Team G #17

As promised, here he/she/it is…. ladies and gentlemen, I give you, THE HOLY GHOST.

What were you expecting?

Once again, IMPril, contest, 666, winner for last week, book, profile pics, vote, wipe your feet, wash behind your ears, and a partridge in a pear tree!

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  1. Dan Genesis


  2. Thoughts

    Oh, crap not this guy again. I swear, you let some people in ONE time and they think they own the place!

  3. LostInDarkness

    They may have donuts, but the dark side has cookies! *Shot 666 times*

  4. Marvelous TK

    That… was… beautiful. Thank you so much for that. This entire comic has just been a buildup to this, and now you have achieved perfection. Thank you so much.

  5. keylaleigh

    YAY HOLY GHOST! I was wondering where he was.

  6. Baughbe

    HG’s been hitting the donuts a bit hard… Stress will do that to you.

  7. Aletheya

    @Baughbe Good thing he/she/it is invisible, else we would see the results of all that stress…

  8. VickyT

    Holy Ghost, Batman! — I mean, um… I don’t know. Yay for the Holy Ghost!

  9. Malverne

    I wondered when the Holy Ghost was going to come…But, wouldn’t Kevin and Conrad have known that the Holy Ghost was, well, a ghost? They ARE angels, right?

  10. MagicalMadge

    He has to be the hardest character to draw. I commend you guys for your amazing and original character design!

  11. jjmblue7

    @Baughbe: Well, he sure knows how to hide it!

  12. Ragedoll

    Lol! Fantastic! You guys are geniuses! Right up there with all the Nobel Prize Winners!

  13. trixxer13

    Awesome! HG is in da house and getting all sugar hyped up…Someones is gonna feel the “Spirit” soon!

  14. DktrAgonizer

    I see a distressing lack of chocolate sprinkled donuts in that box.

  15. dale_mettam

    @DA – What do you think are HG’s favorite?

  16. dangerdoll

    win!- lol

  17. Golux

    Well we got the father, the son and the holy ghost a rattlin’ chains in heaven. S’all good!

  18. Comichero

    Dang the HG is soo white he’s see through also it has to be a dude as he’s the one that shtupped Mary to bring about JC into the mortal world