Team G #05

Next item on the agenda, we’ve had a special request* for a shout-out message.




and the Luci Phurr’s Imps Team.

What a way to start IMPril!

Make sure you check out the EXTRAS page and grab a Luci Phurr’s Imps picture to use as a Profile Pic.  Help us help the Imps take over the internet… starting one Facebook profile at a time.

We’re also close to the closing date for this weeks CONTEST.  Make sure you check out Mr. Butterpaws Pussford Monday to see who the winner is and look out for our next IMPril Contest then as well.

*Please don’t flood us with requests for this kinda thing.  We will do things like this from time to time, but if you got to expect it, where would the fun and surprise be?

**It’s actually Stephanie’s birthday tomorrow, IMPril 2nd, but as we don’t have a strip going live then, this will have to do.  You got a complaint, take it up with Mr. D.

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  1. Thoughts

    Zombie…Vampire…Savior…Whatever…leave dude alone. He’s cool. Religion sucks-Jesus…don’t lump him in with their lot. Super powers aside, he tried to help people, he overthrew a corrupt religious leadership, and he gave people hope. Don’t hate on him. He was cool.

  2. Thoughts

    Just so you understand, I’m not saying you did attack Jesus. I’m saying he was an awesome guy, regardless of any supposed holy affiliation. We clear? Cool.

  3. dangerdoll

    This is a comic strip.
    I am laughing because it’s humorous.
    I already love Impril! Keep up the great work LPI team 😀

  4. LydaLynn

    That reminds me – I need to wish my niece a happy birthday and my sister a happy birthday tomorrow. [[My brother managed to have two girls, on on Apirl 1, the other on Oct 31 – I don’t know how he did it and I don’t know if I should admire it or not]]

  5. Courtney

    @LydaLynn: If those girls are not twins, then that is very impressive!

  6. dangerdoll

    @Lydalynn they sound impish to me! 3 Girls on 3 cool dates! Lol. Yay for birthdays 😀

  7. purrrplekitty

    @ LydaLynn Hi ^_^

  8. Comichero

    Hey it’s Purrrplekitty i think i know you im not sure tho any who
    @ lyda ithik yoru borther may have made a deal with Mr.D or evenmore sinister Mr. Butterpaws

    @Thoughts i dig the vibe your laying doing man JC was one hip cat as illistrated by his infalable fashion sence i have enormus amounts of resepct for a man that can pull of the retro 70’s pimp on the DL he reminds me of Richard Pryor no that i get a close look at him he used to dress like that god that man was funny maybe Richard Pryor was jesus

  9. LydaLynn

    @Courtney – they arn’t twins – which might have been more impressive.

    @dangerdoll – Birthdays are aweosome

    @purrplekitty – KITTY!!!! *glomphuggles* Luffs you! Thanks for joining us for IMPril!

    @Comichero – Maybe just a deal with his wife.

  10. keylaleigh


    And I have a friend that LOVES Tomb Raider.

  11. Ember West

    Aw…poor Jesus. Even with a powerful dad, the angels still pick on him.

    And Happy IMPril!

  12. Malverne

    IMPRIL!!! Yea, poor Jesus. A guy goes down, talks a bit, wants people to be relaxed and groovy, they nail him to a tree, and now his own people make fun of him for not being able to move a boulder. he he he, Jesus can’t move a boulder!

  13. Lisa

    Happy IMPril!

  14. Aletheya

    Yay! Tomb Raider! Love that game. Too bad my playstation went to playstation hell the other day… :(

    Happy Impril, everyone!

  15. Ragedoll

    Happy Birthday!!! YAY!
    And April Fool’s day! get ready for the jokes, pranks and general chaos that will ensue this morning!

    I would love to have my birthday today! haha Darn you parents, you were so close!

    Love the strip! Poooooor Jesus! haha

  16. Ragedoll

    OH Happy IMPril too!

  17. MagicalMadge

    This is amazing! Oh God, I’ve been laughing so hard at this week’s comic…

    I’m probably gonna have to got to confession for this. Oh well

  18. dangerdoll

    Man Impril the Imp is soooo boss! I love the way he looks. Is everyone wearing their LPI pic on Face Book and various sites? Which did you choose? I chose the happy Mr Pussford.

  19. DktrAgonizer

    Hahaha, Jesus is none too pleased with those games, I’m sure. 😛

    Also, Impril! Whoo! I don’t go on FB too much, but next time I get around to logging on it, I’ll be sure to change my profile picture.

  20. Aletheya

    @dangerdoll I chose Luci, but the picture I really wanted was the infamous bottle.

  21. dangerdoll

    Wow! The bottle would be a good one! lol

  22. pantera

    ROFL… that is SO bad, but funny! ;D Love the puns! hugs!!!

  23. dale_mettam

    @Aletheya – You can now get a bottle.

  24. Aletheya

    YAY for the bottle!! Thanks!!! 😀

  25. Golux

    Now that’s just rude… Ppptthpptpttt!

  26. Krahazik

    I still find it funny that the true imps mailed the imposters to heaven, just great

  27. garym43

    Happy IMPril, everyone!

  28. Comichero

    I Use the image Lyda drew for me on my facebook page ^^ and have been since january

  29. LydaLynn

    Aww – that’s awesome Comichero – thanks.

    And I so look forward to seeing what our creative peoples came up with for Mr. Butterpaws. I’d have entered – but was drawing an absolute blank for that one. I hope to have fun with the next one.

  30. Comichero

    your most welcome Lyda I love your picture that you drew me, i aslo am kinda excited to see what Dale and the gang use for Mr. Butterpaws i made a submission on friday

  31. kstormgemini

    Still after the fact but wanted to say here thank you for not making Jesus some cutesy Yuppy blue-eyed, blond haired white dude. He wasn’t from Russia for crying in the mud!
    Sorry. Pet peeve of mine.
    Also wanted to say love how on some of your commentary it reads like the old soap opera days or like that sitcom I loved as a kid, Soap. Great stuff folks, great stuff!

    (p.s. No idea how to use gravitar or I’d use one of your thingers. =\)