The IMPire Strikes Back #05

I think it’s TOTALLY appropriate again.

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  1. Krahazik

    Ooooh Pain and misfortune planning to bring a little of both to their replacements. I can’t wait to see what Al has in mind. Something wicked I hope.

  2. Thoughts

    I think Misfourtune just had an Evilgasm.

  3. dale_mettam

    Damn. Evilgasm. Love it. Wish I’d come up with it.

  4. LydaLynn

    EEEEeeeeeeee! I haz a joy!

  5. DktrAgonizer

    Alisdair and Tears had better eat that food first. You know, before Pain takes it.

  6. Tangentsreviews

    Wait. They’re devils. They rebelled against God. And they feel they can’t go against direct orders? oO

  7. Aletheya

    For some strange reason, the third panel reminds me of Dragonball 😮

  8. Courtney

    @ Aletheya: That is because he’s going from an imp to a Super Saiyan Imp! 😀

  9. dale_mettam

    @Tangentsreview – Have you seen their boss?

    @M’ Colleague – Da-WEEEEEEEEEEEB!

  10. Mi

    *is feeling better*

    Love the last panel, by the way. Is it over 9000?

  11. jjmblue7

    I love the way Al’s smile curls like his ears in the last panel! 😀

  12. Dan Genesis

    Most awesome wicked smile ever, dude.

  13. MagicalMadge

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the background in panel 3! It looks amazing! As does Alistair. The artwork is absolutely incredible!

    By the way…is Mr. Butterpaws still in Pain’s stomach by any chance?

  14. dale_mettam

    I believe Mr. Butterpaw Pussford is currently in the Hell Mailing System. I do have a Tracking Number… but they aren’t very good at keeping that thing up-to-date.

  15. Nichole

    Now that is one evil Imp grin…

  16. Kiriel

    Tiem to finally get down to some sweet, sweet saving Luci fueled revenge C:

  17. Kiriel

    Oh BTW this is strip #184 so only another 16 strips till you’re 200th strip on the site 😀

  18. Comichero

    adn so the wheels begin to turn it appears that im near by and aiding the guys

  19. dale_mettam

    @Kiriel – According to the thing behind the scenes, we are on #204. Which would put us at #200 last Tuesday.

    And no one sent us a card or anything!?

  20. Sicarius

    Yes, a card…well you see, we used the Hell Mailing System to send it…it was supposed to arrive on time, but you know how these things go…

  21. dale_mettam

    HA! Touché, Sicarius.

  22. Sicarius


  23. Dan Genesis

    Well, you’ll know whe you get my card.

    It has a surprise.

  24. dale_mettam

    @Dan – on this site, ” surprise” fills me with a cold, raw, trembling dread.

  25. Elfguy

    Well you would know Tears would get bored…making Glenn Beck cry isn’t the problem, it’s getting him to NOT cry at least once per show that’s the hard part…

  26. Zarvain

    The first thing that came to my mind seeing panel three was “You’re a mean one, Mister Grinch!” =P

  27. Van

    Hmmm . . . . his grin reminds me of a character one of my friends played years ago. He played and evil halfling barbarian that was thrown out of his tribe of evil halflings for being too evil. Dressed in a purple robe, had a large axe and a grin like the Joker’s, and totally nuts. He would allow the Minotaur in our party to throw him at the enemy at the beginning of combat as he began his battle rage. Never died, never got hurt that much. But the rest of us were never too sure of his sanity.

  28. TheBold

    could it be time to start playing “when your evil” while reading the comic again I wonder. It always seems the perfect song when the imps start plotting.

  29. Dangerdoll

    Can’t wait for next week’s!

  30. Zarvain

    @the bold
    lol Just checked out the song, yeah fits perfect with this comic! XD