The IMPire Strikes Back #15

Flattery will get you everywhere.

But what next for our Imps.

What next for the replacements?

Where exactly does Luci live that they could have winter with snow and the whole she-bang yet mere weeks later the Imps are eating ice-cream?

Who invented liquid soap and why?

Tune in NEXT WEEK for answers.

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  1. Dan Genesis

    Hehehe. Ignorance is as gullible as his name suggests. Suggestion: Bring pancakes.

  2. LydaLynn

    I love Pain’s expression there.

  3. Ember West

    It would be more convincing if the clubhouse had a door….

  4. Secret Agent 000

    They get sent through the mail system, obviously. Should take about four years for them.

    Anywhere but Florida. We don’t have snow, and as for the ice cream, ice cream is delicious ANYTIME.

    I have no idea. Check Wikipedia

  5. dale_mettam

    @Ember – The door to the Green Only Club House is, to quote Alisdair, “…just around the back there. Like I said, after you, Mr. President.”

  6. Aletheya

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, ice-creams taste better when eaten during a snow storm, by the fireplace…. awww, bliss!

  7. Lisa

    Maybe she lives in NC? Today’s high predicted to be 82 degrees and about 5 weeks ago we got a 1/2 inch of snow.

  8. MagicalMadge

    Liquid soap was invented by William Sheppard in 1865. The more you know. (And by any chance were you quoting “The Sure Thing?”)

    Best. Clubhouse. Ever.

  9. dale_mettam

    @MM – It is indeed a reference to “The Sure Thing.” One of my favorite movies.

  10. DktrAgonizer

    That’s a mighty tiny clubhouse. Good thing Ignorance is, well, ignorant!

  11. Axisor

    So I’m guessing Luci lives in the Midwerst, as it snowed here in Missouri Monday and was in the 80s on thursday…. and tears would have lots of opperutnity for work with the eyes watering from the allergies going up and down and sky high and then a moderate mountain level…….

  12. Comichero

    My money is one the pain tossing the bottle inthe ocean and letting it drift around the for the next several thousand years or pain feeding it to a shark

  13. Ember West

    I would also like to point of the sort of irony of Alisdair’s name, which means man’s defender. Though I guess putting Indolence, Infection and Ignorance(Which all have I’s…) out of commision for a bit would benefit mankind. I wonder what Mr. D would say about this? And where is Mr. Butterpaws Pussford? I miss him!

  14. Dangerdoll

    lol! The greens, gotta love em :)

  15. Kiriel

    Glad to notice he didn’t notice that the place is flat.. but then again maybe he sees everything 2 dimensional 😛

  16. Sicarius

    *cackles* Ignorance is bliss…or rather, lack of ignorance is bliss…

  17. Nero Angelus

    Haha racism with demons is funny, especially when its so basic.

  18. Ragedoll

    Luci Lives in Alberta, Canada. That is exactly how our weather works. It can snow anytime of the year and be summer warm anytime of the year….

    Greeeen is the best colour in the entire world ; )

  19. dale_mettam

    I am shocked… SHOCKED, I tells ya… at how many Green Supremacists we have on this site.

  20. Ragedoll

    Lol Green is my Favourite Colour!. haha Ireland is my favourite country (mostly because the grass there is the most unbelievable shade of green, that pictures just can’t do justice) and St. Patrick’s day is my favourite holiday! Green everywhere! <3

  21. Krahazik

    Green is my second favored color.

  22. Courtney

    I like green in the form of currency. 😀

  23. Dan Genesis

    Green’s not the in thing anymore, though. It’s all about purple now.