Team G #14

Well they do say television is the opiate of the masses.

Though what exactly could act as such an amazingly calming opiate on Mr. G…. that’s pretty powerful stuff.  Maybe it’s a Richard Simmons video.

Hey, did we mention it’s IMPril?

And did we mention all the fun and games we have running all month long?

Did we also mention it’s literally been ones of days since Courtney broke the interwebs?

What about telling you that Dale usually writes these and likes nothing more than to use this moment to offer up a mocking comment on his colleague?

Did ya know it’s baseball season already?  Who are you rooting for?  If it’s the Cleveland Indians, you have our pity…. we really do feel your pain.

Only a couple of days to enter our penultimate Mr. Butterpaws Pussford Monday Contest… did you enter…. and if so, were you the one who did that really good entry that’ll really take some licking….. or are you now inspired to beat that show-off who did the really good entry now you know about it…… and can I stretch this sentence to the breaking poi………..?

Well, that’s one question kinda answered.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    Interesting… Mr. G is very lucky Mr. D doesn’t know about this…

    But on the other hand, we don’t need to worry about boarding that spaceship. Hurray!

    I feel bad for the people who wanted to see the chaos though.

  2. Dan Genesis

    Nuts. No chaos for me.

    Though on the upside, no richard simmons. :)

  3. Kiriel

    If music soothes the savae beast what soothes the savage god? Cute kitty and puppy videos?

  4. Senok el Tirun

    I want know what channel can be calm sy down Mr. G.
    And sometimes i want see to…

  5. garym43

    What could it be? Touched by an Angel? Highway to Heaven? Davey and Goliath? …Bishop Sheen? (No, not Charlie!)

    The Ten Commandments? It is Easter season…it’s due to be on again.

  6. Lillith

    As long as it’s not “A Wonderful Life”, Mr G won’t be needing a depresant over whatever fueled his rage.. Oh wait.. Could you imagine the horror of a depressed Mr G ? The plagues of EMO kids moping around sighing at everything ?!

  7. Malverne

    Morgan Freeman. He’s watching Morgan Freeman pretending to be him! Or Eddie Izzard pretending to be James Mason pretending to be him.

  8. trixxer13

    With the instant look of semi-conciousness, I vote for Touched By An Angel, that show could put anyone into a coma! Hopefully though it is something a wrathful God would enjoy, like some Redd Foxx stand-up!

  9. DktrAgonizer

    Oh no, he’s become a TV zombie! Wait, that word doesn’t work for him as well as it does for the other guy…

  10. jjmblue7

    My guess is Morgan Freeman. Or something soft and cuddly, like a child’s TV show…oh please let it be Doug.

  11. Comichero

    You they are probly going to show him planet earth tho im sure they would get better results if they showed himthat amzing program on blue ray they could also be showing ghostbuster or the blues brothers the mall scene always makes me smile , and why is the wall paper peeling in heaven? you would think that they would have repair guys for that.

  12. Avarice and Charity 4ever

    I agree with Malverne and jjmblue7 about the Morgan Freeman thing. That man’s voice can relax even the angriest of gods.

  13. Palmetto

    You expect me to believe the Big G still has a tubed CRT set??? No 3D???

  14. dale_mettam

    @Palmetto – Have you seen the rest of the decor?