Team G #08

It might be time to take cover.  Things could get toasty around here…. and fast!

Yesterday’s strip raised an interesting question.  Which would be more appropriate, Omnipotent or Omniscient.

Now, the opinion of some of our learned readers suggested that the word Mr. G. SHOULD have used was Omniscient, meaning: All knowing.  Obviously, I don’t want to get between them and the one guy who is pretty good with words… often only needing one word… THE word… to kick-start a whole planet… so I’ll let that slide.

But the word spoken by Mr. G. wasn’t Omniscient, it was Omnipotent, meaning: All powerful.

Clearly if you have ALL the powers, one of said powers, it would seem obvious to state, would be Omniscience, no?

And if you STILL disagree, one would have to ask, could Mr. G. create a Mr. G. who is Omnipotent yet not also Omniscient?

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  1. MagicalMadge

    Apparently, God is about to go Zeus on someone’s jive-turkey behind!

  2. garym43

    I can hear it now…”Minister struck by lightning while caught in a compromising position in highway motel. Film at 11.”

  3. LostInDarkness

    Oh, I pity that fool for getting on Mr. G’s bad side.

  4. Comichero

    what has he been praying for that G is about to righteously smite his ass witha thunder bolt

  5. Dan Genesis

    Hehehehehe. Lightning solves everything.

    Even the problems of the gods.

    Scratch that: Especially the problems of the gods.

  6. Poytin

    Heh… didn’t quite mean to shake things up last time. Although it does bring up a good logic question. If one is omnipotent can they create a rock that they themselves cannot lift? Yes and no both mean that omnipotence is false.

    Also… I have no idea what the reference is for today’s strip. Maybe I should follow the news more closely?

  7. Malverne

    YES, zap that little guy! I love it when lightning bolts hit people. They smoke a little afterwards, and if you cook a steak on them, the flavor is amazing.

  8. Van

    Poytin, the answer is think Al Sharpton, Billy Graham, or any of the others along those lines. I have to admit though, Mr. G saying “Me, Dammit” is kind of funny even if I could not see Him actually saying something along those lines. As for the thunderbolt, I think he next line should be “Nevermind just one, get me a whole truckload, I might as well make my point as obvious as possible. Maybe then the subject will understand.”

  9. keylaleigh
  10. Lisa
  11. Bismarck

    Can’t wait!!!! Big BOOM in the works.

    @ Lisa..Did you read any of the comments left for that? Good grief! It was almost as funny as what goes on here…..almost. :)

  12. dale_mettam

    @keylaleigh – I am smiling.

  13. A Theologian

    Church teachings have always made a point of distinctly referencing each of God’s OmniAttributes… Omnipotent – all powerful. Omniscient – all knowing, and Omnipresent – everywhere at once. It is a logical fallacy to assume that any one of these attributes alone implies the rest. You can be all powerful, but lack the knowledge to use it… you can be all knowing but lack the power to do anything about it. You can be in all places at once but lack understanding or power to act. That is why theologians have made a point of using all three descriptors… The correct term when God is chastising the angels is clearly Omniscient… “How did you know?” “What part of all knowing do you not understand?”

    Maybe the good reverend’s church is out of power, and God’s going to answer the prayer with a lightning bolt to get the worship teams instruments up and running again?

  14. Krahazik

    Arn’t thunderbolts a little old fashioned? How about a good fireball?

  15. Aletheya

    Ooooh thunderbolts! 😀 I looooooove storms! Especially when they blow out the lights at night and I get to see the thunderbolts through the window! And that reminds me of a time when I had my window open and a thunderbolt fell right in front of my house. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! 😀

  16. dale_mettam

    @A Theologian – If omniscience is a power, one cannot lack that and still be omnipotent.

  17. Ragedoll

    Thunder bolt? Is Zues his cousin?

  18. Malverne

    Hang on, why hasn’t Mr. G killed the ants in his office?

  19. dale_mettam

    @Malverne – He likes ants… obviously.

    That could be a metaphor for something else… but I’m not smart enough to make that leap.

  20. Axisor

    so the deities in a story I have long since shelved were referred to by the female lead as “omniscient, omnipotent, incompetent immortals”

  21. Curious

    The potent in omnipotent refers more to strength and capability of action rather than “powers”. You seem to be confusing the comic book definition of power and the physics definition of power. While the Christian figures may have many things in common with the modern comic book hero, the definition of omnipotent as employed by the church predates their advent by several centuries. Omniscient is the correct term for that line and situation.

  22. jjmblue7

    @ Poytin: YouTube search “Roy Zimmerman, Ted Haggard”. Roy is a folk-singer/comedian, and an amazing one at that. 😀

    Jesus: “Dad, get your own thunderbolt! You’re not the boss of me!”
    MR. G: “If you get it, then I *will* be getting it.”

  23. Malverne

    Where’s the Holy Ghost?! I’m sort of expecting a guy with a sheet over his head.

  24. Comichero

    @Malverne well clearly hes the fella withthe lamp shade over his head inthe coner of the room adn is providing allthe special effect of the aura’s

  25. dale_mettam

    @Malverne – HG will appear later in this story arc.


  26. Comichero

    I think god used the word omnipotent wrong ina sentance shouldn’t it be ” what part of omnipotence dont you get?” as he is reffering to his all powerfull bad ass self

  27. Malverne

    Is he a guy with a sheet on his head?!

  28. dale_mettam


  29. Malverne

    ugh…fine…I’m sure you’ll make it funny anyway. I’m going to eat a cookie.

  30. Golux

    I kind of feel for the guy. He’s got a few thunderbolts to drop here locally… Just to make a point about certain things not being suggestions. In fact several children of the local Megachurch pastor would have their faith restored if their mom’s betrayal was so punished. Mr. G’s son would be chasing the guy with a knotted rope for making the temple a market place if history is correct.

  31. DktrAgonizer

    Guys, clearly Mr. G is asking for a broomstick as seen in the Harry Potter verse. Clearly.

  32. Rampage_Starfire

    The Incandescent Living flame Posits: “Wasn’t that a Firebolt?”

  33. DktrAgonizer

    @RS: Snap, you’re right. It’s been ages since I’ve delved into the movies/books, whoops. XD

  34. dangerdoll

    He’s God can’t he just say whatever he want so and mean it how he wants???!!!?!?
    Omnipotent – all powerful. Omniscient – all knowing, and Omnipresent…whatev really O.o

  35. jjmblue7

    @Dktr: How about he gets a good ol’ boomstick?

  36. FerreTrip

    This one TOTALLY made me lol.