Tee-Ball #05

It’s the last day of IMPril…. at least, the last day when we have a new strip.  Now we have to work out what we can do NEXT IMPril.  But while we ponder that, we’ll leave you with a few things to mull over as we end the first week of a new story arc.

Will Alisdair be able to keep Pain in check?

What’s gonna be on the end of that girl’s finger?

Does Conan O’brien’s lovechild at the back there stop talking long enough to breathe?

What will practice be like?

And having survived the Black Sox Scandal, Steroid Scandals and Player Strikes… will baseball (the papa of Teeball) be able to survive Luci Phurr’s Imps?

Find out Next Week.

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Discussion (18) ¬

  1. Dangerdoll

    ….WINNING! lol
    I <3 Mr Gin & Miss Tonic :p

  2. LostInDarkness

    So how long until Pain starts eating the kids? Place your bets!

  3. iellswo

    I give him about 2 minutes. Tops.

  4. iellswo

    And, I think he’ll eat the talking one first. I mean, I would.

  5. DktrAgonizer

    Definitely a team made of winners there. No doubts whatsoever on that point.

  6. Marvelous TK

    Well, there’s a competent looking bunch! With the guidance of the Imps, and their own dormant abilities, they’ll be a crack team before they know it!

    By which, of course, I mean they’ll all crack, one way or another.

  7. Malverne

    Nah, he’s gonna save the talking one for last. He might be annoying, but he must inflict a ton of pain on the others. But, I say five minutes before he snaps, and eats the one with the finger up her nose.

  8. DCRyan

    Nah, he’s gonna eat the fat one first. Already flavored with he candy he’s eating.

    That assumes Pain can’t figure out a way to use the team to inflict pain on the other teams. If the group can serve his turn, I could see Pain getting to like this group.

    Though Tears is going to be very busy with this group, I think.

  9. Trixxer13

    Wow, looking at this team, Tears is gonna be running overtime!! And Pain will most likely head straight for the fat kid with the sucker, then being annoyed eat the talker!

  10. Lillith

    If i was slightly less jaded, and looked at this like it was a Disney film… Yeah.. You just KNOW that this team will loose a few games, then after a “good talking too” or even some “magic”, will win every game right up until they face their “evil” rivals in the season final, which they’ll win by ONE point in the last second of the game.. However this isn’t Disney, and even if the plot was heading the way i just said, it’s STILL the Imps and getting to the end of THIS is no doubt gonna be funny on SO many levels. 😛

  11. Becky

    Who is to say the imps won’t cheat their little bums off? Heh heh heh.

    So long as Mistress Luci doesn’t tell them ‘no cheating’.

  12. Aletheya

    I say Pain is gonna eat them all at once! That’s what I would do…

  13. Comichero

    If they get through a game with out pain eating one of them its going to be tantamount to find the Higgs-Boson particle

  14. Ragedoll

    LOL! I love that Kid.. But I’m not suppose to tell about Mr. Gin and Miss. Tonic! haha awesome! :p

  15. iellswo

    I especially love the part about how they “visit a lot”.

  16. MagicalMadge

    I would be a drunk too if that was my child…

  17. Comichero

    is it just me or has Luci got a whole lot cutier since we last saw her? or is it that we’ve been parted from her cutness so long that I dont remember what she looks like? or is she just that much cutier by comparison to the rest of that lot?

  18. jjmblue7

    WHat about Mr. Vodka & Miss Sprite? P: