The IMPire Strikes Back #06

I’m not even gonna put that sound in here… but I know you’re thinking it.

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  1. Sicarius

    *cackles* This ought to be good!

  2. keylaleigh

    Is this one of the fast food places that Famine runs?

  3. Aletheya

    @keylaleigh nah, I don’t think so, or those clueless angels would never be able to recognize it as an evil place.

  4. Bismarck

    This is awesome! I get to do the sound effect!

    DUN DUN………DUNNNNN!!!!!

    I can only imagine what is about to happen. Maybe and ‘imp’ and ‘angel’ grudge match.

  5. Minax2802
  6. LydaLynn

    Once again the incentive site is down – and I WANT MY PUSSFORD!!!

    On another note – The instant recognition of Misfortune suggests he’s a large part of the reason all those corporeal bodies went splat.

  7. Kiriel

    (the voting site seems to be down)
    Also, this is just awesome.. I wonder when the other informant will reveal himself to be Tears, 😀
    BTW Dale and Courtney I think your site is wearing off on my being or something because I just got an xbox360 I had to set up a live account, and I think I forgot to choose a gamertag because it gave me one.. and I can never bring myself to change it, I mean they named me CheesiestImp8 o3o)

  8. DktrAgonizer

    Oho, this oughta be good.

  9. dale_mettam

    @keylaleigh – you got it… that IS the same franchise. Hence the comments in the opening panel. Kevin is speaking generally… Conrad, I think, might know the score. But when you’re undercover, you have to meet your contacts where they feel safe, right?

    @Kiriel – You think that was random and accidental?

    @Everyone – re: Mr. Butterpaws Pussford… it’s getting a little frustrating for us as well, putting the new bit of feline-based evil up there and not having it accessible. We’re actively kicking around some ideas to work around this. But specific to THIS… TWC is outside our control… I am sure the guys over there are not happy about the amount of downtime they are suffering.

    Ordinarily I would blame Courtney for breaking the interwebs again… but I think this time there might be a connection to the regular inclusion of a Mr. Butterpaws Pussford comic and their technical issues over there.

  10. Cromley

    I’m feeling some Good Omens about this fast food chain.

  11. LydaLynn

    It’s back up – and cute and funny and . . . can I have a Butterpaws with rocket launcher plushy?

  12. Comichero

    famine owns a fast food chain i dont know but isnt that kinda anti produtive for famine?

  13. Sicarius

    @ Comichero: Only if it’s actual food being served at the establishment…

  14. MagicalMadge

    The expression in panel 3 is awesome!


    Mr. Butterpaws has a thing for knocking down the voting website…

  15. Dangerdoll

    I loves me some Pussford! I can’t wait to see how this week plays out- lol

  16. keylaleigh


    *feels very proud*

  17. DktrAgonizer

    @Cromley: Yesss, you get a high-five for that. o/

  18. jjmblue7

    @comichero: Fast food chains serve empty calories, and they only go to relatively few people. Sounds like a way to ensure famine to me.