The Replacements #10

Poor Luci.

What will happen when her parents see the state of her room?

Will Lou be able to contest this phone bill if he doesn’t speak the language?

How often do they actually use that expired Popcorn Oil?

Tune in NEXT WEEK for more Luci Phurr’s Imps.

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  1. DktrAgonizer

    Poor Luci, she looks so horrified. Tea party haters?! These imps have no class at all!

  2. LydaLynn

    I think she’s in shock – I don’t blame her.

  3. Darkwasteland

    Luci just need to snap and rub that teapot like a lamp till Pain, Tears, and Alisdair pop out and reclaim there turf.

  4. keylaleigh

    She needs a hug…

    *gives Luci an internet hug*

  5. Aletheya

    What!!! Luci, snap out of it and kick their asses!!

  6. dale_mettam

    If you closely at the last panel, you can almost see Luci’s bottom lip tremble.

  7. Courtney

    @Dale: When I looked closely at the last panel, all I saw was Pain,Tears, and Alisdair busting through the wall, like the Koolaid Mascot…and opening up a can of Whoop @$$

  8. Baughbe

    Last time I looked at the standard Hell Minions contract, the minions were required to at least fulfill the requests of the contractor to the legal letter of the request (not required to fulfill to the intent). So somebody is not living up to the contract….

  9. Ragedoll

    I’m very disheartened for Luci! :(

  10. Mi


    Darling child! I do see the poor thing’s lip trembling, and even glistening tears.

    Whoever would want to hear about losers playing Canasta? Poker is so much more fun.

    Also, the black stripes on the chair to the right kind of make it look awesome. Kind of. Pure, undiluted, EVIL glow in the dark pink paint is so much better.

  11. MrSnow

    hehe usually its the person throwing the teaparty that is malicious, forcing others to jion or be frought with pain(physical or verbal) but im guessing penny wasnt expecting this at all 😮

  12. Lisa

    I’d like to send out some kudo’s to Tracy on the coloring job on that last panel. The little fires and shadows on the broken crockery are nicely done, but then the shading to distinguish between the black blotches of paint and the smoke rising from the fires is very cool!

  13. Dangerdoll

    sadness. Poor heart. I take back that I think infection is cute. I want the old skool crew back!

  14. Sicarius


    @ Courtney: Yeah, I kinda had that scene in mind too…

  15. Comichero

    you know shes about to cry poor luci these new guys suck

  16. Kiriel

    Poor Luci.. :C I wish I could hug her.

  17. MagicalMadge

    @Courtney: I was going to say the same thing…

    Where are Pain, Tears, and Alisdair to save the day?! WHERE?!

  18. scantron

    Ah… but the next question is “do the new guys know about the cat Mr.Butterpaws Pussford … i’ll bet that the boss won’t be too happy with them not fulfilling their end of the pact and recall them, as per Baughbe’s post