The Replacements #12


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  1. Chameon

    That poor call center.

  2. keylaleigh

    Do…. do I have to write another song now?

  3. dale_mettam

    @Keylaleigh – No… you’re good. I don’t think Lou will be able to get anywhere this time. The first time he at least had the language thing on his side. It’s hard to gain any satisfaction from your complaint when the language barrier is as great as it is this time.

    @Everyone else – For those who might have missed it, check out Keylaleigh’s AWESOME SONG from the first time Lou got monster phone bill.

  4. Ragedoll

    LOL! oh wow… not happy, nope, poor Lou

  5. Dan Genesis

    Here we go again….

  6. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    History is bound to repeat its self, so that wasnt surprising, nor will it be when it happens again, unless of course Lou decides to rip the phone out of the wall this time! however, what im really interested in is what the angels are doing right now.

  7. dale_mettam

    @Tegger – When we are done with this story arc, the next one is all Angels.

  8. LydaLynn

    The grins on those imps – priceless. Though – I truly wish Luci had made their lives more miserable already.

  9. DktrAgonizer

    Hrm. Anyone ever get the feeling of deja vu?

  10. dale_mettam


  11. Krahazik

    Did Luci keep her black room? I would have thought she would have been a little annoyed with that? Btw, that was an awesome song.