The IMPire Strikes Back #03

Our Imps need to pull themselves outta this depression and soon.

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  1. Kiriel

    Those poor kids :C

  2. Dan Genesis

    Even Pain’s out of it.



  3. Aletheya

    Awwww you’re making me cry a lot!

  4. Comichero

    i see pain as one of the good guys cuz pain lets us know we are alive but seeign him so out of it is kinda sad wel stiff upper lip and allthat jazz

  5. LydaLynn


  6. Sicarius

    …*goes in search of chocolate*…depressing…

  7. Van

    He should kill both of the parents. The judge would give him a reward for putting both of them out of his misery.

  8. MagicalMadge

    I don’t know who’s in more pain: the kids or that judge…

  9. DktrAgonizer

    It’s so sad to see Pain depressed.

  10. jjmblue7

    @Dan: I believe you mean motherFLETCHEEEEERRRR!

  11. D.Durand


  12. Cassandra

    My mum is a secretary in a law firm. Sad to say, the above isn’t out of the ordinary as she’s overseen many divorce cases and observed so many “adults” are tearing each other apart in court, using their kids as pawns or against each other. She and I have no sympathy for the fools that nominate themselves as parents-its the children we pity the most, that get dragged into a nightmare and are forced to speak ill against each parent…No wonder she wants me to stay single.
    Sorry, getting off track here….Come back trio we need you. Luci needs you….and vice versa!