much funnier extened family i love you guys im so happy i could dip my self im milk chocolate

  19. Courtney

    @LydaLynn: Weekenders and Behind the Imps were something Dale and I did for the 2010 year. For 2011, we have some other goodies we’ll be toying with.

  20. LydaLynn

    Thanks Courtney – that’s good to know.

  21. Sicarius

    …Other goodies? *eye twitch* …Well, guess I’d better start preparing…*heads down to secret bunker and waits*

  22. Courtney

    @Sicarius: Um…so are you taking that Pistacio Almond ice cream with you down into that bunker? I’d gladly keep an eye on it for ya, if ya need. Ahem. 😉

  23. Mooharpist

    (Evil chuckle) This reminds me of something I read in “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” Biff calls angels “pretty insects” and a “a fabulously feebleminded bundle of feathers”. Although with these two dim bulbs we’ll have to eliminate the feathers part. I am amused at the image of a little dude and a little old lady behind some bushes in a park. (Evil Grin)

    Oh, BTW, ambrosia is a liquid, so it makes a better soup then salad. :) :)

  24. dale_mettam

    The Ambrosia Salad thing confused me too. So I went looking.

    Ambrosia Salad is…

    Now I know, I wish I’d stayed confused.

  25. Mooharpist

    I was remembering the poems by Homer I had to plow through in my classical studies classes in college. I didn’t know the name of that salad. Interesting, although not something I would want to eat.

    It does look like something that Pain would throw together.

  26. webchecker

    I just read the comic strip . So hilarious !!! I love it! though I wounder what it said in the book of the secrets.

  27. Greywolf

    That’s mint chocolate chip. The flecks are too dark for pistachio.