The Replacements #18

Yeah… you gotta watch those oranges.

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  1. prey2112

    FACT: nothing rhymes with orange.

  2. Thoughts

    I’ve found ignorance and indolence to be infectious. Indolence allows ignorance and infections of all kinds to take root and destroy. Ignorance fuels indolence and protects infection.
    Misfortune,Pain and Tears are a package deal as well but,there seem to be some key differences.
    Our former comrades worked in a direct and cyclical nature. This allows them to create much destruction and reap much havoc. And beyond that they’re arsenal consists of that which can destroy any man woman or beast. They are the Swiss army knife of evil-but they’re just not enough.
    Triple I as I’ve have decided to call them, are the the evil of our times. We have overcome pain and misfortune time and time again. And today anyone who talks disparagingly about armed forces personnel crying when they see their families had better be wearing full body armor. No, 3I are what we must now overcome-and to take out Ignorance and Indolence would devastate Infection.
    Our battles are changing, and old evils will fall.

  3. Thoughts

    I had something really thoughtful to post about evils in the world and a mission-AND STUPID THING WON’T POST IT!

  4. dale_mettam

    @Thoughts – interesting comment. I can only assume our system was confused by the lack of silliness which possibly my posts made it think were the norm here… or Courtney broke the interwebs again.

    @prey2112 – Curiously, I believe it’s the same with purple. Coincidence?

  5. Kiriel

    ….My own word Porange for orange porridge rhymes with orange so nyeh. .also I like the little orange guy,,, way way more than Mr Greenybleu there, he’s not even real green! he dyes it… :C
    (ALso I can fit a whole real orange fruit in my mouth and close it :3)

  6. DktrAgonizer

    @Dale: Untrue! What about “nurple”? 😛
    As for “orange”, we can always turn to the oh so wonderful slant rhymes.

  7. Dan Genesis

    Door hinge rhymes with orange.

  8. Draco Blair

    Hahaha, demon psychology rules 😀

  9. Aletheya

    I really need to find a good pointy stick and pop that flying orange. Yes I do.

  10. dale_mettam

    Nurple is not a real word and “door hinge” is two words not one. :p

  11. Dangerdoll

    I think infection is pulling the orange card at every turn sheesh! lol

  12. Comichero

    Bow to me your glrious leader for I have the word that rhymes with orange it is PORRIDGE also portage and binge as in binge drinking work as well

    @ Dale Nurple is a word it is slang for nipple and if you wish a true rhyme of purple look no further then the word SUPPLE also you should look to your home land of Britannia for two more words the rhyme with purple they be HIRPLE is a British word, which means “to walk lamely or hobble”.
    and CURPLE is a word out of Scotland, which refers to the hindquarters of a horse

    thank you for yoru time you all may bow before now

  13. Minax2802
  14. Ragedoll

    Dale it’s only a matter of time before we adopt nurple… and if you say door hinge fast enough it does… by no means perfect.. by than again nothing is!

    Infection is funny!

  15. dale_mettam

    @Ragedoll – NEVER! It’s not a real word. It shall never be acknowledged as such by me. It’s like WINNINGEST. I don’t care how many local new stations refer to the coach of their regional college as such, you can’t just add suffixes on words and pretend that is real. What next? Will we be summing up that coach’s innate quality that makes him the “winningest” by referring to his “winningestliness“?

  16. Aletheya

    Wow, “winningestliness”… Now that’s a good word! I couldn’t even say properly the first time I tried to read it aloud!

  17. DktrAgonizer

    @Dale: You’re forgetting that the dictionaries have added words like “grrl” and “pwn”, etc.
    …Yeah, I don’t like dictionaries anymore.

  18. Krahazik

    You know, while these 3 have been causing trouble, I wonder what our fav 3 have been up to?

  19. Comichero

    hmmm every one seems to be taking it pretty well that I destoryed their notions about unrhymable words

  20. glueberrypie

    Could you pretty please add these Imps to the cast page? I keep forgetting who’s who.

  21. dale_mettam

    Green – Ignorance
    Orange – Infection
    Purple – Indolence

    Can’t promise to add them to the cast page… but I’ll look into it.

  22. Sicarius

    *waits patiently with stick pin to pop Infection*

  23. Courtney

    @Sicarius: Be careful of the puss. 😀

  24. Ouroboros

    @Dale – have you unwittingly unveiled the uncompromising fate that undoubtedly awaits our unpleasant trio of underlings?

  25. dale_mettam

    @Ouroboros – not at all. You will notice Mr. D is not there. The Angels, Kevin and Conrad are not there. All recurring characters. But not there.

    Nice try though. 😀

  26. jjmblue7

    Nobody said a word can rhyme only with one other word, otherwise there’d probably be be almost no rhymes for words with more than three syllables.
    @the good Dktr: Slant rhymes = fun!

  27. Ouroboros

    @Dale – Hmm…clever explanation! I’ve got my eyes on you…