Team G #07

Of course he knows.  He knows when you’ve been sleeping.  He knows when you’re awake.  he knows if you been bad or good…

Hey… didn’t we have this before?

Does that mean Mr. G., Mr. D. and Santa are in some way one and the same?

And if they are, does that mean if I’m a secret Santa, I’m also a secret Mr. G?  OK, in the case of everyone here, a secret Mr. D.?

Before heads begin to explode due to confusion, we’ll move on.

Have you spread the word about Luci Phurr’s Imps yet?  Have you loaded up with IMPtastic profile pics?  Have you entered the IMPril Contest… over on the creatively titled CONTEST page?  If you haven’t, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a visit from the IMPril Fool… and nobody wants to see that happen.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    I had a feeling this was coming. I would have been shocked if Mr. G didn’t realize what happened.

    Oh and I finally decided to comment on here! I’ve been reading for a little while now, and this has become one of my favorite webcomics! You guys rock!

  2. dale_mettam

    Glad you’re enjoying the comic and joined the comments, LostInDarkness.

  3. Poytin

    You know… I would’ve thought that someone would’ve commented on the omnipotent thing by now.

  4. Poytin

    Since omnipotence =/= omniscience

  5. LydaLynn

    Lol *agrees with Poytin*

  6. Sewerrat

    But if he is omnipotent he probably would have made himself omniscience.
    Or at least he could do that if he wanted to.

  7. Dan Genesis

    I concur with Poytin.

    I desire Cheese now, so…. See y’all next time~

  8. Malverne

    hee hee, I love Conrad and Kevin’s faces! I can imagine their voices going all squeaky while Mr. D sounds like Darth Vader.

  9. dale_mettam

    @Poytin – You are correct. And I refer you to what Sewerrat said.

  10. Bismarck

    Can I do a face palm now??? DUH!!! He IS the BIG ‘G’! For cr*** sake!

    BTW Dale, Why doesn’t seeing the BIG “G” turn all of us little ‘imps’ into dust?
    I really expected to be dust by now.

  11. dale_mettam

    @Bismarck – There are a couple of reasons. Because we are seeing him in his natural habitat the rules of his appearance in the mortal realm don’t kick in. OR… because you’re seeing him through the filter of an Imp-based filter – ie: This strip. OR… because, being omnipotent, he had decided to make thus.

    Take yer pick.

  12. Ragedoll

    lol! Silly Angels! Tricks are for kids!

  13. jjmblue7

    Is Mr. G’s swirling aura of power(!) not enough of a giveaway to the two little angels? I’d even bet that his power level is OVER 9000!!!!!!! (Couldn’t resist!)

  14. jjmblue7

    @sewerrat: I have a love/hate relationship when I think of something to say and find out a poster already said it. Love it that someone agrees without me saying anything, but hate that I wasn’t fast enough to get to it first, lol!

  15. Palmetto

    “They say this cat G. is a baaaaaad mutha- ….”

  16. Aletheya

    Well, the theory that says Mr. D, G and Santa are one and the same has been on my mind since I was a little girl. However, if that is true, doesn’t that make Santa a little… redundant? I’m confused now.

  17. DktrAgonizer

    Mr. G’s got a fantastic afro.

  18. dangerdoll

    lol – yes what Ragedoll said!

  19. dale_mettam

    @Palmetto – SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

  20. Krahazik

    Personally I would thing Mr G’s power level would be somewhere around infinite. I tried to measure it but my scanner stops at 9 trillion and just gave me a plus sign. When I tried to calculate it, my calculator exploded. Maybe Q can help, if we can find one.

  21. Comichero

    @ Dale and Palmetto SHAFT!!

  22. Melkior

    Definitely should be “omnisicent” in this context.

    Ah well… such are the mistakes mortals make when trying to calculate x/0 😉

  23. Tim

    I think Mr. G means omniscient (all knowing), not omnipotent (all powerful).

  24. Malverne

    Mr. G doesn’t make mistakes. He MEANT to say omnipotent. It sounds more powerful. And Mr.G is the type to want to make a big impression.

  25. Hilstad

    Of course he is omnipotent (all-capable), but the term he means is omniscience (all-knowing).

  26. jjmblue7

    @Krahazik: So over 9000, though not very specific, would be correct? Yay! 😀

  27. Rampage_Starfire

    the Incancdescent Living Flame Prefers to be Omnipotent rather then Omniscient because just because you know it’s going to happen doesn’t mean you can do anything about it.

  28. Golux

    We’ll accept the help of slacker demons, but we won’t admit to it.

  29. Van

    Evil done in God’s name is still evil. Good done in the Devil’s name is still good.

  30. Malverne

    Okay, I figured it out. There was a small temporal fold created by me eating special brownies that the Incandescent Living Flame gave me, because giving me ‘special’ brownies is the equivalent of pressing the button on an Infinite Imporbability Drive, and the fold switched the meanings of the two words, omnipotent and omniscient. Before the fold messed with it, omnipotent meant all-knowing, and omniscient meant all-powerful. It’s not that Mr. G messed up, it’s that every other living thing has it wrong.

  31. globalvillian

    lets see, santa, creeping down children’s chimneys, promoting consumer spending and credit card maxing, servant to the great multi-nationals, red suit, rides a sled pulled by horned beasts, AND, if you push the letters around a bit. S A T A … I think you see where I’m going here.

    (by the way, and sure you already know, but santa is pre-christian and should be wearing white or green, but once coca cola got into the game, he had to don the company colours. Just a bit of Trivia.)