Team G #13


He’s gone spiky again.

AND lightning bolty!

Sweet Georgia Brown! He’s going for the Book of Plagues!

And he’s thinking bigger than ever before…


But I’m sure he’s over reacting.  There are probably lots of people who DO get it.  He’s just a little emotional right now.  Only focusing on negative.  Y’ know.  The way you do.  When you’re the supreme being in the universe and it just feels like nobody really gets you.  I mean really gets you.

So, as we countdown to clearly what will be the end of the world… possibly involving over-permed hair, boundless enthusiasm and stripey shorts, take a moment and bring a friend into the world of Luci Phurr’s Imps and help us get to 666 friends on the Facebook page.

Y’ know… or don’t… we’re all about rebellion and stuff here.

And don’t forget the Mr. Butterpaws Pussford Monday Contest.  You too could be immortalized in his feline evil.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    … So what’s the status on that spaceship?

  2. Axisor

    @LostInDarkness — I do believe that production plant was near the reactor in Japan….

  3. Dan Genesis



  4. DktrAgonizer

    Judging by Zombie Boy’s face, this type of thing happens a lot.

  5. LostInDarkness


    Damn! I hate it when spaceship production plants inconveniently get destroyed right when we need them!

  6. garym43

    Sweatin’ to the Old Testament!


  7. Malverne

    Question. Is Hell on another dimension from Earth (and Heaven, for that matter) and therefore slightly out of range of Richard Simmons? Because I’m running for the safety of home. I wonder how Ignorance, Infection, and Indolence are feeling right about now…

  8. Bismarck

    @ Malverne and LostInDarkness Well you guys get seats. Any one else gets a holding pen.
    @ Axisor.. that was not where my ship was made.
    @Secret Agent 000 “To server man”….Nope not me. But I do have a guide book on Hunting. And I don’t think there will be much of an internet if the ‘Big” guy gets on a roll. :)

    @ Dale Do you want the last seat, I think you may end up ground zero. Your letting out a lot of secrets

  9. dale_mettam

    @Bismarck – Thanks for the offer, but Courtney would wanna sit on my lap, and his peppy attitude would get real irksome, real quick. Not to mention it’d make my leg fall asleep. And y’ know, being a writer, I always have the weird drive to be in the middle of things because at some point there’ll be a story I can pull out of it. 😀

  10. LostInDarkness

    @Bismarck – Phew, had me worried there for a minute.

    @Dale – That’s an interesting way of looking at this situation. Probably would make the story more interesting being directly inspired by said thing. I for one hope you survive the upcoming chaos so I can hear that story.

  11. Lillith

    Ok, this stip has dragged me out of hiding, where i’ve been since week four of the whole story, yeah i lurk quite a lot..
    I jus thave to comment on the fact that Jebus is so calm and this is only a “code blue”.. Sure happens enough to even get a colour coding but, what, pray tell would a “code red” be?

  12. trixxer13

    Mr. G is furious if he is even thinking of releasing the Richard Simmons Plague. I can’t imagine the horror that would ensue, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Gonna set my tent up as close to the action as possible!

  13. Aletheya

    Awwww this is gonna be so much fun!!! The Book of Plagues!!! YAY!!! I HAVE to see this!!

  14. dale_mettam

    @Lilith – Thanks for breaking cover and joining us. We figured there was a big difference between Old and New…. between the two generations in the G family. I’m not sure what the full color-coding system is, but if this ISN’T the most pressing stage, I don’t know I want to see what’s worse!

  15. Secret Agent 000

    …I think it’s a reference to the Great Flood. (rain=blue)

    …eh, why not? Might as well. A holding pen probably wouldn’t be much worse than going to school. At least there won’t be any homework or exams, if nothing else.
    And you would probably want to get a backup of the Internet before you go. I mean, the Internet has a lot of stuff, including Dwarf Fortress, Cave Story, Minecraft, Iji, Youtube, Wikipedia…though the usefulness of the latter is questionable.
    And about the book “To Serve Man”?
    IT’S A COOKBOOK! (from The Twilight Zone)

  16. Malverne

    Personally, if we’re going to space, the book you want is the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Much more useful. It even tells you how to make Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters!

  17. Axisor

    @Malverne — I’ve got my towel

  18. jjmblue7

    My sister used to have a crush on Richard Simmons when she was a toddler. Wish I was older so I could’ve been around to see it…and record it for later blackmail.

  19. Comichero

    Ooo wrist comuincators i wonder if several orderlies are going to com into the room and use they suerp sleep serum him again the last time that happend its was the dark ages and JC was still to young to handel the reigns of the kingdom of heaven and he acidently muttered in pope urban II’s ear that he wanted to go home and thus you had the start or the holy wars

  20. Krahazik

    Looks like its time for mister D to just sit back and let Mr G do is work for him,and wrack up the points. Might be time to hire on a few hundred temps at processing.

    Ships done we leave yesterday.

  21. Kiriel

    Even his ‘fro seems spikey in the last frame. xD