The IMPire Strikes Back #12

You probably wouldn’t wanna play chess against Alisdair.

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  1. Lazar

    Or work a real estate deal with him. o.O

  2. Dan Genesis

    All my money is on a victory of the stars.

    (Come on…. double 5 bucks for me!)

  3. Baughbe

    Seems like Alisdair is about to get all their problems bottled up.

  4. PinkE

    I want imp plushies. Someone, get on that, would you?

  5. keylaleigh

    Maybe not chess, but I’d take him on in Poker’Yamom Clueopoly any day!

  6. MagicalMadge

    @ PinkE- I second the imp Plushies!

    I knew Alisdair was smarter than that. Oh little orange, that old lady and that biker man must be oh so terrifying!

  7. Aletheya

    Bottle them up!

  8. jjmblue7

    @Madge: A dwarven biker would scare me a little, too, especially if his ax was attached to his bike.

  9. LydaLynn

    Did the art just take another evolution?

  10. dale_mettam

    @LL – There is every chance that happened. Because I can categorically assure you, there is no intelligence behind the design.



  11. Avarice and Charity 4ever

    I might not wish ot play him on a game of chess, but I never lose when it comes to checkers.

  12. Ragedoll

    Haha! Epic! I’m terrible at chess… but knowing I was going to lose would make playing against him that much easier <3

  13. dale_mettam

    @A&C4E – I GUARANTEE you would lose. Alisdair would cheat. And even if you caught him, Pain would probably set your shoes on fire before you could push it.

  14. Comichero

    and the plot thickens Misfortune suddenly reminds me of a really bad ass loan shark o r better yet a used car sales man

  15. DktrAgonizer

    Sneaky, sneaky. Alisdair definitely is smart. 😛

  16. Axisor

    I vote for PLUSHIES! :)

    I would love a Mr. Butterworth plush