Angels Will Fall #14

Interdimensional transcorporeal Incidents are the worst!

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  1. dale_mettam

    This is actually one of my faves from this story arc.

  2. Ouroboros

    I wonder just how much trouble these two are going to get into with Team G.

  3. Sicarius

    *rubs hands in glee* Mwuhahaha!!

  4. comichero

    @Rampage starfire I have to agrue your take on the war between Mr D and Mr G the didnt wage war cuz he thought he could do it better he hated that Mr G love humans more then his first creatations the angels adn he hated it even more that the angel had to bow and serve man Mr D whom at the time was named Lucifer felt that the angels were superior by design because they were the first born and were suprior to man in every way they should be his choosen and not the frail and weak things that humans so your arguement holds no water sir and have you ever considered the unnatural speed in which girl gossip travels and how often it is mistaken for truth if spreading lies and mistrust is not the hall mark of Mr D then i dont know what is.

    @Ouroboros team G has an entire department devoted to damage control and financial tallying for conrad and kevin they have to keep tabs statements and records in triplicate in order to determine how long they are to stay inthe clunker bodies and as i understand it The hole as the other deparments in heaven like to call it has lost three angels due to exhuastion and paper avalanches just on the the incident with the woodhouse’s alone so yeah it safe to say that Conrad and Kevin are ridng the wheel of karmic doom till it breaks

  5. Mike

    Why is there a US flag flying over the Court of St. James in London?

  6. Mooharpist

    But I thought the US Embassy in London was on Grosvener Square? I’ll go take some more oxycodone now………

  7. dale_mettam

    To clarify, I was trying to NOT make it staggeringly obvious what this strip was about. So shortened things… The full fancy name of the top fella there is the US Ambassador to the Court of St James. So I was trying to be a little vague. The artwork is there to underscore where it ACTUALLY was… and by default, what it was actually referencing.

  8. Ragedoll

    haha, I wonder why they haven’t figured out that it was all a ruse?

  9. LydaLynn

    @comichero – I disagree – but I’m not getting into a religious debate here – so if you want to keep enjoying your cookies – maybe you should think about how quickly arguments of that nature can get out of hand and refrain from trying to start them.

    @dale – it’s probably a good thing the whole ’embassy’ thing was clarified – I would have been lost as well – not having ever had cause to know that there was a US embassy there.

  10. comichero

    WEll there are two possable views you could have assume with out Dale’s clarifiying 1st) the US has started world war three is about to by assuming contol of its partner nations in nato starting with england or
    2nd) we could extrapulat from the darwings and the dialog like i had is that kevin and conrad visited the US embassy in london and almost inadverdantly causing a internatiional insident or as kevin was so kindas to inform us an interdimensional transcorporeal incident with the information provided by dale and courtney it wasnt hard to figure out where they were.

    also if you watch alot of movie and i do you would know that dale and courtney have been following somepretty memroable movies here we had inorder rosemary’s baby, witches of eastwick which took place in rhode island and i thought i gave that one away with my jack nickleson comment that day, then we had devils advicate with Al pacino, charlize theron, and keanu reeves, and lastly we had the remake of a classsic with the Omen with Liev Schreiber, and Julia Stiles i liked the one with gergory peck more

    @Lyda while my intention is not to start a religious war by any means id like to remind you it was rampage starfire that was waxing philosophical and opened the door to the debate i was just merely correcting him on his assumptions of why Mr D split with Mr G and further more i think you pulling the cookie card is like the US saying “hey we got 9,600 nukes ready to go over here test your luck and see what happens” quite uncalled for if you ask me especialy since your targeting those puppies at me whom mind you ended the argument by correcting him and ending it at the same time so while i do not agree with your methods at the present moment id like it very much if you trained those guns on some one else my i recommend Iceland just because they lie about the status of their land it isnt icy at all its quite green and temprate

  11. LydaLynn

    @comichero – you said you had to argue – thus the cookie nuke – and your correction may not be correct [and isn’t in my mind] – but this is the debate I want to avoid – so I’m not saying more – other than to note that Iceland had a great deal of protection early in the history of people sailing the oceans because of it’s name – everyone went to the icy Greenland and stayed away from the green Iceland when raiding because of the misleading names – seems like sound strategy to me.

  12. dale_mettam

    Before feathers are further ruffled, I would request that you hang fire on any further debate as to who is and who isn’t correct until tomorrow’s strip where there will be a snippet of information about the “break-up” that one could argue started this whole thing.

    Until then, neutral corners if you please.

  13. jjmblue7

    I like turtles!

    So…how ’bout that convenient change of subject, eh? Eh?

  14. dale_mettam

    @jjmblue7 – WOW! Are you like some ninja diplomat or something?

  15. Courtney

    @Dale: Not a “ninja diplomat”…a “ninja turtle”


  16. dale_mettam

    @Courtney – Would candy ninja turtles bring silent death by chocolate?

  17. comichero

    @Lyda yes that is a sound strategy but would only work so long in fact i would go so far as to say that if a raiding party were sailing to Greenland and came upon Iceland and saw its verdant green hills i would with out a doubt say that they would say that they had reached greenland and raid away unless you think that a raidng party would go up to the first door and ask politly if they are in greenland first? and then politely sail away ?

    but more importantly yes i did say i would have to argue his point and i did quite succesfully i might add as i proved his point moot and incorrect,i get my informatin for a book that has been around for many thousands of years its called the bible its a good read long and sometimes confusing but a good read all the same ,and while i know this next stament while probly make you launch those cookie nukes at me i must say it none the less I feel that its is you that propagates this arguement cuz instead of doing some quick research to see if i was right or wrong you arbitrarily aimed those cookie nukes and me and demaned that i capitulate and see that it was i not thee that propagated the argument

  18. comichero

    @ dale yes mother …..

  19. Sicarius

    …*sighs*…do I have to put you two kiddies in the corner? In the sub-sub basement? With the mutant zombified vampiric lemmings? ‘Cause I will…I’ll do it…

    …I’m just -that- insane (and cool) like that…

  20. Mooharpist


    All I wanted to do is tweak a Brit about the location of the US embassy. (it’s in Gosvenor Square and that neighborhood was at one point one the most coveted piece of real estate during the 18-19th century and I was aware of the title) I did not mean it to be critical in any way. I was just having fun dusting off my BA degree in British History. Sorry.

    I was also chuckling over the Court of St. James. ( and recalling some often silly characters of Ms. Austen- visions of Sir Lucas dancing in my head.) These two buffoons would fit right in.

  21. dale_mettam

    @Mooharpist – Tweaking THIS Brit is reserved only for my wife. 😀

    Don’t worry about the rest. S’all good.

  22. jjmblue7

    @Dale: They bring that death swiftly and deliciously. I trained them well.

    @Sicarius: Maybe you should. I mean, Poopsie, Muffin, and Mittens haven’t been fed in like a month. Even if you don’t, just let me know and I send in some hapless stranger.