The Replacements #15

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  1. MagicalMadge

    </3 O.O…..T_T

    I want these new imps gone…NOW!!!!!

  2. N

    Poor Luci! I feel so bad for her :(

  3. Infectious Midnight

    nooo. T__T
    Poor Luci.
    I hope the other imps get vengeance. >:(

  4. Dan Genesis


  5. Marvelous TK

    Aaaawww. You made me sad now. Just before this arc, I was kinda hoping for more Luci appearances. Now I’m getting it and it is sad. Why do you torture me so?

  6. LydaLynn

    They need to be smushed – flat – and punished for ever after for making Luci cry!

  7. DktrAgonizer

    Awww, poor Luci. :(
    I’m waitin’ for the other guys to come beat these new guys up!

  8. Wicked

    Aww…that is the saddest thing.

    Poor little thing.

  9. jjmblue7

    O.O Poor Lucy! Cue the angry poster mob storming Luci’s room!

  10. Aletheya

    Awww I’m gonna cry again! T_T
    Hey, what about the “important announcement” thing? Wasn’t it supposed to be today?

  11. Topazert

    You guys really fletched* up you know that? At least Pain, Tears, and Alister got some things while keeping their mistress happy. Good job on the comic guys keep it up:)

    *Angelic cussing replaced by Dale… ‘cos we do have some younger readers.

  12. keylaleigh


    *gives her yet another internet hug*

  13. Toaster of Vengeance

    Oh NOOOOOOES!!!!!!!

  14. Kiriel

    DD: Oh noes… even I just wanna give her hugs now ;3;

  15. LydaLynn

    So ordering the book now!!!

  16. Courtney

    @Aletheya: *points to tall banner to the right side of the screen*

  17. LydaLynn

    My book is on the way! *does a happy dance* And . . . there’s a cat on my shoulders . . . o.O

  18. Avarace and Charity 4ever

    I actually had a dream last night where these guys were in an epic battle with Pain and co. in order to decide who gets to stay with Luci. I don’t remember it so well but I’m hoping that it was a vision of things to come.

  19. Ragedoll

    This is the most depressing comment to date!


  20. Mi




    I’m bawling, give me a minute. Or till Monday. Whichever comes first.

  21. momcat09

    Yay, book!!!

    But… these boys have gotta go; eating those cookies and trashing Luci’s room was bad enough, but making Luci cry is WAY crossing the line… unless that’s how she gets rid of ’em??

  22. Matt the inker :)

    Wow!! That last panel looks so good!! Tracey did awesome work!!

  23. Original Imp Lover

    Aw, poor Luci! Look at those tears- wait. Tears? Tears! Return of the original trio is inevitable!

  24. Comichero

    @ Original Imp Lover sadly not all tears are at the behest of tears my friend

    @Dale and Courtney and LPI studios crew wel done on the book makes me wish i had a job and able to buy it

    @the comic in general wow we have a lot of first time posters darwen to comment just at the site of a little girl crying while i am realitvly un moved as ive seen more then my share of little girls cry what being an uncle since i was 5 and assisting in the care of more then one of my neices im all but immune to it , i would however raise the question of how the flash light beam is breaking alot of the rules of light and partical physics at fist i thoug it was a mirro it was boceing off but i see not light bloom from said mirror and the light makes several rather sharp turns to avoid revealing Luci as it luci has her own gravity well and is able to bend light around her

  25. Rampage Starfire

    The Moss ponders the best way to consume a certain Trio of Imps….

  26. MrSnow

    aaaaww poor lil lucy, her only fren right now is her doll, and it cant help her with these rowdy three 😮

  27. Aletheya

    @Courtney: Thanks xD My Adblock was activated, that’s why I didn’t see that before :p

  28. Aletheya

    Btw, I wish I could buy it, but I’m low on funds right now and I live quite far from the U.S., so…
    Awww, and now I’m gonna cry AGAIN! T_T

  29. Sicarius

    *skitters off to grab atomic hamster launcher and summon vast hordes of zombified vampiric ducks*…wait, still missing something…*grabs sharp pointy object for popping glorfied basketball with wings*…there we go…time to tenderize that trio to make it easier on Moss when It decides to dine…

  30. BobbyBG33k

    *gasps* YOU MAKE LUCI CRY!! FIX it now!

    Somehow I had a feeling that the last panel would have a similar affect on everyone and not just me. Awesome job on the comic.

  31. Krahazik

    Ok now I am sooooo not very pleased with these new imps? If I recall the job description didn’t say anything about scaring or making the mistress cry. They must be punished, violently and painfully, for them at least.

  32. Dangerdoll

    Unacceptable! I demand justice in the form of Tears,Pain, & Misfortune!

  33. Sicarius

    …I second that Dangerdoll!

  34. Bismarck

    —Gets ‘BIG’ cannon out of closet—
    I need “three” new Trophies!!!!
    —Goes Imp hunting—

  35. Shadow Guard

    I want to hold her right now-and beat the shit out of them. I think it’s time rage made a debut. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. D. Advocate.

    Is that a tear I see? It is. Why, yes, it is.
    What causes it? Emotional pain, perhaps?
    What causes our dear Lucy’s misfortune?

    … Yeah. Those other three mugs have just summoned back our dear friends, and they’re likely going to end up being the targets. Poor schlubs…

  37. Pantera

    poor Lucy… send the poor sweetie lots of hugs! Looks like time for Pain, Tears, and Al to do some serious BACKSIDE KICKIN’ on the new guys! GIVE ‘EM the Ol’ 1, 4 for me! ;D

  38. Sicarius

    Naysayers’ rage and silver thread…
    Misfortune, Tears, and Pain
    Replacement’s likely maimed or dead
    And all will be well again…

    Couldn’t help myself, had to have a go at writing verse… ^^’

  39. Dangerdoll

    @Sicarius So mote it be

  40. The third child

    Awwww poor Luci, at least one of them seems to be sorta taking her into account in the previous strips (I forget his name, the purple one) but it’s too late.

  41. Sicarius

    @ Dangerdoll: So mote it be, indeed…

  42. kstormgemini

    [just read this strip]
    [cuddles Luci & growls, feeding new imps to Pain]

  43. Thornbrier

    The flashlight beam is not bending, that is the light from the room coming in through the crack of the open door.