Team G #20

And so, as Kevin and Conrad head back down to their base of operations down on Earth (swinging by the lockers on the way…. y’ know…. just in case…. it does pay to be prepared) we too will swing back down there, but shift our gaze to the OTHER Team.

That’s right, next week starts a whole new story arc and we have old gang back together again.  Luci and the Imps.

Let’s hope she’s forgiven them their forced departure, because I happen to know she’s in need of some assistance.  It’s not specifically the assistance only they can provide…. but being the kind of assistance only they CAN provide, whatever she needs is sure to get screwed up.

And remember, as we head into our final week of IMPril, the final winner of the Mr. Butterpaws Pussford Monday Contest will be revealed.  That assumes here at Luci Phurr’s Imps Manor, anyone is left standing…. the debates over who the actual winner will be have been vigorous, heated, and often like the scenes they cut from the TV show Spartacus (the ones where someone said, “Yeah…. I think that one is a little too violent even for THIS show”).  You guys have not made it easy on us.  And just in case you want to still take a run at it, you do have a little time left to enter.

And just as a teaser, we’ve also been finalizing the stories we’re gonna do in 2012 AND discussing super secret, extra special, double secret extra ideas…. I would tell you now, but I’d have to kill you…. and that would hurt our readership numbers.

Until next week then.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    Hooray! Luci and the imps are back!

    Also, Kevin and Conrad are the only ones left? What happened to all those other angels we saw at the end of the last story arc?

  2. dale_mettam

    @LiD – I think it’s more they feel like it’s just them alone.

    …and if it is… BOY are we in trouble.

  3. Marvelous TK

    So. How do you store something on fire? And how will he properly wield/wear them in his little leprechaun-biker body?

  4. Comichero

    Youknow i think im rather immune to death cuz you know what they say about a good idea you cant kill it only seriously maim it so you can tell me what the super secret extra special double extra secret idea thing is

  5. Comichero

    @MTK heavenly flaming swords only activate when their weilders hold them so its not continuously flaming unless conrad has it in hand then throws it at some one then at that time they activate the serect special swtich that allows it to remain flaming

  6. LostInDarkness

    @Dale Yeah, in hindsight, I probably should have thought of that. >_>

    @MTK If Team G can store thunderbolts, they probably have a place a store objects on fire. I don’t have an answer to how he can wield it though…

  7. dale_mettam

    @LiD – Platform heels.

  8. Dan Genesis

    Did somebody say flaming sword?

  9. Malverne

    I’m reeeeeally hoping that Conrad ISN’T being sarcastic right now…i sooooo wanna see a hobo in flaming armor.

  10. keylaleigh

    I must say… never before have a hobo and an old lady looked so epic.

    And Conrad with a flaming sword? I wanna see!

  11. Trixxer13

    I need to get me one of those asbestos lockers…ya know for my….ummm…stuff…yeah, stuff!

  12. Aletheya

    Conrad with a flaming sword? I hope he gets out of that junker body before he decides to wield it, or no one will take him seriously.

  13. Kiriel

    DD: I want a flaming sword..

  14. DktrAgonizer

    Flaming swords are the best kind of swords.

  15. iellswo

    Midget biker with faming sword = ultimate cool.

  16. iellswo

    I meant flaming sword… Typo.

  17. dale_mettam

    A flaming sword COULD make you pretty famous.

  18. Ragedoll

    I want a flaming sword… that would be super awesome!!!

  19. viper

    @Aletheya but imagine the hilarity that could ensue from a midget biker walking around town wielding a flaming sword strapped to his back xD

  20. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    Wait, he said flaming sword AND armor…does that mean the armor is also flaming?

  21. dale_mettam

    @Tegger – If it is, be better makes sure he never puts that stuff on inside out.

  22. Dan Genesis

    I have a sword…. But it’s not flaming….

  23. Comichero

    this is possably one of the coolest tings i ever heard today In veinna austria a man while dig in his garden he for a buried treasure of 650 year old jewelery and other finery over 200 peices al told

  24. Comichero

    also i think one of the peices was a flaming sword stuck in a stone reports say he wasnt able to pull the sword