Tee-Ball #08

I mean…. seriously…. what did Alisdair expect putting PAIN in charge of Batting Practice?

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  1. LostInDarkness

    Well, as long as no kids were eaten, Alisdair should be happy.

  2. Marvelous TK

    Well, one imagines it’ll definitely strengthen their swing, anyways.

  3. Zarvain

    Strengthen their swings, perhaps. But unless all they are doing is aiming fir targets the size of Pain, (and with the imps in charge…) they may want to get a ball, or at least a smaller target.

    Then again, one of these imps is the imp of misfortune, so they may win mainly by a series of unforeseen circumstances making the other team either lose, or not show up in the first place.

  4. Baughbe

    Pain is in his happy place.

  5. Palmetto

    “My mom said he could go like a jackhammer…”


  6. DCRyan

    Why do parents SAY things like that in front of their kids? And which imps do you suppose live at that kid’s house?

  7. MagicalMadge

    CONAN KID! STOP TALKING!!!! I know more about your mom than I ever needed to know……*shudders in corner*

  8. iellswo

    Man, I am tempted to eat that kid. Why hasn’t pain yet? jaja

  9. Aletheya

    @iellswo I guess Pain was too busy being Pain.

  10. Kiriel

    Talky kid.. jeez, his mom e_e

  11. MrSnow

    hahaha kid doesnt even know his mom is being slammed by the old coach, great stuff xD

  12. Wizard

    @DCRyan – It’s well known that children who can’t hear instructions to clean their room if you shout directly into their ear can nonetheless hear remarks like that from clear across the house and through two closed doors. Little pitchers, and all that…

  13. jjmblue7

    That kid has a severe need of his foot in his mouth, or will once he realizes it’s just as embarassing for him to be saying those things.

  14. Comichero

    I love Mis forntes simle i bet he’s laughing at what the kids mom was really doing but did any one notice the satisfied grin on pain’s face?

  15. DktrAgonizer

    Ahahahaha, wow. Just… wow.