Angels Will Fall #16

It looks like Kevin and Conrad can’t see the forest for the evil trees.

Hey guys.  We don’t just make comics (though we do spend a LOT of time doing that) we read them too.  Over the past year or so, a bunch of you guys have stuck with us and shared OUR fun on Luci Phurr’s Imps – however, we wanna share some of yours.  What would you recommend to US.  Any style, any genre, we just want to see some great webcomics.  So what do you recommend?  What do you like and why?

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  1. Courtney

    Outside of the webcomics linked to this site
    (obviously), I totally enjoy the following webcomics.

    1. Gunnerkrigg Court -I bought the two hardback books at San Deigo Comicon
    last year, before finding out it was a webcomic.
    2. Least I Could Do– Met them at San Deigo Comicon. I picked up the book
    based on them being naturally funny. The book didn’t disappoint.
    3. Evil Diva– A story with a healthy mix of angels, demons, highschool, and
    more. Nice recipe.
    4. Bear Nuts– This story reminds me of the Care Bears and Happy Tree
    Friends all wrapped into one. I love the art and story.
    5. The Zombie Hunters– Prior to this, Robert Kirkman’s “Walking Dead” was
    the only zombie story I followed.

  2. dale_mettam

    @M’colleague… you were just waiting for this to tick over so you could jump in first, weren’t you? You so need a hobby.

  3. dale_mettam

    I will add a couple of my faves…
    1 – Savage Chickens – Chicken-based comic drawn on post-it notes.
    2 – Cyanide and Happiness – Can be hilarious, unfunny, offensive and occasionally all three at the same time.
    3 – Kiskaloo – If you haven’t seen it, you will read it through from start to (too early) finish and want more.

  4. Courtney

    @Dale: This is my hobby. 😀

  5. Sicarius

    *dances* Sweet…more comics that will allow me to waste…er, I mean, occupy my time wisely….

  6. europa

    Locus…great story, beautiful art..oh, and not for kids..
    LICD, Looking for Group by the guys at blind ferret
    Sam and fuzzy
    bear nuts
    omake theatre

  7. Mike

    Well, of course, Girl Genius.

    Want more?


  8. Z

    Evil trees? Somebody call Durkon!
    Which brings me to my recommendation:
    Order of the Stick
    Slightly Damned
    Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

    Those 3 differ greatly, but they’re all great comics.

  9. Ragedoll

    lol, I love how cautious you were with the Star Wars wording!

  10. Alix

    For great storytelling:
    Girl Genius
    Fun silliness:
    Evil Diva
    Wonderful art (good story, too)
    The Meek
    What Birds Know

  11. dale_mettam

    @Alix, Z, Mike & Europa – awesome suggestions… when LPI starts to miss script deadlines, it’ll be your fault now I have more to reader.

    @ragedoll – while there are flaws, I am not one of the haters, so I couldn’t totally invest on that one. 😀

    …oh! And welcome to our first time posters. Great to have you in the mix.

  12. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    ooh were we’re sharing now? ok!
    Love Me Nice, On break sadly…
    Awkward Zombie, Random video game/life comic, (the artists life)
    Nedroid, random like Cyanide and happiness
    Dead Winter, a GREAT zombie comic
    Dream Keepers (Online), amazing story, and i just bought the two books
    Slightly Damned, adorible comic with demons angels and the like
    Strays, great art work and a pretty solid story so far
    Dawn Of Time, really fun comic with time travel dinosaurs and a very curious girl
    Snafu Comics, has a veriety of comics, but only a few updating at the moment
    TMNT Gaiden, I love ninja turtles, and i love the art for this one
    any others that i view were already mentioned so yea!

  13. Mi

    I saw Girl Genius up there (their novel is really good too!) and then you have Sarah Ellerton’s work at (all three are excellent.) Then, once you’re done with that, check out Wormworld Saga and Feywinds. Chuck and Beans is also fairly good for the occasional funny and Stained Glass Samurai has a couple of good moments. Lastly, No Need for Bushido is pretty neat.

  14. LydaLynn

    My list:
    Order of the Stick – cause it’s full of role playing humor – and I’m a role player – plus it has a good story line on top of that.

    The Dreamland Chronicles – good story – and really impressive cg art.

    Eerie Cuties – misfit supernatural teenagers trying to survive school and friendship and each other – there’s some good laughs.

    Exiern – I have no idea why I like this one – but . . . it’s addicting.

    And – though it’s not a web comic – in my group of web comic links [besides the wonderful Imps and C St] is – cause funny animals are funny.

  15. MagicalMadge

    I love these two angels. I really do. Their stupidity makes my day.

    And I’d recommend my own web comic, but it isn’t up yet. *siiiiigh* (It’s called Corporal Justice, and it should be up soon. It’s a psychological thriller about two screwed up people who just happen to have superpowers)
    Other than this, I read Evil Diva and Questionable Content.

  16. DktrAgonizer

    Kevin and Conrad must not have money for tickets today, I guess.

    Okay, I read like a bazillion comics, but here are some of my favorites:

    Slightly Damned
    Skin Deep–It’s a comic about monster people! Things like Nemean Lions, gryphons, etc. who wear medallions to look human.
    Supernormal Step–A girl from Earth gets trapped in a realm full of magic and stuff and is trying to get back.
    Trying Human–In short, an alien abductee falls in love with her captor, the Grey known as Hue. So yeah, a bit of romance, but full of comedy as well. Also, the author loves UFOs and alien abduction tales, so there’s lots of research gone into that.

  17. Infectious Midngith

    I’d have to recommend
    Ctrl+alt+ del if you are a gamer. Its a fun story with interesting relationships.
    The Devils Panties which is a pseudotype blog comic about a girl who rights comics and the things that happens
    Curvy is a more graphic one but its a bit hysterical for those 18+
    Between Failures is also one of my faves. Its about a group of people who work in a shop and the things that happen around them and the weird social dynamic.

  18. Wizard

    Misfile – pretty art, good story, assorted angels, (accidentally) transgendered street racer… trust me, it actually makes sense
    Evil, Inc. – superhero comic that proves you can do more evil if you do it legally
    Insecticomics – photo comic with Transformers and other weirdness
    The System – after this, you’ll never look at those figures on signs the same way again
    El Goonish Shive – lots of shapeshifting, aliens, magic, weird science, plus Jeremy, the creature nature never intended
    The Intrepid Girlbot – just an ordinary girlbot, trying to find her place in the world. plus, a cyborg raccoon.
    Spinks – cute little blob-things and their wordless adventures

    Just a few to try out.

  19. Infectious Midnight

    Oh and can’t forget Weregeek.
    -is type queen today. even mispelled my own name today- T_T

  20. keylaleigh

    If nobody’s mentioned Brawl in the Family, I recommend that one.

  21. Palmetto

    Girl Genius (!!!), Evil Inc., and the Blind Ferret offerings have already been mentioned. Lemme add Girls with Slingshots, Questionable Content (both ‘slice of life’ formats, one featuring a talking cactus, the other with an animated iPod), In His Likeness (God and Satan and … dots?), and Air Force Blues (just what it says).

  22. Courtney

    Some of these I’ve heard of, but a LOT of them I haven’t. I’ve got my work cut out for me, as I know some of these strips have a very large archives. *Puts on a pot of coffee, and prepares for webcomic reading marathon* 😀

  23. dale_mettam

    JEEZ! It’s hard enough getting a slacker artist to draw… now I’m really screwed.

  24. Rincewind

    Sequential Art
    Dresden Codak
    and another vote for Gunnerkrigg Court, and Intrepid Girlbot;

    Tom Siddell did a guest comic for Intrepid Girlbot, it’s a real tearjerker

  25. Aletheya

    I’ve been following this comic for a while now but haven’t felt the need to leave my mark before…
    Now I just couldn’t ignore the hilarious stupidity of those poor ol’ angels XD

    As for the other webcomics I read:
    Blip (not my favorite, but addictive)
    Looking For Group (I’m in love with Richard the warlock *.*)
    Romantically Apocalyptic (hilarious, though it usually takes a long time to update… but it’s worth it xD)

  26. Courtney

    @Dale: You’re absolutely right. I don’t know why I thought going from 3 days to 5 days a week (with the LPI strip) would make me any less of a slacker. I’ll try harder. 😛

    @Rincewind: Cool link. Yet another cool webcomic. Thanks!

    @Aletheya: Welcome! I hope you leave your “mark” more frequently. Gonna go check out Blip real quick, if I can get the shackles off the art desk. 😀

    @Palmetto: Yep, you had me at “talking cactus.”

    @Keylaleigh: As a huge fan of the Smash Bros video game series, this may be right up my alley. Thanks for the recommend.

    I’ve jotted down every single webcomic suggested so far, and checked out as many as the day and time have allowed. I’ve been missing out on a lot of good stuff! *happily returns to bookmarking* 😀

  27. Karyl

    Challenges of Zona, Digger, Menage a 3, Astray, The Abominable Charles Christopher, Riven Sol, Lovecraft is Missing, Hannah is Not a Boy’s Name, Phoenix Requiem (anything by Sarah Ellerton!), Space Base 8, Woody After Hours–and too many more to list them all. These are just some of the best for art, story, or combination of the two.

  28. dale_mettam

    I won’t be making a note of all the awesome suggestions here… I won’t need to… I’ll just be able to look over Courtney’s shoulder when he should be drawing LPI strips and see what you recommended.

    And a general note to you new folks… with these great suggestions as examples, you guys need to throw in more comments.

    OOW! And Lovecraft is Missing! Love that one. Nice suggestions, Karyl.

  29. Karyl

    Thanks, Dale-I really enjoy your puns, the imps and their “extras” and the art, etc. I’m a painter myself with an abstract inclination but I do love good artists–I wish that Barb Jacobs, who’s behind Xylia could find her way back to story telling-that’s another really great artist.

  30. Kiriel

    Heh.. a buncha good movies shown there :3

  31. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    just remembered a few more!
    How I Killed Your Master, great art style and good story
    Death Bot In Accounting, funny, yet sad…
    …agh! i forgot one…cant remember now…curse you train of thought!

  32. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    oh right!
    Dr. McNinja! AMAZING comic! how could i forget something like this!?

  33. Karyl

    String Theory!

  34. purplerose133

    hmmm… Girl Genious!! craazy sci-fi with amazing art!! XD

  35. comichero

    WOW! lots of great wecomics to enjoy heres a small list of what i read weekly
    Las Lindas
    Least I could do
    B.I.T.C.H. squad
    starship moonhawn
    Aptitude test
    Eerie Cuties
    Tekkouhime (on break)
    The Chronicles of Loth
    Caribbean Blue
    Cwen’s Quest
    By the Book ( DnD based webcomic very entertaining)
    Emergancy Exit
    Peter is the wolf
    Ragdoll (on break)
    Wayward Sons Legends
    Quillian (on break)
    Bittersweet candy bowl
    Jaynaylor’s better days and the follow up series Orginal Life
    the gods pack
    the sisters grimm ( Courntey should check out the art on this one for sure)
    Tina of the south
    Trying human
    Mysteries of the Arcana
    Grrl power (just startign out but really well done)
    Rival Angels
    Juvenile Diversion
    Between Failures
    The comics listerd here are but a sample of what i read and love I really like the art and story in all of them and would highly recommend any one of them to be read

  36. Sicarius

    …Anyone mention Questionable Content yet?

  37. Karyl

    I CAN’T believe I forgot FREAK ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. comichero

    I know i forgot to mention YOSH! adn i love YOSH!

  39. comichero

    Gosh i forgot Sister Claire the pregnate nun too !!

  40. jjmblue7

    *hopes he doesn’t leave something someone already posted*

    Many of my favorites I’ve already noticed up there, but there’s:

    AmazingSuperPowers–Can be really offensive, but always hilarious. (Search “I’m Flying” It’s my favorite!)

    Something*Positive–Again can be offensive, but also really funny, occasionally with enough saccharine to satiate a sweet tooth.

    Earthsong–Nifty adventure story with mythological creature that are really aliens.

    Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell–Supernatural creatures in the modern world, lots of awesome patterns going on. Not always SFW, but Skittles the Manticore is so cute, but the exact opposite of Mr. Butterpaws Pussford in every other respect.

    Scenes From a Multiverse–Nealry always elicits a good laugh from me, sometimes including social commentary

    Endtown–Post-apocalyptic fun jam-packed with awesome.

    Erfworld–Written by the creator and previous writer of the following comic, it is oozing with pop culture references, humor, and epic battles!

    PartiallyClips–the best thing to come from clipart..ever.

    Picture for Sad Children–humor can miss sometimes, but I still love it.

    OctopusPie–humor, drama, and cuteness collide to great effect.

    Registered Weapon–usually comedic detective comic, only not comedic when intending not to be.

    And finally: The World Wasn’t Meant–what can I say? I’m from the Greater South Boston area, so I’m contracturally obligated to like it, but anyone anywhere will likely enjoy it.

  41. Mi

    @Comichero lol and I though my reading list to be somewhat large; you put me to shame.

  42. scantron

    Y’all are EVIL…. Now i have even MORE comics to add to my lists of ones i want to read (but don’t have the time to do so…)!

    and as my revenge… here are some of the one I do get time to read…

    another vote for Girl Genius, as well as the Foglios other stuff, Myth Adventures, What’s New with Phil & Dixie, Buck Godot, though these 3 are their older stuff they’ve put up on the web.
    Kevin & Kell
    21st Century Fox
    Rich’s Comix Blog. he did and some other Dr. Who crossovers… Awesome stuff. also does the comic YAFGC and FVLMINATA. (no they aren’t typos)
    Dungeons and Denizens
    RHJunior Webcomic, does 7 different ones: Goblin Hollow, Tales of the Questor, Quint Quenton Space Ranger. Nip & Tuck, as well as others
    The Flying Cloud
    Radioactive Panda
    The Whiteboard
    Doc Rat, by Jenner
    Faux Pas

    and a few others that have been mentioned already, but I’m too tired to actually list… ugh. must get sleep for work… blech.

  43. jjmblue7

    @scantron: I hear you. I almost missed LPI because of comics favorites folder overload. Luckily I didn’t skip out! 😀 I try to keep the list down to 40 or so, and catch up when I can except for a few daily comic checks. If only we had the power to slow down/stop time and read, eh?

  44. Rampage Starfire

    Ok then before I give into my burning need to poke fun at a previous philosophical debate her had a few strips back, I’ll cough up some notable Webcomic faves of mine that I did not notice mentioned earlier (doesn’t meant they weren’t there, just that I missed em):

    the Gods of Arr-Kelaan
    Nahast – Lands of Strife
    Captain SNES
    Alien Dice
    Parallel Dementia – Excellent Art, but the Artist abandoned this one, but I love how it was turning out :(
    Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden – here’s one for that Turtle Lover B&W, but well drawn :)
    The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon

    now back to the Philosophical debate I referred to earlier…

    @Comichero: you clearly missed the news, or are part of the group that denies it’s existance of this:

    “Archaeologists near Mount Sinai have discovered what is believed to be a missing page from the Bible. The page is currently being carbon dated in Bonn. If genuine it belongs at the beginning of the Bible and is believed to read “To my darling Candy. All characters portrayed within this book are fictitous and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.” The page has been universally condemned by church leaders.”


  45. FlyingSquirrell

    I don’t know if these were posted yet, but Guilded Age is amazing, and the people in the comments section are fun to chat with. Also, Fafnir the Dragon. I could give you an enormous list, but I’ll make it short. Scout Crossing is on it’s way to being the greatest thing ever, where as Nerf This already is. And Motokool. It’s only just started but it’s pretty good.

  46. paw

    I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but Khaos Komics are amazing, and TJ and Amal. Oh! And Menage é 3 is freaking brilliant as well.

  47. Burnkitty


  48. sebastiakitty

    Unsounded- gorgeos art, magnificent story, wonderfuly indepth characters.