The IMPire Strikes Back #11

Looks like Ignorance was wrong about the relative smarts of the Oranges… but then, when you think about it… DUR!

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  1. jjmblue7

    Quick! Someone grab a sick and use it to shove him into the bottle bit by bit! He looks malleable enough!

  2. jjmblue7


  3. Sicarius

    …I still say pop him…

  4. Dan Genesis

    I has a stick!

    A pointy stick.

  5. Baughbe

    Wait, is this all part of the Master Plan? Or did they just make a mistake? Or both?

  6. dale_mettam

    @Baughbe – I think Alisdair has given this a LOT of thought.

  7. Aletheya

    Come on! Put that flying basketball in the bask… bottle!

  8. MagicalMadge

    OHMYGOD! THE INCENTIVE!!! Trying…not…to…laugh…is…so…hard! XD

    I’m sure Alisdair is a lot smarter than that…he’s got a reason for basically telling the Orange guy about that bottle. Unless I’m giving him way too much credit.

  9. LydaLynn

    Aww – I love Butterpaws even more now! Though which Batgirl did he want to be? I’m somewhat partial to Cassandra Cain myself – and since she left Bats to become the head of the League of Assassins for a while – I think it fits pretty well.

    As for orangey there – once he’s caught – if someone wanted to tie a string around his ankle and send him this way – I’d love a balloon I’d never have to inflate [unless I felt like having some helium fun]. I have a jar I could keep him in that’s designed to only be open-able from the outside.

  10. dale_mettam

    @LL – Not sure what this says about you and/or me, but when you started about the string, I totally thought you were going to go the tether-ball route.

    As for Mr. BP….. Yvonne Craig’s Barbara Gordon… but you didn’t hear that from me.

  11. Werdna213

    its the same bottle from the Luci Phurr’s Imps Prologue Page 8 comic, the the one where pain, misfortune and tears were in when they were being delivered, MISFORTUNE GOING TO GET ALL 3 OTHER IMPS IN THEIR AND SEND THEM AWAY!

  12. dale_mettam

    @Werdna123 – It is indeed the same bottle. It’s THE bottle.

  13. Comichero

    You know what i just reliazed I’m one of these oranges Ignorance thinks is dumb what a jackass Im with my flying orange compatriot I think we will start a guild or a union you done it now you green bastard you shall rue the day that you besmirched the pride of the oranges!!

  14. Krahazik

    I like the idea of teatherball :)

  15. Ragedoll

    OK! Finally back on track (only a week behind) but nothing better than a whole week at one time! <3 awesome! I love the bottle Hope they get stuck in if for a LONG TIME 😀

    oh and YAY for Mr, Butterpaws!

  16. DktrAgonizer

    Let’s hope Pain won’t start snickering throughout the whole act this time. 😛