Angels Will Fall #09

What indeed….?

Well, you can find out quicker since we’re…

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  1. Sicarius

    …ah, naivety…I wonder, is there an imp for that, or is that just par for the course with these guys? *ponders*

  2. LydaLynn

    There is an Imp for that – but they don’t need her to suffer from the syndrome.

  3. jjmblue7

    Oh, silly angels, at least observe the imps and test the plans a couple of times to confirm that’s what the imps will do. Even if they’re not lying, they may change the overall plan, leaving more than a few of the littler plans within to change. Wait, why am Ihelping them? Go Team D!

  4. comichero

    its seems to me Dale and Courtney need to make a comprehencive list of whos who and on what side of the moral spectrumt hey fallthat or its a fan job to do

  5. Dan Genesis

    Is it just me, or does asking “What could go wrong?” trigger the occurence of Murphy’s Law?

    Well, time to get to work completely disorganizing things!

  6. Minax2802
  7. Bismarck

    @ Dan G. That is why I keep “Justin Case” on speed-dial!

  8. Ragedoll

    lol what couldn’t go wrong? I think is a more appropriate question!!

    I just keep wanting to hit the next button! 😀

  9. Kiriel

    xD Poor, dumb unsuspecting angels.. they don’t know what they got themselves into.. xD
    I swear, saying what could go wrong is ALMOST as bad as ‘well, at least ti can’t get any worse.” oy Dx

  10. dale_mettam

    @Ragedoll – We have some awesome comments on here from day-to-day, but the “next button” one is just fantastic. That is what we’re aiming for.

  11. MagicalMadge

    Cue shift scene to these angels screwing up big time.

  12. DktrAgonizer

    I wonder if this will lead to Kevin once more getting his body killed off in some unusual way? But then again, what waits for him after his current junker body? Hrm.

  13. comichero

    MM we cant shift just like that we have to have a biuld up and then see them fail time and time again in comedic glory

  14. Sicarius

    @comichero: I concur…so long as it doesn’t drag on…’cause that would be *ponders* really, really sad…

  15. keylaleigh

    I don’t see what you guys are so worried about.
    They seem to have everything under control.
    NOTHING could EVER go wrong!

  16. Wizard

    Famous last words if I ever heard ’em.

  17. kstormgemini

    @LydaLynn I know it’s a bit over a year late but just read this one and your comment made me think of the new ads for iPhones or whatever they’re called…
    “There’s an app for that.”
    Sorry it was too hard to pass up, even delayed. ^^;;