Angels Will Fall #12

Evil is all around us.  Beware the painted smile bearing coffee in china cups.

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  1. Sicarius

    …beware indeed…

  2. jjmblue7

    Cat gossip on the other hand, is A-okay. My kitty is sleeping on my bed so cute and peaceful!

  3. Adeptis

    The devil steers well clear of those woman.

  4. keylaleigh

    If they didn’t like housewife gossip, then they should steer clear of theatres as well.

  5. LydaLynn

    . . .

  6. Ragedoll

    I would say skanky university girl gossip is just as bad…

  7. DktrAgonizer

    At least they’ve, um, got the dirt on the neighbors now? XD

  8. dale_mettam

    Which is better than getting the Cherry Stones of the neighborhood.

  9. Rampage Starfire

    hehe, the devil in most popular religions is a guy, and as a guy he knows better then to touch that with a ten foot pole.

  10. MagicalMadge

    What do you expect? Did you see that van?! Obviously there are soccer moms involved! And they are some scary women…

  11. comichero

    wspecialy when their children are involved have you seen some of those moms at games they go nuts beating the crap out of each other

    @rampage starfire you know that is why he has underlings so he does have to sully his delicate hands with menial labour like suburban house wives unless hes jack nickleson then i gets really handsie

    @ragedoll is this skanky college girl gossip worse and by what magintude is it worse i think for this you should use the Mr Butterpaws Pussford scale of Evil, Chaos and Mayhem or the MBP-SECM it works much like the richter scale the closer you get to ten the closer we all are to complete annihaltion from mind numbing horror

  12. Rampage Starfire

    @Comichero: my rebuttal requires me to wax philosophic for a moment. If Mr G created the universe, and Mr D thinks he can do better, which is why he had that little revolt you know, then Mr D will only mess with things he can improve upon, or that will mess with Mr G’s Plans. As the phenomenon known as Girl Gossip only serves to promote Mr D’s own agenda, and since even he cannot improve upon it other then to accelerate it to it’s natural conclusion, he won’t bother to involve himself or his minions unless one of his imps is serving out punishment.

  13. Sicarius

    @ MagicalMadge: Eh, they’re only really scary until around 3…then they have pick up their kids, so the level of scariness drops exponentially…

  14. dale_mettam

    @Rampage Starfire – we might have a meeting of the Initials at some point down the road and could well find out exactly what broke up the old team.

  15. MagicalMadge


    Ture, very true. Only when they get together to discuss how great their kid is is when the true horror is unleashed. But, I am the forgotten daughter of a stage mom, so there is worse evil in the universe.

  16. Sicarius

    @ MagicalMadge…Ah, yes…forgot about the get-togethers…*shudders*