Team G #06

Well, here we are in the first full week of IMPril and finally we meet Mr. G.  He’s the Old School kind… and you DON’T wanna get on his bad side.

Did you get your IMPril profile pic over in the EXTRAS section?

Have you check out the winning entry in our first Mr. Butterpaws Pussford Monday Contest?  We had an awesome set of entries… you guys certainly made it hard for us to pick a winner… we’re looking forward and dreading the next batch with equal measure.

Have you checked out the NEW Mr. Butterpaws Pussford Monday Contest for THIS week?

Did you lock the door when you left the house this morning?

How much flavor does chewing gum lose when left on a bedpost overnight?

And just how much trouble will Kevin and Conrad get themselves in with the boss?

The answers* to these question and more, coming soon.

*We probably won’t answer all of those questions because I’m pretty sure at least a couple were asked purely for humorous effect.  But which ones?

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Discussion (27) ¬

  1. Aletheya

    Wow, Mr. G is SCARY!! 😮

  2. Michael C.

    Oh so Samuel L Jackson is Mr. G. His aura seems weird, I think he’s more angry because no one takes his son seriously.

  3. Thoughts

    WHAT?! That’s not Morgan Freeman!

  4. Comichero

    HA that is soo freakin awesome Mr. G is Shaft

  5. CBob

    Worse than Shaft, he’s Dolomite!

  6. Malverne

    Oh, I just got the “me-dammit!” Y’know, generally, when I imagine God, I think James Mason. Or Morgan Freeman. I LIKE this guy!

  7. keylaleigh

    I thought of Black Dynamite. Will Mr. G bust out the Kung Fu action?

  8. dale_mettam

    @Malverne – Eddie Izzard’s James Mason-type Mr. G, seems OK… but OUR Mr. G. would righteously smite that sucka!

  9. Malverne

    A smitey Mr. G is always welcome. There are too many, “I’m not going to smite you, I’ll just poke you a little with a big stick” type Mr. G’s.

  10. MagicalMadge

    Loud 70s music just started playing in my head…This is too good! You guys have comedy gold right here! 😀

  11. dangerdoll

    LOLZ . I’m in stitches

  12. dangerdoll

    Oh and it is awesome that Mr. G rocks a pinkish aura- that’s boss!

  13. dale_mettam

    And a soundtrack to Mr. G.’s strips….

  14. Ragedoll

    Yay! I get God for my Birthday! haha

    And the Mr. Butterpaws is AWESOME! Great Job Mike!!!!!!!

  15. Courtney


  16. Ragedoll

    Thanks! :)

  17. Tangentsreviews

    I’m surprised we were shown God’s avatar. Normally he/she/whatever is shown as a white outline or the like (in comics at least) rather than as an individual.

  18. LydaLynn

    Happy Natal Day Rage!

  19. Wizard

    Um, guys, the camper in the hockey mask is Jason Voorhees. I’d think Mr. Butterpaws would be a little more up on his psycho slashers.

  20. jjmblue7

    I’m glad no one is home to look at me funny, laughing my head off like this. 😀

    Happy Birthday, Rage!

  21. dale_mettam

    @Wizard – Take it up with the writer. 😀

    It was the general vibe and tone that edged this one. The specific factual element wasn’t that big a deal, because it worked across the “teens getting hacked up during a movie genre.” You could have added that Mr. BP had also just come from Elm Street, and still would have played the same..

    If you don’t like that, feel free to send a strongly worded complaint to Mr. D. …and feel free to enter the next Mr. Butterpaws Pussford Monday Contest.

  22. Golux

    Given that he heads a Middle Eastern Religion that spawned his kid’s Religion that kind of got adopted by the rest of us, Yeeeaaah!

  23. Malverne

    y’know, I’m studying horror films this semester, and I think that all that in-depth research and terms is nowhere near as accurate as “teens getting hacked up during a movie genre.”

  24. Comichero

    GIR!! RIDE THE SWEATY PIG!! sorry ineedd to say that to you Malverne

    @Dale you must be over joyed at not having to take cerdit for this linguistic blunded also i am very hapy to see my nick name for Mr. BP is now universly accepted by the creators of the comics

  25. dale_mettam

    @Malverne – You can quote me in any papers you need to write if it helps.

  26. Malverne

    I’ll see if I can work it in.

  27. dale_mettam

    @Malverne – I dare you. No. I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU.